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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blog Booty. Blog Candy. Blog Goodies.

Here is the LOOT. One lucky winner will receive:

This is Rosemary's loot. Something for the scrapbooker, cardmaker, or stamper. There's an SEI Mimosa paper stack, mini pop dots, clear stamps (including Hero Arts), an Inkadinkadoo wooden stamp, Colorbok chipboard album, Cats Eye Queue ink pads, ribbons galore, white opaque marker, punches (including Moon and Stars EK Success border punch), bling, Prima flowers, glue stick, etc.....but that's just one of the big blog candy prizes....take it away, Jana!

AND Another lucky winner will receive this:

(dish not included)
(go here for a detailed listing of this loot)

This is the minimum in each Booty Pkg.

Odds are we will add bits to each one.

I just have no self control. (Me either said Rosemary)

PLUS: We have about 37 smaller items.

Surprises that will be mailed out at random to entrants.

No way of knowing what will make us send one out. We just will.

We're just full of surprises, aren't we!?!?!?!?! You thought there would only be one grand prize winner. And now for our next trick: The rules. You knew there had to be rules, didn't you!?!?!

To qualify to have your name entered in the drawing you have to:

1. 1 Entry per challenge you enter. Challenges #6 - #11
(Minimun of 4 out of the next 6 challenges.)

2. 1 Entry - Blog about this candy.

3. 1 Entry - Leave a comment with a link to your blog.

4. 1 Entry - Become a follower. Existing followers will get 2 entries for this.

5. 1 Entry - Tell us 2 strange/funny facts about you in your comment here.

There is the potential for you to have 10 entries into this drawing.

Many will enter, few will win. Okay, many will enter, many will win. Prizes are larger than they appear. Creativity not included. Praise included as a bonus.

Drawing to be held on May 20th via random number generator. Winners will be announced right after they are picked.

(aka my youngest daughter drawing names out of a hat)


Kathy said...

You gals are too generous! I'm going to try and get as many entries as I can!!!! :>)

Vintageandjournals said...

Great Candy girls,yummie stuff.
Must I tell here 2 facts? well,okay;
I have to look in notebooks when I am in a store...the lines stay the same LOL(don't know why) but I MUST.

I must have milk with chocolat sprinklers in a cup everyday...yummie.Is that strange enough? LOL..I am going to link on my blog.
Thanks girls and I play a long..

Vintageandjournals said...

My blog://

Kathy said...

Just in case someone would like to visit my blog you can find it here:

I'm having a "pay it forward" next week! Details will be announced on my blog!!

Kathy said...

((((Oh, Great Horned Grand Poobahs,)))(echo)
I devoted my blog post for today to your awesome blog candy give away! Here is my post:

Rosemary said...

If it helps any of the ladies posting here - I'll share two offbeat things about me. I would choose a cold Coca Cola over chocolate and I hate having things snug on my neck (like turtlenecks - I'll wear them but they kind of creep me out). Ta da - I'm weird, I know.

Amrita said...

My dear I am entering here and i am a follower, does that count for 3. I think of 2 strange facts about myself....not hard, as I am funny.

1. I like to eat dessert after I have brushed my teeth.

2. I am shortsighted. Once I walked up to a complete stranger in a park, thinking I knew him and saifd Hello. The guy was flabagasted. In India women don 't do that. Man was i embarassed.

Does this count for 10?

Amrita said...

If you clock on myname you will get my blog

Casii said...

I live close enough that you don't even have to mail those goodies, ya know? :)

And I'm long on weird, but true facts. You'll hesitate to ever speak to me again because I'm weird...
1. My parents are 7th cousins, ew, kissing cousins!
2. I have no pinkie toenails (probably because of the cousin connection).

I'll be posting about your blog candy ASAP!

Amrita said...

Hi Rosemary, thank you for visitng my blog, I love both your blogs and Jana ' s. You girls are so creative.

I will blog about this post - in greedy hope.How decadent can I get.

Amrita said...

Hi girls I made a post about your blog, visit my blog and see.

Amrita said...

When are you drawing for the lucky winner?

Cheryl Connell said...

My blog is If you click on my name - it will go to it.

A couple strange facts... I live in the north woods and we have no cell phone service and 20 minutes to the nearest store which closes at 6pm!
I am an only child, left handed and a Mom of a only child, right handed. I love art - she hates it.

great stuff!!


for2nately said...

Hi there! I just found your blog while surfing and I just love your humor! I will definitely come back and play along with ot without blog candy (though with if always preferable )
2 wierd facts about me
1. I am a crazy cat lady (but not single!)I just cannot resist kitties-old, young, fat, deformed-I love them all and want to find them homes! Hence I am a foster kitty mommy!

2. My jaw cracks everytime I yawn! Yuck!

Looking forward to the challenges! thanks for the chance to win!


for2nately said...

oops here's my blog link:

Kathy said...

Ok, I've been thinking about my weirdnesses and unusual facts about myself, so here goes:

Besides a college degree (BA in Art), I also hold certificates in Reflexology and IHM.

I am left handed, my husband is left handed and our daughter is right handed?????

Chat Noir said...

I'm almost too confused to finish this post...too much giggling at the great responses of the people before me. I just happened across this blog but HAVE to follow it now because I love the humour.

Hmmm 2 weird things (hard, maybe everything about me is weird but I dont know it??): well, I only ever wear black, even in summer (but then in Melbourne that's not so weird).... and I only ever have black cats (which means that the kids at the school next door think I'm a witch)(which I'm not).

Off to leave a message on my blog for you. Hope you get lots more visitors...

Kristen H said...

I have a whole blog about my weird side! Let's see, two weird things...
I don't like repetitive noise, I can't tolerate it (like noisy upstairs neighbors constantly walking around).
I love peanut butter and banana stuffed french fact, I crave it!

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

what an awesome giveaway!!

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

I wasnt sure if the weird fact comment needed to be seperate, but I can wiggle my ears and cross one eye without crossing the other!

Ivolina said...

1. I will try to follow all challenges in your blog. I like it very much.
2.My link about your candy is here3. This is my comment.
4. I am your follower now.
5. Tell us 2 strange/funny facts about you in your comment here.
It is the difficult part in this entry because am not funny person.
Well 1st is I have not tickle. It makes my kids very unhappy. They want to make me laugh tickling me, but this don`t work.
2nd I love to eat bread whit jam and white cheese on it.

Birgit and Marni said...

I LOVE you blog!!! And the blog candy is amazing! Now, 2 weird things about me:
1. My puggie girl and I have matching jackets,, but one of us has gained too much weight to fit in hers. Tee heeeee.....
2. I don't eat red meat because I can't stand the taste or texture, but I still cook roasts for my sweet husband and I LOVE the smell so much it makes me crazy!!! But I can't eat it.

Thanks for your amazing blog!

Kelly said...

Hi! Thanks for the chance to win. I found you on my friend Casii's blog. I posted an entry on my blog ( about your blog candy. I've also become a follower of your blog. Can't wait to play on the challenges. 2 strange facts about me - (1) I hate blood and anything medical but am married to an EMT, and my favorite show is Grey's Anatomy. (2) I am a very boring eater and really don't like trying new foods.

Gayle215 said...

I am becoming a follower of your blog. Your generousity is astounding! Two random facts about me...1. I cannot smell & 2. I love peanut butter & bacon sandwiches.

Connie said...

Hello Rosemary, I finally made it here, You ladies have madecreated a fantastic site here and the RAK's that you are offering are wonderful. Well let's see I became one of your followers, I posted your blogsite on mine (here is my addy)
and I am working on the travelling challenge..
Now 2 random facts One is that tonight while working on this project the phone rang and I went to answer it and kicked the end table and broke my baby toe..... and anyone that knows me knows my fav. colour and guess what its the colour of my toe now. That's right PURPLE. and the second random fact is that I just started to sell Stampin Up and have fallen in love with all of thier products. and anyone can go to my site its
So that is my 2 random facts about me....

Risa said...

Wow Great give away! Thanks!

gocanucksgo said...

Hi Ladies! I'm not sure if I have to do everything on your list to get entries or if I can do some and not do others =/ If I was suppose to do all of them than just ignore this message =) So 2 funny facts about me... I talk about cheese a LOT oh and crave =) People have chocolate cravings, I get cheese cravings (althought I do get chocolate cravings too. I wonder what chocolate covered cheese would taste like... or how about cheese coverd chocolate mmmmm). Now for something weird, I usually have to buy more than one of of the same embellishment because i'm scared that if I really like it and I want to buy it again, the store will not stock the product anymore =/ Well there's a little insight into me, probably a bit more than you needed to know but it was fun typing about it =) Keep up the great work ladies and thanks! I also have become a follower =)

ginalovesdave said...

I received a link to your blog from Connie (scrappingirish) and I am so happy I found you! What a great blog and you are so awesomely generous I can't hardly believe it! After this post I will start subscribing, and not just for a chance to win a prize! :-) Okay, for my two random facts--I live right outside of Walla Walla, WA (anyone remember the song "ooh eee, ooh ah ah, bing, bang, walla walla bing bang"...??) And I would choose potato chips over cake! This is FUN. Gina

Agus said...

Hi! lovely blog candy!! thanks for the chance to win :) Im going to link your blog right now!

This is my blog :