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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Challenge #103 - Mail Art

This week we want to see


Mail art can be the art itself that you mail without an envelope or it can be the envelope. You can put something in the envelope or not.

(apparently there is an art movement, started in the 1960's, that encourages people to make art they could mail.  It's blossomed into a completely different and somewhat avant garde art form.  We're looking at the concept of MAIL ART as whatever you want to make it)

It's all up to you.  

It's always so exciting to receive pretty packages. There is something about them that makes us feel special. And then smiles show up and the rest of the day is GOOD.


Rosemary here and I struggled, at first, to figure out what I wanted to make.  I went with primarily recycling the insides of business envelopes - you know, the kind with windows that either want us to donate money or "donate" money (because we've purchased things).

Here's what you have - look at all that patterned paper!  Think of it that way.

Clean and simple cards - one for a graduate and one for my father-in-law.  The ship is stamped on liner and the waves are created from three different patterns of paper.

I created (for me) a bookmark using the window portion of an envelope - I like the glassine over the stamped flower.

Lastly, a letter that becomes its own envelope.  Lots of fun to decorate with stamps and papers.


Jana here: I got a bit carried away this time and created 3 pieces. And still have ideas for more. I have more envelopes, so I might just have more fun this week.

They ALL started out as plain white 9x12 inch envelopes.

I really enjoyed making all of them.

They are all flat. Nothing sticks out to fall off.

Details can be found on my blog HERE.


Now it's your turn to have fun making something that will make someone else smile too.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Challenge #102 - Pinwheels

It's starting to get warm and sunny here in America
and almost time for the unofficial start to summer.

So, how about something to catch all the lovely breezes?  Or at least add a bit of fun and color.

Our theme this week is


They can be real or not, tiny or huge, paper or plastic - whatever inspires you

Rosemary here and my pinwheels are pretty simple. 

Used the general directions from Martha Stewart (all hail the domestic diva). 

Basically, cut two 5" squares from paper and adhere them to one another.  Then draw a pencil line from corner to corner, cut in about 3" from the end (not through the middle), then fold every other edge inward and use a pushpin to attach the center to a clothespin.

Once you get the general idea, you can make these any size you want.  I started off with 5" and then made 3", 2", and 1-1/2" sizes to show the versatility. Instead of a push pin, I used a brad.  I also punched holes in the edges that were folding in so that it was easier to put the brad in.  be patient with yourself for the first couple and before you know it,
you are a pinwheel-maker par excellence.
Look at all the cute things you can do - great way to use up scrap papers
Perfect for all occasions
Here's a straw sleeve and a clip in happy, summery colors - fun for a birthday party or graduation (in school colors)
Here's some patriotic looking clips to attach to plants, napkin rings, baskets, etc.
And, a carefree pinwheel card for a touch of whimsy!

Jana here: This is one of those challenges wherein I had a completely different idea in mind when I started out.

I was going to make pinwheels to put in the front flowerbeds to add some color. We will plant flowers. Maybe. BUT until then I thought it would look great to have color out there.

I ended up making a Mug Rug. ??? What in the world does a mug rug have to do with PINWHEELS???

I'll answer that in a second, first, here is my rug mug:

Now, for a little 'splaining... A mug rug is a like a coaster, only it's bigger. Big enough for a mug and a treat.

(Hey, that mug's empty. It's too hot for a hot beverage.)

Or, in my case, since it's already in the 80's, for a glass of iced water and some cookies. Mmmmm...

Those cookies didn't last long.

Oh, yeah, the pinwheel link. Well, I was inspired by the bright colors of the pinwheels I was imagining. Sounded better while I was making the mug rug. Oh, well. Let's just say that we are pretty OPEN to interpretation around here.

Let's see what you create this week
PINWHEELS as your inspiration!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Challenge #101 - Get Steamy

Steampunk is an art form that is influencing art, writing, and other aspects of popular culture.  It embodies fantasy and sci-fi aspects with roots in the late Victorian era (late 19th century).  Some of the more common art aspects are gears, brass and copper contraptions, goggles, intricate looking devices,
and so on. 

Some of you might remember an old television series - the Wild Wild West, in which the actors portrayed government agents in the employ of President Ulysses Grant and they were able to do amazing things from their seemingly mundane railroad car (which was secretly tricked out) - to me, that's kind of the idea of steampunk.  A wink at what is possible scientifically and entering into the realm of the fantastic.

Almost a quaint sort of technology that seemed limitless.  

Those seeking some more highbrow examples can look to the works of H.G. Wells (The Time Machine) and Jules Verne (the Nautilus submarine, for a start).

So, hopefully you are getting the gears in your brain humming and clicking with all that steampunk can embody and can turn that into a bit of art to share amongst us.

We want you to GET STEAMY

Rosemary here and I decided to let Steampunk inspire me to make a couple of ATCs.

I also made a box for adding all those ideas that I get during the day and write on paper, in lists, etc. but never have anywhere to put them.  So I found some wonderful clip art of patents and designs and people and used them along with wonderful Tim Holtz items.

The box all together
detail of the top of the box

Jana here: I went small this time. I made a set of inchies. Not very successful in the Steampunk department. But I started making them and they just took off in their own direction. You know how that goes....


So put on your amazing goggles, pull out the tech specs and GET STEAMY!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Where's Challenge #101? Well....

Challenge #101 is delayed, Poobah Jana is enjoying a bit of family time and Poobah Rosemary skunked things up by getting herself injured.  Nothing a couple of days of R&R won't cure.

Don't give up on us, though, we're still signing up people for the matchbox swap and who knows, we might still get a challenge up!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Challenge #100 - A Match(BOX) made in Heaven- EDITED (again)

(at bottom of post)

The little challenge blog that could has hit the century mark - that's right, 100 challenges and still going strong.

Mixing creativity, craft supplies, and humor is a Match made in heaven to us.

Like Peanut Butter and Jelly, Peanut Butter and Chocolate, Iced Tea and Lemon, Chocolate and MORE Chocolate, Glue and Glitter
You get the idea....

So, this week's theme is a

Match(box) made in Heaven
(because we can't resist a bad pun, no, we really can't)

You need to create a matchbox; you can make one from scratch or alter one.
Whatever style you fancy - no limits really!

There's loads of templates to find - here and here for a start. 

Then fill this little treasure box full of trinkets, take a photo of it and share it with US.
You'd be amazed at how much fits into one

It gets better....then we want to swap matchboxes.  A matchbox swap amongst all the creative and talented Opus Gluei players!

So, leave us a comment and let us know if you want to participate and something about your likes and dislikes, your favorite things. 

Then we'll match you up and send you an email!

But allow us to tempt you with some of our creations.


Jana here: I decided to make a different kind of matchbox. I love making/decorating them, and have wanted to try this little style out. So I did.

All of the elements store inside. I have a little more detail and a couple more pictures on my blog HERE.


Rosemary here and I'm turning into a matchbox making monster.  
I have three done now and ideas for at least 9 more- yep, a dozen matchboxes in all and who knows if I will stop there!

I used the matchbox template on my Cricut cartridge - Tags, Bags, Boxes and More set at 2-1/2" for my matchboxes

The fun is in the embellishment and then FILLING them up!

I'm sharing with you three very different designs with a look at the insides too (just to give you an idea of all the goodies that fit inside, more may be added to these little treasure boxes)
Now is the time to get out those little extras - brads, buttons, ribbons,  ephemera, and share share share


So, think about participating in this our CENTURY challenge
and share some of the goodness with your fellow artists
You never know, you might get a little matchbox fun from the Poobahs!!!!

It's your turn now.

Show us what you did with your MATCHBOX.



1. Sign up by May 15. Leave a comment indicating that you would like to swap a matchbox.

2. Challenge will be open for 2 weeks. We will still have Challenge #101 post on Sunday, May 8, but you can share your  matchboxes here until Sunday, May 15.

3. Partner info will be sent via email on May 16.

4. Mail your matchbox by May 20.

5. Blog about the matchbox you send AND the one you receive. (You get extra credit for this blog post.)