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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Challenge #110 - A picture is worth a thousand words.

Kristen here -   I want to challenge everyone to not say anything.  Just use a graphic to create anything.  No words allowed.  I drew the koi and put it in some swirly paper for an water looking background.  I used a brad for the eye and then frayed the edge, matted it on an orangey-red paper.  Then attached it to a kraft colored card.  Hope you can think of something to say without words!  Have fun!

Rosemary here  -  I created a little card for my sis-in-law who sends her youngest twins (yes, two sets of twins) to their first full day of school (first grade) in a few weeks.  She needs to find out what shopping is like without four little people in tow so I'm going to give her a little gift card inside for some retail therapy!

Electra here -  OK, I ALWAYS use words.  Well, almost always.
Not for this one though! I started with a couple (like the ones on the "Bathroom" signs) and this is where I ended up.

My lips are sealed.

Gini here -   A tricky challenge eh?
I have created a 5 x 7 inch canvas which hopefully makes you think of summer.
I've given details of how to make it on my blog.

Deena here - this is my attempt at a card with no words...this was a really difficult challenge for me...I always have something to say...but that is why they call it a challenge, I suppose??  Hopefully my thousand word picture lets you know this is supposed to be a birthday card ;)

You have until the end of Saturday 13 August to join in with your fabulous creation made without using any words on your project. Add your post to Mr Linky below.

We look forward to visiting you!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Challenge #109 - Beat the Heat

Deena here...It's getting hot out in my neck of the woods...finally!  We have had a really slow start to summer, but now it is coming out in full force...supposed to be +35 C this weekend...or for my fahrenheit friends...95 degrees...but with our humidity levels it should be closer to +48 C or 118 degrees...I know to some of you, that is the norm, but for us, it is rare...we get the -35 waay more than the +35...not sure at this point which will be worse??  But if it is sunny, that is all that will matter.  Our challenge this week is to show us ways that you beat the heat...anyway goes, whether it is a page of popsicles or snow flakes, airconditioners or fans...what ever cools is hot this week, so let's see what you've got...

Here is my (Deena's) attempt at being cool:

Jana here - I am a warm weather kind of gal. I just love these hot, lazy summer days. I decided that a siesta is in order. And I need a pillow regardless of the temperature outside, so I made a crisp, cotton, strawberry covered pillowcase to snooze my little head upon. And then I crocheted a little bit of trim around the border. It's a really soft yarn. I would love to be able to tell you how wonderful it feels, but I can't pry it away from my girls' precious little mitts. Guess I'd better make some more....


I really don't like hot hot weather - you know, those steamy miserable days and so my coping mechanism to BEAT THE HEAT is to sit inside an air conditioned craft room and play with paper and glue.  These cards made me smile because even if I can't get to the pool or beach, I can at least stamp some cards with beachy/pool themes.  One regular card and two gatefold cards for your viewing and I had to show the interior of Ms. Bikini Bovine's card because I adore a good or bad pun!


I'm like Rosemary, not a big fan of the heat.  I grew up on the ocean, so living in this landlocked furnace right now is painful!  I was looking at some old photos of my grandmother and thought how wonderful it would be to be soaking in a lake right now.  Just floating around.
I don't know if you can read it, but there is some handwriting on one of these old photos-"in bathing suit".  It's from 1915.  At least they didn't have to worry about the ozone layer.

Gini here - I was so lucky because Spanky knew the answer to Beat the Heat straight away.
Her advice is to stay in the fridge during the day and come out to play at night when you can comfortably rush about with the wind in your fur being all windswept and dangerous.

So that's what I did, I created a night scene.
I've provided the scene but you've got to provide the windswept and dangerousness 'cos I'm too shy. *cough*
More details on my blog


I hate the hot weather...  I think I was a penguin in a former life.  I have the air on, and the fans on.   Keep your cool everyone!

Show us how you're keeping cool.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Challenge #108-Red White and ??? (and winner of the Tag Along Prize Package)

Is this the season on National holidays in your country?  Here in the great white north, on July 1st we have Canada Day.  Our neighbours to the south celebrate July 4th.  Party Time!

Which of these ones is not like the other?  Remember that song?

One July 4th, my daughter and I were in town for the Lewiston Montana Rodeo.  It did not occur to us that it was also July 4.  We zigged when we should have zagged and accidentally found ourselves trapped in a July 4th Parade.  OOPS.
So we smiled and gave them our best Princess Diana wave (you know the one) and looked for the first opportunity to escape.  I'll bet they're still wondering who the chicks were in the Black Dakota with Alberta licence plates.

So there you have it, we would like you to create something which honours your homeland's National Holiday.
(and maybe include a little story about something that happened on one of those holidays?)

Here are the contributions from our bevy of pretty, personable Pooblettearoonies

Grand Poobah Rosemary

  Oh my gosh, I love those ATCs!

Well, in honor of Independence Day here in America, I made two cards - one is a sidestep (I know, again, I like them) that is supposed to look like a neighborhood at sunset when the fireworks show starts and

the other is a good ol' patriotic Red, White, and Blue card with lots of stars and color

Grand Poobah Jana
If you have been visiting my personal blog, first off I want to offer my condolences for your suffering. I haven't been a good blogger of late, and secondly you'll have noticed that when I do blog it has something to do with one of my 2 recent obsessions, either quilting or crocheting. So, on those obsessive lines I created a Patriotic Banner for our family room. We don't really celebrate the 4th per say, but rather my dear husband's birthday. (Don't tell him the fireworks aren't really for him. It'll crush him. LOL) BUT the decor is usually

Poobah Gini
Gini here!  Butting in Electra's post to explain...why my project isn't quite right!
You see I'm English and a challenge going out on the 3 July has no significance to me apart from wondering on the day if the sun might shine and what shall I do for tea.  So with the prompt being "Red white and ..." I assumed it was a colour challenge so made a card using Red, white and yellow, a combination I love when using yellow as the accent colour.  England's national day would be St George's Day but I have never met an English person who celebrates it other than noticing it as an annotation in their diary. Which is a bit of a shame now I come to think of it. So apologies Electra for getting it wrong!

Poobah Deena
We are celebrating Canada Day here this weekend (Friday July 1st) and it is our 144th birthday, so I decided to make a birthday card to celebrate the I don't really go around making Canada day cards and handing them out...we will be out at the lake for the festivities of cake, hotdogs and card games as well as the kids races...should be a blast as long as the weather holds out!

Visit their blogs for all the deets!

Remember now you have until July 17th  to complete your project and post it  (Although I noticed last week, the artwork came in pretty quickly.)

Get out the potato salad and the sacks for the three-legged race and bring us to your celebration.
If we lived closer, I'd bring my pineapple dessert.
But alas.
We'll have to pretend.
It's good.  Really good.

We interrupt this challenge to announce that the randomly selected winner of the Giveaway from
Challenge #107 is


and she created this set of card and tag for the challenge

(you may now resume your challenge crafting)