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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Challenge #211 - Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays

So let's start off the new season with a birthday...........and its a special birthday wish for our Poobah Deena, whose birthday is so very soon.  Wish we could all be there to celebrate with you!

Chat Noir here with two birthday cards for special events coming up....  It was my own private challenge to use colour instead of the usual black and white which characterises most of my work (what does that say about me I wonder??).
The darker card is a sort of gate-fold one turned on its side to flip down, and the whole thing came together around the ribbon which I love but find hard to match up.  The red card is much cheerier and owes its life to the Kaisercraft garland that I found on the desk.

Rosemary here - Happy birthday to Deena!  
I made a birthday card that also has a pocket inside perfect for tucking in a little money or a gift card.  I need to get proficient at these for Christmas as my nieces and nephews are getting to the ages where they really want gift cards. (sigh, now who will I pretend to be shopping for when I play at the toy store?)

Deena here:

Today is my birthday and that is why I chose this theme for our first project challenge back to the blog...we are having the best fall here and I can even wear capris on the last day of summer for my is like the mother nature just knew I needed a nice warm day for my birthday.
Now it's your chance to show us what birthdays inspire you to make.  Leave your link in the comments box and we'll drop by and see what you've been up to.  You have until October 4th officially, but late entrants are always welcome.  We Poobahs are like that!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

We're back!

Hello there!  The Opus Gluei Poobahs have returned from their much needed break with renewed energy for crafty goodness!

So, whether it is winter going into springtime where you are or summer entering into autumn, let's see what you've been working on!  Our theme is 

This is what I did over my Summer/Winter vacation!

In the comments below please share what you worked on or have finished during this summer/winter.

Here's some of what we've been doing:

Chat Noir here and I put away the paper and glitter for a while and took to the kitchen.  Its been wintery in Melbourne, and the lemon trees have been laden, mine being no exception (though I had to cut it right back, but that's a whole other story).  So I've been preserving lemons....

Copious quantities of lemons and salt later, several more jars are in the dark of the pantry.

Also on the to-do list were a set of aprons for the other cooking people in my family (Christmas is coming), and I've made a start.  Its just a simple butcher's apron pattern with long ties so you can wrap them around and tie in the front.

Rosemary here and I worked on some stitching.  My favorite piece was this pattern I purchased from Satsuma Street on Etsy.  I love the whimsy and wonderful color that this designer uses for her patterns.  This one is Garden Cat and my cat Arya supervised to make sure I did everything right!

Deena here. We have been super busy in our household this summer. I took 5 weeks off work and we went to the lake. We went to the United States with our next door neighbours. We had VIP passes for folklarama and used them to their fullest extent. We went the Canadian museum for human rights. We canned beans, beets, pickles, zucchini and made several batches of salsa. We bought 2 new vehicles. We got one teen ready for driver's education. We got the other teen ready to start high school. We held an ice cream party for all of our friends and neighbourhood kids. That was a blast. And we are back to work and school on Wednesday. In there I got a bit of cleaning and crafting in too.  All in all it was a fabulous summer and I am sad to see it end. 

We have missed you and hope you'll come back for fun challenges with us!

Remember, link below and we'll drop by your blog to see what you've been working on!  You have until September 20th to link up.