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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Challenge #183 - The Best of Friends

For this challenge we would like to see you make something inspired by or for, or in honor of your


Hello everyone, Chat Noir here...........It was my friend's birthday just the other day and this is the card I made for her........

I started with the sentiment because it was just right, and the card developed backwards from there.  Its a lot simpler than some, but sometimes less is more...........

Electra  here

I made a card for a good friend, to celebrate a special achievement she has done.

 I hope she likes it!
Deena here:

I did this page featuring my girl's bff's from dance and their creepy clown costumes from their dance....(I know...not my BFF, but this just seemed to sing friendship that I chose to do theirs instead) they had a fabulous time performing at the Canadian National dance championships and the Provincial Dance Festival....they did fabulous and had a great time with their peeps putting on this crazy creepy show!

Rosemary here and I made a card for my friend of almost 30 years, we've been there for each other through all that life has thrown at us and I think the world of her - so....

A sunshine-y card to let her know that her friendship means a great deal to me.

So, let's see YOU show us some inspiration, some love for your friend, your bestie, whatever you call him or her...

Just link your project below in the comments and we'll stop over and see what happens when you are inspired to create by


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Challenge #182 - Flowers for All

For this challenge we are asking you to think FLOWERS.  Whether they are starting to bloom where you are or slip into their off season slumber, imagine and create using the theme of 


Then share that creativity with us.

What have the Poobahs been creating?

Well...let's see

Chat Noir slipping in something so out of character for me that I'm keeping very quiet about for heavens sake!  Oh well, flowers there are indeed, and I think they're growing on me.... 

I used a lovely old Stampin' Up designer paper that I've had for years and finally decided it had been on the shelves for far too long.   Lets see what the others have been up to.....

Deena here:  I love using flowers on my project....we still have a little bit of snow in our neck of the woods and it has been cold and gloomy the last few feels at though spring will never arrive this the only flowers we will be seeing for a bit are fake ones, but that is okay.... 

Electra here: This may or may not be a Mother's Day Card. Since my daughter doesn't read THIS blog, let's keep that to ourselves, shall we?  If you happen over to my own blog, Mum's the word.  :-)

Rosemary here and I've been trying to get better at art journaling and here's my attempt at letting go the idea that it has to be perfect and instead focus on the feeling and meaning of the page(s).   So, here's what I created.  I liked using vibrant stamped flowers to reinforce my conclusion - that no flowers would ever bloom if you didn't take a change planting the seed.  These pages had me gessoing, watercoloring, stamping, doodling, scribbling, and so on - very freeing, very expressive, and cathartic.   Even the sound of the pen scratching into the rough surface of the pages felt like I was etching them into my own brain as a message to myself to really take these realizations to heart.

So, we've given YOU some inspiration and hopefully you are ready to try adding FLOWERS to your work.  Then share them with us, linking us to your lovelies in the comments below.