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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Challenge #188 - A Good Read

Are you a reader?  Is there time in between projects to sit quietly and finish a good book every once in a while?  Our latest challenge is to use books somewhere in your project.......does a title inspire you?  Is your project made from book pages?  Here's what the team made...........

Mine is a very simple card.  I used a card base that I got from Mikey's, and added an image from Gecko Galz that I printed, cut out and coloured.  Her necklace is Perfect Pearls.  I added a flower from my stash. All the books I read are on CD in the truck.  It just seems when I get home, I would rather be making things than reading things, but living out of the city and commuting, I get to read/hear a lot of books.  That's what works for me!

Deena : my card represents the book "Where the Wild Things Are" - this monster just rings true to what I envision from the story.....

Chat Noir here..........and I committed the ultimate crime of cutting up a book.  In my defence I have to say that the book was probably a waste of paper in the beginning, so no great loss.  Each piece of fruit takes about an hour to make, and it helps to have a nice new sharp blade and a steady hand.

The pear is also coloured on the cut edges, but I think I like uncoloured fruit best.

Rosemary here and my card is inspired by a book I've read called The Bronze Horseman by Paulina Simons.  It has been called the Russian Gone with the Wind and I could see the analogy.  It is a romantic story of love's twisted path all with the backdrop of WWII from the Russian perspective.  This is the first of the trilogy and the heroine, Tatiana, inspired this card - she is both fragile and resilient, deeply romantic and tragic in a star-crossed love affair.  I think the card with its torn and crumpled book pages, stamped image and soft gentle colors evokes her steel beneath velvet personality.

You have two weeks to post a link to your blog in the comments.  Thank you and we hope you get lost with us in BOOKS!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Challenge #187 - Picnic

 picnic, sprinklers and summertime...

let the sunshine do the talking 

Our theme is


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Electra  here
OK, my ladies live in a magical place and they are having a magical picnic.  They live in a land full of sunshine and butterflies, where it never rains.  Woodland animals sing Disney showtunes all day long.

 Details (and maybe the words to the songs) may be found on my blog.

Deena here:

nothing screams summertime than a cool pinwheel to me! This paper kind of reminds me of a picnic tablecloth too, so it adds to the summery goodness...