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Monday, December 14, 2015

Challenge #217 - Star Light, Star Bright!

Our challenge for this last fortnight of our crafting year is:

Star Light, Star Bright

which seems to suggest a vintage Christmas wish.  But even if you don't celebrate Christmas you surely could be inspired to create and put a star (or many more) into whatever you make!

Chat Noir here, coming out of left field and beginning with "vintage" before getting to the starry part!  I just spent a lovely day making all sorts of things out of second-hand rubbishy paperback books (I did have to read a bit here and there to be SURE they were rubbishy) and Christmas decorations were part of the fun.  Wait for the stars til the end......

The first is a lovely easy bird, which is just two 2D shapes joined by lining up a scissor cut in each and threading them together.  Its a bit easier to see in the second photograph, and I have to say that card stock has more strength so makes better birds, but you could glue two sheets of print together if you prefer.

The second is the beginning of a collection of paper baubles made with the help of paper punches, glue and a loop of thread to hang each.  Make sure you choose symmetrical shapes, but anything would look great....butterflies, snowflakes, well as the circle and square I used (which also tells you a lot about my paper punch collection!!).

You need at least 6 cut-outs for each bauble, and each is folded in half before being glued together and enclosing the loop of thread.

....and finally, the stars!  These decorations are two sizes of wood stars, each covered in a different paper, and just glued one on top the other.  I can think of lots of other ways to jazz them up a bit, but hey, its a beginning....

Deena here:  I took my projects on a different path as I needed some much needed birthday cards this month...


We would love to see what you make, so comment below and link us to your starry creation!

NOTE:  We will be taking off until January 3rd so that we can enjoy the holidays with those we hold near and dear.