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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Challenge #179 - Touch Me, Inspire Me

Are you touchy-feely or just like playing around with smooth paper, bumpy burlap, or even perhaps making french knots with embroidery floss?  Perhaps you like to collage in your art journal or add a touch of texture to your cards?  Do you like to visit blogs and get inspiration that you give your special spin to?  

If so, then this is the challenge for you!

The Opus Gluei Poobahs want you to take on this fortnight's challenge to:


Show us some texture or perhaps something on the Internet that has inspired your creativity!

Rosemary here and I went over to Pinterest, as I often do, to soak up pretty eye candy when I came across this lovely.  I have a thing for peacocks and I loved this card so I decided to put my spin on it for this challenge.

and so with pen, paper, embossing folders, ink, rhinestones, and a doily I made:

Lots of wonderful touchy feel goodness here - velvety ribbon, embossed and inked cardstock, the texture of the doily, and so on.
Full details and pics of how this emerged are on my personal blog.

Electra here  I found something I really liked on Pinterest.
(I know, how difficult is that to do?)
and here's what I came up with:
deets can be found on my blog.

Deena here:  I went with more of a textured look with paper piecing and 3-d elements with my card:

Chat Noir here, and I am venturing down a new path which involves lots of good lighting, clean glasses (the spectacle kind, but a tea glass wouldn't go astray either), wool and a crochet hook. 
I feel like I'm channeling my grandmother as I hook the wool over my fingers and talk glibly about single chain and trebles.........  So far I've mastered the first little slip knot, one tiny paragraph of instructions in my book, and a small collection of circles.  I love how each side has a completely different texture.  I'm planning to fold and pleat them and turn them into brooches, but I haven't quite got that bit clear in my head!  Here's the book if you're interested.... so many cute little things, and they often begin with a circle.

So, we are hoping our ideas inspire you to share your creativity with us!

You have lots of time to
link up below in our comments.

 We'd love to visit and see what you've made, and you can even link projects that are from our previous themes.
We are just that laid back around here!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Challenge #178 - A is for Aphrodite (or apple, or arachnid...)

I have to admit that the idea for this challenge came to me when I was hunting through the busy room boxes and found yet another set of letters which had seemed like such a bargain at the time.  Ah well, at least I used some of them today.  Its Chat Noir here, and I made some ATCs because it seems to be my favourite thing at the moment.....and I managed to use up quite a few letters of the alphabet in the process.  Here are five of the first set, and if I get the rest of the alphabet made, you'll find them on my blog.

 So far there is C for cat (of course), M for moonlight, O for the Orient, S for Santorini, and Z for zombies....and did I use up some of those alphabet stickers? Well, not many as you can see, but here at OG its okay to be adaptable!! fact its encouraged. 

Deena here:  my project is using lots of letters to make fun and inspiring words....I thought it should qualify as there are tons of letters involved...and I can't say for certain that I have a favorite, so I used them all ;)

Electra here
I as well used more than one letter.  But I made different projects for the two letters I chose.
First, E is for EASTER  (I know, I'm early)

 and then, B is for Blackbird
We can't wait to see what you create for our Alphabet Challenge!

Please leave us the link to your project in the comments below so we can come and visit.
You have until midnight, March 23rd to join in the fun.
Thanks for playing along with us at The Order of the Opus Gluei!