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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Challenge #92 - Goin' Postal

No, we aren't packin' pistols.

No repressed rage to be unleashed on our unsuspecting GROUPEIs.

We are making POSTCARDS this week.

Want to play with us?

Rosemary here and I went vintage and textural with my postcards -


Jana here: I thought it was time to play with alcohol inks again. So, I pulled them out and then pulled out some leftover photo paper from my portable picture printer. (Somehow the paper was extra????) Anyway, I used the photo paper as a tool. You can see how on my BLOG. I won't bore you here.

Mine are all flat. No dimension to them. I guess I am in a flat mode lately.


Now it's your turn to Get Postal.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Challenge #91 - Well Read (Books, Books, Books)

Thanks to all of you for your submittals last week, we had BEAUTIFUL cards that ran the gamut from adorable and gentle to classic to elegant - very inspiring!

Now about this week...

Jana and I have quite a lot in common - one of these common traits is a love of reading.  Now, our reading choices sometimes diverge BUT we each enjoy a good read.  In fact, we can often empathize with one another being very tired the next day from reading a really good story and being unable to put it down. 

This week we are asking you to use the theme of

(hence the Well Read - hee hee)

Pretty open there, just let your imagination run wild and then share with all of us!

Rosemary here and for my projects I used books that are old and damaged to create my projects. 

My first project is a card, the roses were made from an old dictionary page and a page from a detective stories collection (one a freebie/save from junk pile and the other the bargain price of $1.00 - how could I pass them up).  A little spritz of colors and I think they add a little something to the card.

The second project I am offering was courtesy of Smilyn Stef.  In the post you will see that she offers up wonderful finds she has from across the blogosphere and the texty Easter eggs caught my eye immediately.   Here is my humble offering in homage to Amy for her great idea and Stef for sharing it.

If you would like to see the before of my materials for the eggs and to read more, head on over to


Jana here: And humbley so. I have made mere bookmarks for this week. You see, when faced with the challenge topic, my mind immediately went to bookmarks. AND to reading. So I did a bit of reading, and then made some bookmarks. I made one for my oldest daughter.

 Yes, she is a teen (16), but can still appreciate a good pun.
I also made 4 of these.
Almost identical, so I am only showing you one.
All of these are flat. I don't like bulk in a bookmark, so I stamped everything onto white cardstock. I really don't even like the little bit of bump caused by eyelets or ribbon. Strange? Maybe, but it's how I roll...


So, let's see how

Well Read YOU are
(you have to be, you're here reading our blog)

Go forth and create beautifully!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Challenge #90 - Feeling Sketchy

So, this week we're asking you to "Feel Sketchy" and use this sketch to inspire you:


Jana here: I have been neglecting my scrapbooking for well over a year. I figured it was time for me to jump back into it. So I though I would translate the sketch into a layout. My girls were looking through some old photos the other day and were giggling at the pictures we had taken during a Luau we had in 2002. It was supposed to have been an outdoor party, but it rained that day, so we had to party indoors. It really didn't hamper the festivities any, as shown in the pictures below.

I also needed to make a Christmas card for the JINGLE BELLES challenge, and this sketch seemed like a perfect way to showcase my "NO RED" Christmas card. (That's the challenge this week over there.)


Rosemary here and I did a card and a layout as well - but as you will see, this is a very versatile sketch because my two items are actually very different than Jana's!

First up is an Asian-themed thank you card that I made  - the dragon is a stamp that I used on melted UTEE.  Very easy to do, melt UTEE, pour a little onto a craft sheet and press your rubber stamp (make sure the rubber stamp has embossing ink on it, makes it much easier to remove) into the UTEE.  Allow it to cool, peel away the rubber stamp, and VOILA!  Not too heavy either, this was simply glued onto the card front..

My other project is a simple layout for my father-in-law's birthday from last weekend.  I'm trying to make a layout for each month so that I might actually have photos residing somewhere other than my hard drive.


Remember that you're not limited to a card - this could be an ATC, a layout, a home decor project, and so on!

So, let's see how sketchy you feel this week!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Challenge #89 - Love is in the air, and in the HOME.- UPDATED

Our sincere apologies for posting this week's challenge late.
There was an out of town trip, prepping for the Super Bowl, and have you seen MY blog post of last Wednesday? I have been a purging fool.

Before we get to the challenge this week, we want to announce the WINNER, WINNER from last week. Remember we offered up a PRIZE to a participant?!?!?!

Deena, Electra, Lori, Holley, Hazel, Deanna and Scrappy

you are ALL winners!

Yup, that's right, ALL of you will be receiving a surprise package in the mail. Consider it a reward because you weren't CHICKEN and posted a project last week.

We just need an email with your address, because we are really organized and can't find our address books. Without the spaces email Jana at: jdeegs @ cox . net


Alright then, on to this weeks challenge:

Create some sort of decoration for your HOME.

On your mark, get ready, GO....

Jana here: Valentines Day is mearly a week away. I am in the middle of making a LOVELY banner to hang from the mantel. The rest of the mantel could use some sprucing up, but the banner is going to look quite festive.
EDITED: I finished the banner. Here is the whole thing. You can see close up pictures of each heart on my blog HERE.

So far this is what I have: This is what it looked like up until Monday afternoon. I ended up only using 5 of the 6 hearts I covered. Wonder what I'll use that last heart for????

I'll be working it this week. I still have ribbon, lace and glitter to add. And maybe a few more hearts. Oh, and some BLING too. Check back later in the week, I'll have pictures of the completed banner to post.

Worked it. AND it's done. I love the end product. 


Rosemary here - here I am with my late late entry.  Sorry about the delay, I'm the Poobah who took the circus on the road and spent wonderful time with eight little petri dishes of germs I like to call my nieces and nephews.  Wouldn't trade it for the world.  But now I'm sick, however, I did finish a LOVE banner for this week and here it is for you to see!


Show us what you made or are working on.