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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Challenge #181 - EGGS

Easter, hard-boiled, in a nest, it's up to you! 

Electra here :  This couple is ready for Easter dinner at Granny's.
They will have a lovely time, I am sure.

 credits can be found on my blog

Deena here:  I tried to go around the Easter route as I don't really give out Easter type cards, so I tried to hatch a spring chicken instead:

..........and Chat Noir here just to show you a more edible version, along with some artwork of course.  I had to retreat to my favourite ATC format to make these tributes to new beginnings.

Lots of tiny pieces of tissue paper, a little bit of bling, some embossed card.............and chocolate of course!!

Now get cracking and whip up some eggy have until May 03 to join in this fun - just link up in the comment section below!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Challenge #180 - INCHIES!!!!

Inchies are teeny tiny little pieces of art 1 inch by 1 inch.
How precious is that?
You can make them on their own, add them to a card, 
share them with your friends, or even,
 add them to a canvas.

These are inchies:
 And here are inchies added to a canvas I made:

Chat Noir here.....and its allowed to frame your inchies too, and have bits and pieces  over the edges (as you can see from Electra's super ones at the top).  Here are a few of mine, and a couple at the top have frames.  When I started, the concept of an inch was so small that I couldn't believe it had once been just what we used (we're metric in Australia now)( THEY are tiny little squares).

I think I need more practise with these, but that's what's so good about Opus Gluei, its okay to be a beginner!
Deena here:  these are all of the inchies that I swapped with the other was so much fun to do.  I am also mounting mine to a canvas (including all of my swapped ones from around the world because they are just so cute and fun and truly artsy)...

Rosemary here and I have been making inchies for a few years now and love to swap them, the creativity is LIMITLESS.   As my fellow Poobahs have demonstrated, you can use inchies as a part of your art (canvas, ATCs, etc.) or collect and enjoy them.
For this challenge I wanted to show some inchies I've made.
 and then how I've used some of them on cards as a little special embellishment.


Show us your inchies!

Past, present or some you have made
for an upcoming swap. 
 (shh, don't tell anyone this,
 but we Poobahs have a secret love for Inchies) 
Maybe you will too, once you try them!

You have until April 20th to link up with us
in the comments below.
We look forward to seeing your inchie masterpieces!!