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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Challenge #78 - Trick or Treat, smell our feet...(UPDATED)

......well, not really smell our feet. But that IS how the little saying goes.

The TRICK is to incorporate a TREAT in your project.

The TREAT is that one of you will win a fabulous prize.
More on that later....

For now, go forth and create a sweet project worthy of ooooh's and aaahhh's.

Inchies, twinchies, ATC's, cards, jewelry, or something edible, it's up to you.


Jana here: I love Halloween and all the wonderful candy that my girls bring home we give out to those adorable little trick-or-treaters on this night.

My project is a pretty simple one. It had to be. I was out of town for a week. Then DH was out of town for a week. And then there is (was) the Halloween Sleepover Party. Yikes. Talk about spooky!!! Anyway, I made these two ATC's to pay tribute to my love of all things sweet on Halloween.

One of these little guys will be included in the grand prize TREAT package.
Interested yet??? You will be in a minute.


Rosemary here (just under the wire) and here's my TREAT - I finished my autumn wreath comprised of handmade paper roses

More details on my personal blog


Now for the TREAT for one of you lucky creators...

Along with one of my treasured works of art (ROFL), you'll get one of these:

Yup, that's right. I have a TIM HOLTZ Idea-ology CONFIGURATIONS 6.75" X 8.75" Shadow Box for your creative pleasure.
Can you just imagine the possibilities of this?

Tim has decorated a couple of them on his blog.
One for Halloween and one in a Christmas theme.
And there may be a few other little goodies thrown in, but seriously, do you really think they compare to this?!?!?!

Well, what are you waiting for? Get going. Create a TREAT for us to oogle over.


Just add the link to your project post here:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Challenge #77 - Have a cuppa

Mmmmm...a nice warm cuppa

tea, coffee, cocoa, hot toddy, whatever

(even a cuppa kindness will suffice)

What does this theme conjure in your mind?

Your challenge this week is to create based on


Have a nice cuppa something tasty and think about it and then get crafty, creative, artsy about it!


Jana here: Freakishly enough, Rosemary and I had the same idea for our cards. But with a slightly different twist. Mine is Halloween themed. (Surprise!!!)

The middle of the flower is a SU stamped mug that I colored black and then cut out with my Exacto.


Rosemary here - back from vacation and I couldn't wait to go and play in my room!  I started looking for my favorite coffee stamps and I couldn't find them.  Apparently they have taken a coffee break.  But that's okay, sometimes you have to go to Plan B.  I did find my Coffee and Tea QuicKutz die set.  I don't use my dies nearly as much as I used to and that's a shame because you can make some cute stuff with them, fairly quickly too.

Here's a quick card that I think is pretty cute to send to a friend as an invite to
have a good long chat over a cup of coffee or tea. 

I liked the dark brown background (reminiscent of a good cuppa) and then found some patterned paper and cardstock to match up.  The tea tag was in the die cut set and just needed a little embroidery floss to give it some oomph.

My other project is a canvas one and I needed more time, so I'll probably upload it in the next day or two!
(This is like those tv shows where you wait the whole hour only to see "to be continued", but I think it will be fun and worth it to check back)

See?  It's coffee colored to start with.


Add your CUPPA right here. And don't be shy, add to your blog and join in on the BLOG HOP.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Challenge # 76 - Woodn't it be loverly... (Electra be warned - spider alert!)

Woodn't it be loverly... ??? You can put whatever ending you like here. And, NO, I didn't mis-spell the word. The challenge this week is to use wood as your inspiration. Not paper, although it does come from wood, but real wood, be it alive (in the form of a tree) or dead (as in a piece of wood).



Jana here: I used a wooden shadow box that I found at the dollar tree. Yes, the dollar tree. I picked one up a couple of months ago and am now kicking myself for only getting one. Darn those little voices of logic in my head.

Anyway, I painted it black and filled it with all sorts of Halloween-ish things.

I've listed details about the contents on my blog HERE.

Woodn't you like to play along with us this week???

(Just because I am a bit obsessed with Halloween doesn't mean that your project has to be Halloween.

We welcome any and all projects.)

Grab the code and join in on the blog hop.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Challenge #75 - Boil, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Hello everybody!

Title sounds spooky doesn't it? Good!

Well, we are asking you to create using a recipe. bwahahahahaha

Our recipe!

It's not too complicated

Just make sure you have

1 Circle
3 Triangles
1 Half Circle

Hmmm....what could you make with that?????
(The nice part is that you don't have to cook it or anything...just create!)

Rosemary here and I challenged myself to make something inspired by this project from last year.

Made this way more difficult than I had to, but I used my Cricut Wild Card cartridge and then pieced the insert using scraps of patterned paper. The leaf is from embossed (Cuttlebug swirls folder) paper that I hand cut. One is a bit more fun.

While the other is feeling more elegant - all done in cream/gold embossed/patterned papers (with a blingy stem)


Jana here: I have requested, and granted to myself, an extra day or two. It's great to be a POOBAH!!

See you here in a couple of days.............

We hope you visit fellow participants' blogs in these challenges. Not only will you see great projects that they submit HERE but you should check out their other posts and be inspired by their creativity! There are so many great blogs and cool ideas out there - you have to (in Jana's words) go blurfing!
Don't forget that you can add the BLOG HOP code to your post and party with us all week long.
It's your turn now!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Challenge # 74 - HALLOWEEN


Yup, our challenge is HALLOWEEN.

Make something, anything, that has to do with HALLOWEEN.

It's that simple.

Have fun with it.


Rosemary here and I have been having a banner year! Okay, 2010 has had its ups and downs but I've made quite a few banners (mostly birthday ones) so this is my first Happy Halloween one.

Pretty easy to do with a DCWV Halloween stack from the past, a small box of K&Co. Halloween chipboard, some cardstock, a Cricut, and several cartridges (Schoolbook Plantin, Celebrations, and Tags, Bags, and whatever else the box reads) (After that lengthy list you are probably thinking - that's a pretty easy to do, seriously? Yes, seriously, sounds tougher than it is and I think the results are great)

Here's a snippet with a closer view of the pennant pieces

I even had time for a second project; little treat bags for my nieces and nephews. I don't live near any of them so I have to content myself by looking at their Halloween costumes in photos rather than in person. But that doesn't mean I can't give them some goodies.

Last, but not least, are my Halloween rosettes. I recently purchased a Martha Stewart score board and boy, how I love it. It makes folds crisper than my bone folder alone and that makes putting together things, like the bags above, so much easier.

For my rosettes I simply cut pieces of 12" patterned paper about 1-1/2" wide and then used the handy-dandy lines and a bone folder to score the paper. Zigzag the folds, make sure you have even peaks and valleys, glue the strip into a circle and gently press down to make a rosette. Glue a circle to front and back for stability and be patient to let them dry. Add glitter to the rosettes (and yourself in the process) and then be patient again to let them dry.

What will I use them for? Well, I'm considering adding a few to the Halloween banner and then maybe even putting on fishing line and adding them to a door wreath.

Anyway, I hope you try this challenge theme out!


Jana here: BOY did I have fun with this one. First off, I kind of cheated. I am participating in a HALLOWEEN inchie swap on SWAP-BOT, so I made some inchies. Well.... I really love HALLOWEEN, so I decided that I couldn't just send 10. I mean, it's HALLOWEEN. SO I made 13. THEN, I decided that I wanted to send them in a special little container, so I got one of those cute little gift card tins you see at the check out counter in Mickey's. This one has white and orange stripes. How cute! THEN, I decided that the tin couldn't go "naked", and so I decorated it.


Next up is these Cupcake Toppers. Yup, another Swap-Bot swap. I have seen these adorable little cupcake toppers, so I joined a swap and thought that I would just make a set of 12 matching ones. BUT, that didn't quite happen. I recently re-found some adorable little shapes from a couple/few years ago and used them to make 13 (did I mention that it's HALLOWEEN???) of them.


My last HALLOWEEN swap is for a Matchbox. I love making them. They are small, so it's almost an instant gratification. And we ALL love that. I have spread out the contents in another picture on my blog HERE. There's also a glimpse of the "surprise" inside the matchbox. Bwahahahahaha.


And for myself and my family, I also made a Creepy Specimin display. Fashioned after the famous Ali's Butterflies. I have this hanging in the entry way of the house. Usually I have Butterflies here, so It'll be really creepy to folks that come over frequently. Mostly the girls' friends. BWAHAHAHAHA

A thousand apologies for the terrible photography. I could not, for the life of me, get a good shot of these little pests. I do have a couple of other shot of this, and another piece that I have, over on my blog HERE.

Join us this week and share your HALLOWEEN creations.