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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Challenge #207 - Then and now....

For this challenge we're asking you to look at a previous project and reimagine it.  You can either use the actual project or be inspired to update it.  Really it is however you want to take this challenge.  We would like to see how you are inspired.

(or now and then)

Electra here.
I took a clipboard that I'd made many moons ago off the bathroom wall
and made it fit my new bohemian bathroom colours.
All the deets can be found on my blog!

Deena here: As I was going through my blog looking at old projects, I came across these cards that I made for my friends in 2009. The retro lady on the card front inspired me to pull out a retro stamp and get to work. This is what I ended up with....thanks for looking!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Challenge #206 - Happy (or is that HOPPY) Easter?

It's Easter Sunday and this time the Poobahs are asking you to challenge yourself and share what you've made with a rabbit on it.  (You can also share other Easter-themed projects with us as well)

Hippity Hoppity Rabbits and Bunnies!
Deena here:  I added googly eyes to mine as it was just a little creepy looking without them...not sure if it helped or not...might have been better if he was chocolate???  

Chat Noir here, and I was scrambling for bunnies when I began, so here are the ATCs I made first...(and there IS a tiny bunny if you look hard)

....and then I tidied my work bench (its amazing what lies beneath....) and found this little fellow, so was able to feature a bunny afterall.

 Electra here
It seems like I have been making bunnies and bunnies and more bunnies lately.  Kind of like bunnies make more bunnies, make more bunnies...oh never mind...suffice it to say I love what the other DT members have made and I love this challenge!

Please share a link of your project to your hoppy heart's content in the comments.  We will hop over to see your creativity and share our love for it!

Stop by for our next challenge - Posting on Sunday, April 19th.