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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Challenge #205 - Color challenge time - BLACK and one other color

Black never goes out of fashion, and its also a good colour to wear if you just want to fade into the background..........but this challenge is all about STANDING OUT.  

Play along with the black cat Poobah and use black and one other colour in what you make.  Any other colour will do - you'll be surprised how good it looks.

Chat Noir here, busy making lots of cards for my friends this week.  My work bench is littered with butterflies and offcuts, but here are some finished things to inspire you.  You can see I used only one colour on each, but several shades, and I think that's just fine.

I think some of these might find their way into frames instead of remaining just a card.

Electra here   I didn't have a lot of time this week and so made something kind of quick and funny.  You have to ignore the flesh colour in my piece, it's really invisible.  The colours I used are black and WHITE

(And it would have been blue, except that Anna decided against it.)

Deena here:
I made this card for one of the girls' dance teachers with a bit of tulle from their costume...they danced to true colours from Cyndi Lauper and received awards for best use of costume in the competition they were in...they all started out in black and during the song each person changed to a coloured tutu as an anti-bullying dance....

Rosemary here and this was a good challenge for thinking a BRIGHT pop of color to be set off by the black and so I used hot pink and orange for two cards.  The kind that are wonderful to pop into an envelope and send off to a friend for a little lift courtesy of the mail!  Clean and simple and hopefully CHEERFUL.

Please post a link to your creative project below in the comments.  Our next challenge will be posted on April 5.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Challenge #204 - St. Patrick's Day

Yes, 'tis the time of year when a lot of people who are Irish, have Irish ancestry, or just like to revel in the St. Patrick's day spirit get into the mood for green everything.

Why not?  Green is a lovely color.  It is the color of balance, harmony, and growth.  It is associated with Ireland since Ireland is referred to as the Emerald Isle because of its lush green hillsides and fields.

So, our theme for this challenge is to be inspired by Ireland, 
by St. Patrick's Day, by all things GREEN. (Or Irish, or whatever this inspires in you)
Like leprachauns, rainbows, pots of gold, corned beef and cabbage, and so on....

St. Patrick's Day

Let's see what the Poobahs have created.

Rosemary here and Top o' the Morning to Ye!  I have returned to Opus Gluei and have missed my fellow Poobahs and you hardy crafters who come out and share your creativity with us.

Now, about this challenge - I have Irish ancestry and I'm Catholic so naturally St. Patrick's day was a big deal throughout my life.  No, we weren't tossing back green beers but we'd gather as a family around a table set with a green cloth, a pot of shamrocks, and our traditional meal of corned beef, cabbage, soda bread, and for dessert - mint chocolate chip ice cream (hey, we're American, we had to have ice cream and it's green)...

In honor of this I have made a layout to commemorate this year's bash.  I've laid in a supply of green felt fedoras for the gentlemen and headbands with shamrocks (have I mentioned I'm American?) for the ladies.  (since the challenge will be going on after St. Patrick's day, I'm going to add the photos and update this post with them - so check back if you want to see what a crazy American family does on St. Patrick's day that doesn't involve beer - okay, maybe a wee bit of Jameson's)  My layout is not staid, but loud and proud - a bit like my family!

I love the Close to My Heart Artbooking Cricut cartridge because you can cut out these very neat page overlays to fill with photos, journaling, whatever....

Electra  here Faith and Begorra (I have no idea what that means), it's time for those pesky little leprechauns to bring out their green beer and pots of gold and have as party.
I have to admit, St. Patrick's Day is not at the top of my list of FAVORITE HOLIDAYS, come to think of it, the only memory I have of any St Paddy's Day past is having that wonderful green beer spilled on me one night and never being able to get the green out.  :-(
So, I am somewhat at a loss.....I do however know that legend has it the Irish are a lucky sort and I am a fan of luck.
Hence, my piece for this challenge.

Chat Noir here.....I took the opportunity to fill up my stash of cards and also give myself a private challenge to use something other than black and white.  While I worked I was so conscious of how many different shades of green there are, so each of my cards is a variation on a theme....

......and I did finally make something for St Patrick's Day too.

Please link your project below in the comments.  You have until March 22 for this challenge.