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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Challenge #57 - I Can See Clearly Now...

The challenge this week is "I Can See Clearly Now" and we're asking you to use clear plastic (acetate, etc.) in creating your project.


Jana here: For some reason, I couldn't decided on which project to do, so I did them both. And then a little guy was born out of the remaining materials. So unlike me to go overboard. LOL.

I made a card for an upcoming event. I needed it to be girlie and blingy. I also made a little candy/trinket box for my mother. I loosely followed a tutorial from SplitCoastStampers.

By loosely, I mean I scanned the tutorial and then did my own thing. I didn't use their measurements. Cuz I am too impatient to go back and check them. So I winged it. It worked, so I am happy. Then I looked down and spotted a little piece left-over and made this adorable little inchie. I stamped with Staz-On and then used my Copic markers.

(I got a tablet of acetate sheets at Michael's. It was tucked into the regular tablets of patterened papers. If you want more info on what I used, go to my blog - I Can't Wanna, I'll try to get more info and post it there.)

Rosemary here and when Jana mentioned this as a theme, I thought...what the heck am I going to make? Then I realized, what a great way to recyle or repurpose some plastic!

I made a shaker box and the acetate portion came from a transparency; you know, the kind we used to use for presentations. I happened across an almost full box in the trash, what a waste! But I didn't know what to use it for so it sat in my craft room awaiting this challenge (LOL).

I made my girly girl kitty, Emma, a girly shaker box to use on a scrapbook layout.
Used items from my stash, and printed on the transparency some kitty words (does this count as hybrid?). For further details, please see my personal blog (I am trying REALLY hard not to get as wordy as I usually do to prove to Jana I can be succinct).


So, unleash that creativity in yourself and let's see what you come up with when

"I Can See Clearly Now"

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Recap - CATCHING UP (Bear with us)

Jana and I both saw that you wanted the recap and we listened and we're going to try to keep up with things. We may not always get them up on time, but we'll get there eventually. They may not even always be done on Saturdays.

So check back later and let's see what we've been able to capture for the recap!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Challenge #56 - Seasonal Icons - Updated

As summer quickly approaches in the Northern hemisphere we are bidding adieu until next spring to tulips, daffodils, crocus, iris, lily of the valley, and other flowers that bloom in springtime.

There are other images we associate with spring as well; lambs, bunnies, soft pastel shades in our flowers, trees, and grass. Soon, the gardens and lawns will be lush - and that's so very summer - everything is rich and saturated with color. Each season has its iconic images that evoke strong memories, and they aren't always nature-driven.

When you think of autumn, don't you immediately conjure visions of warm wooly comfort and firesides? Winter and bright twinkling Christmas lights and beautiful trees or soft snowflakes?

We are asking you to channel those into your project.

Seasonal Icons

Rosemary here - late late late
I love Christmas and can make something for Christmas just about any time of the year (so why do I never have cards made to send out - hmmmm). Anyway, my seasonal icon is presents - they're rather synonymous with Christmas and who doesn't love a present?
This is an explosion box album because when you take off the lid and the little slide around the box - it flops open to show the insides. Cute huh?

I thought so, and this is going to be fun to fill with photos and embellishments.

* * * * *

Jana here - I used a set of Stampin' Up stamps to make a set of cards. I made each card a different design. But used the same colors for the images. Why? You ask. Well, I recently find myself the owner of more copic markers. And it just so happens that I have 2 of each of these markers. So? You say. I am offering these up for a give away. Right here on OPUS GLUEI. All you have to do is follow the directions on the bottom of this post to get your name in the drawing.

Anyway, here is the set of cards I made. I was really surprised that I could use these four colors on ALL four seasons and have them look appropriate. (The fifth marker is a blender pen.)






1. Make a project for this week's challenge and link to it.

2. Visit each of our blogs and leave a comment.

Jana's and Rosemary's

3. Extra entry for being a follower of OPUS GLUEI, Jana's Blog and Rosemary's Blog. (one extra entry for each blog you follow)

4. Leave a comment letting us know that you did #1-#3.


1 - Copic Markers - Blender Pen (0), Cool Gray No. 1 (C-1), Sand (E33), Moss (YG67) and Cardinal (R59) (Markers have NOT been used.)

2 - Assortment of goodies. Papers, doo-dads, ribbons, etc... (Randomly picked from my stash. They'll be fun things, I promise.)

What are you inspired to create this week?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Challenge #55 - Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

This week's challenge is to be inspired by these words - Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.

They derive from the old saying that goes:

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.


Jana here - I wracked my little pea brain on this one. It was not such an easy one for me. I kept trying to find one project to encompass ALL three words. Well, it didn't work out. So, I changed course and here's what happened:

HEALTHY - Expressing myself is one of the things that keeps me sane.

So I made a card for a friend who is not inclined to let herself have fun on a regular basis.


WEALTHY - One of the things I value the most is reading.

I feel that I am so much richer for all the journeys I have taken through books. My mom is the one responsible, so I made her a bookmark.


WISE - What could be wiser than a quote from Confucius.

(Oh, Jana, I love all these projects but I so heart this card!!! - Rosemary)


Rosemary here! I was motivated for a different project with each word.

Healthy inspired a scrapbook layout with a quick glimpse of what changing my health has involved (and it does feel great)

Wealthy inspired a gift card project - which is pretty easy and done clean and simple style (not something I'm used to). The tote bag/shopping bag is from the Plantin SchoolBook Cricut cartridge and it it made just a little cuter with sunglasses button. The sentiment could easily be changed for a bon voyage or even a graduation card (you know, a little cash or gift card to use over the summer).

WISE is done - I don't know, the original concept and the finished product are a little different than envisioned but I did figure it would look funky. Is it TOO funky? Or just something kind of fun to wear?


That's what we were moved to create - let's see what you're inspired to make!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Challenge #54 - Fit to be Tied

There isn't a crafter out there who ever has enough ribbon. We may have (so I've heard) rolls and rolls of ribbons sorted by color, theme, and texture...but tell us about a ribbon outlet and we're so there, dude.

So, this week's challenge is to channel your inner ribbon-aholic and make something with ribbon. Go a bit further and use ribbon in an unexpected way, because you are: "Fit to be Tied"!

Rosemary here - My name is Rosemary and I'm a ribbon-aholic (and apparently I don't want to be cured). I am happy to plunk a buck (or two) down every time I go to Michael's if there is a new ribbon reel that calls to me. I have too much ribbon, and I share, but I'm not likely to ever get the stash down to a bare minimum (hahahahhahaha, sorry, the very prospect makes me double over in laughter).

I have seen ribbon necklaces in some swanky places (like here), and that price is not a typo - they are selling it for $465.00. Sure, it's made in France by chic little ladies in an atelier someplace off the Rive Gauche, but that's okay, I don't need to have that much backstory to my jewelry. Cut to the chase - I found a tutorial over at Elsie Flannigan's A Beautiful Mess.

I ended up making two of these and the cost is much more reasonable than $465.00. All you need is ribbon, beads, embroidery floss, needle, and patience. The first four items I have in abundance, the last one well, it's a work in progress.

This one is using an opalescent blue ribbon with salmon pink beads and it comes out looking more boho than office-y. That's okay, a girl needs some casual chic.

For the second necklace I used a shimmery sheer ribbon that was a little trying but worked amazingly with the heavy pearl beads it didn't break, fray, or hang funny (perhaps it's the added stability of the ruffles).

I didn't follow the directions EXACTLY so if you want my running commentary on what went into this then head over to my personal blog here.

To note also, I'm no spring chicken but I would actually wear these. They would look adorable for a younger woman also and I'm thinking - these would have been so cute to do for bridesmaid necklaces. Pearls with ribbon in the color of your wedding....oooohhhh pretty pretty.
(Jana thinks these are adorable.)


We hope you give this challenge a try because it isn't always so bad to find yourself - Fit to be Tied!


Where's the Saturday Recap?

The new and very nifty link allows for thumbnails of your submitted projects and we hope it gets you to visit one another's blogs to see not only the Opus Gluei challenge projects but all the other projects and stories you have to share.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Challenge # 53 - Can I Quote You On That?

This week the Poobahs are challenging you to create a project using a quotation. It can be someone famous, someone you love, anonymous, even someone in your imagination. It doesn't matter to us who you Quote, just make something with a Quote on it.

Rosemary here: I need more encouragement cards in my stash, so here's a start. the color looks very subdued but it is more vibrant, richer in real life (trust me on this one). I like the sentiment (thank you, Ms./Mr. Anonymous) and I think it might brighten a friend's day when they're feeling like they'd need stepladder to scratch a snake's belly.

Here's another card that I hope you'll like!


Jana here: I am really into digi work these days. And a bit of hybrid. I am also really bad at remembering who sings what songs, which is a hinderance today. I made this page for my Heart the ART journal. My oldest is 15. 'Nuf said. I know the quote, "Mama said there'd be day like this", but don't know who to credit for it. Anyway, I used a picture of a volcano I found on the web, and you can barely make out the word "WHATEVER" in the background. It's Megan's handwriting and I thought it was perfect for this page. It isn't near the image I had in my head, but I like it anyway. (This is the digi page. I am HORRIBLE at photographing my works and wanted you to see this because I LOVE how it turned out.)

(tee hee hee - Rosemary likes it too)

I also made a bookmark. I like my bookmarks flat, so this is it. I won't add any embellishements.

The quote is one I looked up on the web. I thought it matched the bookmark really well.

(I think maybe I went about this backwards: Bookmark first, Quote second - oops. But that IS how I roll.)

I printed it as a 4x6, printed, scored, folded, glued, brayered, punched a hole, inked the edges and added a scrap of ribbon.

And as a special treat for you, here it is all ready to print.

For details go to my blog - I CAN'T WANNA. See you all later, I'm going to go read.

Now get out there and let us QUOTE YOU ON THAT...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Rewind - Let's MAKE SOMETHING!!!

Oh my gosh, you all are the bestest Groupeis in the whole wide world! Just want to hug you all, you really get our challenges and the offbeat humor that is Opus Gluei!

Last week in honor of a year's worth of challenges we asked you to simply "Make Something" and you came through (as ALWAYS) with inspiring, beautiful, happy, silly, sweet, loving, joyful, and delightful projects.

Here, in no particular order is a little taste of your crafty goodness! Hope you check each other's blogs out. I promise to update our blog roll to give a shout out to new Groupeis! (Also, if you want to wear the coolest horns in the universe then contact us and we'll work it out getting you made into an Opus Gluei GREENHORN with all the rights and privileges thereof - we'll get back to you on what those might be...)


Jessica (of Jess' Obession) is still obsessed (and we are soooo glad of that because she does great projects). This is a gift for a braces recipient and besides being thoughtful, who wouldn't give a big tin grin at the smiling face on the front? And there's pixy stix candy to sweeten the deal and lessen the pain - fantastic idea!

Le has done it again; she's made a classic, beautiful project. This time it's wedding invitations. Look at the elegance of this and the really wonderful sentimental aspect is that she has used elements of her own wedding. That's absolutely wonderful.

Bobbi is back (welcome back, Bobbi) and she is catching up on her scrapbooking - I understand that feeling. Look at this adorable zoo layout that really captures the fun of seeing the animals (I need this cartridge, lol)

Katie created a card that is pretty and beautifully colored, our dreamer appears to be really enjoying the bright sunshine and perhaps she is getting a little sleepy too!

Ivolina (aka Desi) made the humble dandelion a beautiful work of art on this card. I feel a little bad for the abuse I heap on them as they take over parts of my yard. Lovely card and beautiful submittal, Desi! HAPPY SPRING!

One of our first Greenhorns, Kristen, made a color challenge card that is beautiful and it has her latest digi creation - Prim Flowers. Very pretty image and can be used for all sorts of projects. Check out her blog, she's creative and apparently does not rest because she's creating left and right!

Terry submitted a beautiful card; it is so evocative of the lovely things that spring brings to us - happy ladybugs, beautiful flowers, and the soft gentle colors after frosty winter.

Bosenberries(love the blog names, ladies, we've got Glitterbabes, Joyful Stampers, Smiling Stefs, Create When I Can, etc. and they make us smile) made a delightful gift for her friend attaining that landmark 40th birthday! Thoughtful and sweet!

Chat Noir Carolann made the cutest (can you say that with skulls? Hey, that's an FTD slogan - say it with skulls for Halloween) earrings! I'm serious, these are pretty darn cute with the beading. (somewhere a Goth/Emo is crying at what I've written)

With bright colors, sweet sentiment and the adorable image, this happy birthday bee makes you immediately grin with its cuteness and comes to us from Scrappy!

Deborah has created a vintage vibe here with a beautiful card, loving the little child and script stamp - lots of wonderful elements here!

Maria made a bursting with happiness bird enjoying spring in her birdbath that just makes you smile! Love the colors and the joy exuded by this!

Deb is making a fabulous beach album as a gift (I'd have a hard time giving this up); the subject here is pretty darn adorable and we are loving the embellies and colors! Can't wait to see when it is all done!

Tammy used a Mothers day kit to make this lovely card that has such a soft, sweet feel to it. Could see using it for other projects also, really great!

Great project but a different Deb - look at these adorable owls and that tree! Oh my gosh, if you find it missing it is because Jana hopped a plane and came by for it! Really great card! Wouldn't that be just an awesome card to get?

Sarabeth made a layout that says happy and playful all at once, capturing a moment of childhood that passes so quickly. Beautiful!

Our Glitterbabe (love it) made us a beautiful card, loving the lions and the lovely coloring! What a happy card!

Electra, you didn't have to give us such a sweet shout out, but we do love it! Thank you for this homage to the Poobahs (we're blushing). We love you too!

Deena made a delish card and well, it is delish itself! Loving the bling! You're never too late for an Opus Gluei challenge! This is a great set you made.

Well, that's it for the recap of last week's challenge submittals (for now). We will have our 53rd challenge up on Sunday, hope you stop by to see what it is and to play along with us! Here's to the first year's worth of challenges AND many many more to come!!!!!