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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Challenge #56 - Seasonal Icons - Updated

As summer quickly approaches in the Northern hemisphere we are bidding adieu until next spring to tulips, daffodils, crocus, iris, lily of the valley, and other flowers that bloom in springtime.

There are other images we associate with spring as well; lambs, bunnies, soft pastel shades in our flowers, trees, and grass. Soon, the gardens and lawns will be lush - and that's so very summer - everything is rich and saturated with color. Each season has its iconic images that evoke strong memories, and they aren't always nature-driven.

When you think of autumn, don't you immediately conjure visions of warm wooly comfort and firesides? Winter and bright twinkling Christmas lights and beautiful trees or soft snowflakes?

We are asking you to channel those into your project.

Seasonal Icons

Rosemary here - late late late
I love Christmas and can make something for Christmas just about any time of the year (so why do I never have cards made to send out - hmmmm). Anyway, my seasonal icon is presents - they're rather synonymous with Christmas and who doesn't love a present?
This is an explosion box album because when you take off the lid and the little slide around the box - it flops open to show the insides. Cute huh?

I thought so, and this is going to be fun to fill with photos and embellishments.

* * * * *

Jana here - I used a set of Stampin' Up stamps to make a set of cards. I made each card a different design. But used the same colors for the images. Why? You ask. Well, I recently find myself the owner of more copic markers. And it just so happens that I have 2 of each of these markers. So? You say. I am offering these up for a give away. Right here on OPUS GLUEI. All you have to do is follow the directions on the bottom of this post to get your name in the drawing.

Anyway, here is the set of cards I made. I was really surprised that I could use these four colors on ALL four seasons and have them look appropriate. (The fifth marker is a blender pen.)






1. Make a project for this week's challenge and link to it.

2. Visit each of our blogs and leave a comment.

Jana's and Rosemary's

3. Extra entry for being a follower of OPUS GLUEI, Jana's Blog and Rosemary's Blog. (one extra entry for each blog you follow)

4. Leave a comment letting us know that you did #1-#3.


1 - Copic Markers - Blender Pen (0), Cool Gray No. 1 (C-1), Sand (E33), Moss (YG67) and Cardinal (R59) (Markers have NOT been used.)

2 - Assortment of goodies. Papers, doo-dads, ribbons, etc... (Randomly picked from my stash. They'll be fun things, I promise.)

What are you inspired to create this week?


Ivolina said...

Lovely cards Jana and very interesting new challenge.
Girls, I miss your Saturday rewind. I hope you will start to make it again.

Electra said...

These are so pretty! I love how you photographed them with the markers, brilliant!

Unknown said...

What??? Another week of thinking.. you think I can handle this? Guess, thats what makes Opus challenges fun. Inspired and ready to create.
Jana, you did a great job on fitting the colors in for all seasons with those wonderful markers.

Scrappy said...

Hi there! I've followed all of the blogs (one in reader). Now I've just to add my project! Better get started hmm?! Thanks for the fun challenges! Keep 'em up!

Scrappy said...

Okay! I just added my 1st project in too! :) So I've managed to complete all the tasks 1-3! :) This was FUN! Thanks!

Robin said...

Enjoyed visiting your blogs ladies you now have a new follower, have entered my summery card and my fingers are crossed. Cheers, Robin

Moshie said...

Thanks for a fun challenge. I am glad I came upon your blog. I did visit and joined Janas. I visited Rosemary's but did not see where to become a follower. I will say I did enjoy browsing both blogs. Love the pledge here! lol hugs, Moshie

Rosemary said...

By the way, ladies, the recap is returning (we heard you) and we'll try to get it up this coming Saturday with the last couple of challenges reviewed! Thanks!

Deb Neerman said...

Great samples! Thanks for another fun challenge!

Dayna said...

Hey Jana and Rosemary!!
I just linked up my summery card, and left both of you a comment and now I'm a follower of both of your amazing blogs!!!

C said...

Ok...I did #1-#3 and 4, too! Fun, fun, blog ladies!!

Chat Noir said...

Hey GPs... this was fun, if a little scary (all that colour, all those buttons)... It kept me up til f-a-r too late getting it done.

Rosemary said...

Sleep is highly overrated - honest.....

Rosemary said...

Sleep is highly overrated - honest.....

Electra said...

No it's not!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Mine are done but I'm blog-challenged, so You have to scroll down to see all four. Oh yeah, I've done 1 and 2 and 3, but that was the easy part. Great to see all the entries this week, you two are becoming superstars!!

Kristen H said...

I'm doing it and doin' it and doin' it well! Here's your card... commenting in 3, 2, and 1... of course I follow you, I would follow you ANyWHERE!!!

merniebug said...

Great challenge and I'm letting you know I did #1&3 above. I did sign up as a follower on one of your blogs but the other one woldn't let me do it. It was the one with the set of seasonal cards-(very pretty.) I'm also a follower here on this blog, I linked to my card, so I think I'm done...I hope. Hugs, Melanie

Unknown said...

ok, kiddo! 3..2..1 and the extra

SmilynStef said...

I uploaded my card; commented on both blogs; and followed all three. Thanks for the great challenge.

Unknown said...

What a fun challenge - I've done all the tasks (left comments on both blogs, following all 3 - and linked my card).

Gini aka beadz

Susan Says (Stupid Stuff) said...

I'm late, I'm sorry, and I hadn't realised that there was a prize and other stuff to do this week, I'm just rushing to get it all done now :D I can't seem to get the Linky thing to work, so no need to count me in the draw, lol, I just wanted to share.
Here's my post

Susan Says (Stupid Stuff) said...

Lol, ok, I've done all the comments and following and I got my 4x4 entered into the Linky thing - I should have counted my caption, it was too long and messing things up :P