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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Challenge #55 - Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

This week's challenge is to be inspired by these words - Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.

They derive from the old saying that goes:

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.


Jana here - I wracked my little pea brain on this one. It was not such an easy one for me. I kept trying to find one project to encompass ALL three words. Well, it didn't work out. So, I changed course and here's what happened:

HEALTHY - Expressing myself is one of the things that keeps me sane.

So I made a card for a friend who is not inclined to let herself have fun on a regular basis.


WEALTHY - One of the things I value the most is reading.

I feel that I am so much richer for all the journeys I have taken through books. My mom is the one responsible, so I made her a bookmark.


WISE - What could be wiser than a quote from Confucius.

(Oh, Jana, I love all these projects but I so heart this card!!! - Rosemary)


Rosemary here! I was motivated for a different project with each word.

Healthy inspired a scrapbook layout with a quick glimpse of what changing my health has involved (and it does feel great)

Wealthy inspired a gift card project - which is pretty easy and done clean and simple style (not something I'm used to). The tote bag/shopping bag is from the Plantin SchoolBook Cricut cartridge and it it made just a little cuter with sunglasses button. The sentiment could easily be changed for a bon voyage or even a graduation card (you know, a little cash or gift card to use over the summer).

WISE is done - I don't know, the original concept and the finished product are a little different than envisioned but I did figure it would look funky. Is it TOO funky? Or just something kind of fun to wear?


That's what we were moved to create - let's see what you're inspired to make!!!


Electra said...

Love the owl necklace. Still trying to use your ribbon eh? ;-)

Electra said...

Wow, I'm done first. How weird is that? Thanks for the inspiration, ladies, and thanks for getting me to make myself some bookmarks which I needed!

Gini said...

Love all your makes Jana and Rosemary.
This challenge was great and a real thought provoker thank you!
I've added a link. That's a very clever linkymaginky you've got :-)

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hi Rosemary and thanks for stopping by. I love your Oath specially the part about hoarding. I just might have an issue there. I like to call it creative clutter or Vignettes in every room. Makes it feel cozy to me.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Deb Neerman said...

LOVE the samples ... too fun! And of course the thought-provoking challenge!

You'll be glad to know that only one plush panda perished in the execution of this challenge ... and I can live with that.

Le said...

Ladies, I can't make the card until tomorrow because it is still in my head. I'll show it later. Next week, if you allow me.