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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Challenge # 53 - Can I Quote You On That?

This week the Poobahs are challenging you to create a project using a quotation. It can be someone famous, someone you love, anonymous, even someone in your imagination. It doesn't matter to us who you Quote, just make something with a Quote on it.

Rosemary here: I need more encouragement cards in my stash, so here's a start. the color looks very subdued but it is more vibrant, richer in real life (trust me on this one). I like the sentiment (thank you, Ms./Mr. Anonymous) and I think it might brighten a friend's day when they're feeling like they'd need stepladder to scratch a snake's belly.

Here's another card that I hope you'll like!


Jana here: I am really into digi work these days. And a bit of hybrid. I am also really bad at remembering who sings what songs, which is a hinderance today. I made this page for my Heart the ART journal. My oldest is 15. 'Nuf said. I know the quote, "Mama said there'd be day like this", but don't know who to credit for it. Anyway, I used a picture of a volcano I found on the web, and you can barely make out the word "WHATEVER" in the background. It's Megan's handwriting and I thought it was perfect for this page. It isn't near the image I had in my head, but I like it anyway. (This is the digi page. I am HORRIBLE at photographing my works and wanted you to see this because I LOVE how it turned out.)

(tee hee hee - Rosemary likes it too)

I also made a bookmark. I like my bookmarks flat, so this is it. I won't add any embellishements.

The quote is one I looked up on the web. I thought it matched the bookmark really well.

(I think maybe I went about this backwards: Bookmark first, Quote second - oops. But that IS how I roll.)

I printed it as a 4x6, printed, scored, folded, glued, brayered, punched a hole, inked the edges and added a scrap of ribbon.

And as a special treat for you, here it is all ready to print.

For details go to my blog - I CAN'T WANNA. See you all later, I'm going to go read.

Now get out there and let us QUOTE YOU ON THAT...


Gini said...

My my my, you have some mighty fine looking new greenhorns in your sidebar.
and then laughing some more!

All your cards and bookmarks are superb.
The world is my oyster for this challenge then!

Robin said...

Lovin' the new banner!!! Quotes... ohhh... I love using quotes on my stuff!! Love you projects!!

Kristen H said...

Quote this!!!

Great projects!!! But what is new there?

I love seeing my beautiful Greenhorn picture on the sidebar!!! Too Flippin' Funny!!! LOL!!!

Divya Rao said...

Lovely projects!

Here's mine, some sarcasm looking pretty and girly in pink :)


Robin said...

here's my entry
cheers, Robin

1CardCreator said...

Great challenge ladies, I love the groupies too! Great cards Rosemary and I love your layout Jana. I love that song too! Thanks for sharing. ~Diane

Jessica G. said...

Awesome challenge, Ladies -- I'm a big fan of quotes for all occasions! This card was for DD's birthday; rather appropriate for a teen card, isn't it?

Amazing samples -- great quotes and the 'days like this' made me giggle. Off to scope out the bookmarks!

Electra said...

OMG, I just looked at the sidebar!!! Whoa, that pic of me, I don't have any make-up on!! What was I thinking? Gini, you stop laughing right now!

C said...

What a fun blog! Thanks for the challenge.

Electra said...

McLInky! You've really hit the big-time! (I like it and it's probably easier for you!)