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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Challenge #48 - Get all Felt Up!

This week's challenge sounds a little risque,
but we're just being cheeky monkeys!
The challenge is to Get all Felt Up!
Use felt in your project and then show us your creations!


Jana here: I used some felt that I had bought for another un-made project a couple years back. I was on the verge of donating it, to free up some space in my over-crowded craftroom, when I had a moment of panic, and pulled it back into the save pile.

Anyway, I made some needle cases. You can check out the method on my blog. And I'm giving one away there too.

This is the smallest one I made. I wasn't sure what size I should make them.

I stamped "BEADING" on one of the inside pages of the smaller one.
It might help "file" the needles better.

(naturally I couldn't find a needle to put in here)

This is my personal favorite. I'm keeping this one.
I love the bright orange and the vivid green.

And here is the whole happy family.


Rosemary here - What do you do with cute felt shapes, some buttons, and thread! Make some cuteness!

I thought that while these lovely felt flowers from my friend Fia are cute, they needed a little something something. So I stitched around the edges and added buttons.

First up is a simple front page for my vacation album from last October. I think that the bright shades give you a warm locale feeling and the simplicity sets this off in a really pretty way. Here's my second project using the felt flowers; a bright and happy little cozy hello card! Again, the felt gives a cozy feeling - but I think the vibe from this is entirely different from the album cover page.

This is the front and this is the inside (the colors are the same, I'm having camera issues - sigh)
So, pull out the felt and get those creative juices going because we want YOU to GET all FELT UP!!!!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Rewind - Recap of Challenge #47 - This Week I...

So, forgive me for posting this a bit later than usual - but you know how Saturdays get!

Without further adieu, let's look at how clever you all were using paper from your daily life! (in no particular order)

First up is Kristen who used a secret ingredient for her cool looking flower man. Check out her blog for this process, you will be blown away by this innovative use of paper! The finished card is chic and really arty!

Then look at this beautiful handmade paper made by Le - that's gorgeous! What a creative and artistic use of things we have all around us.

And Electra used her noodle (actually schedules) to make these cute flowers - shimmery and bright and made from just paper we handle every day! Love this!

and our lovely Jess of Jess' Obsession made flowers from paper too (she tells you how over at her blog, so check it out) How cute is it on that clip (I love this - so happy - it makes you smile!)

Drop by tomorrow and see what we've got up our sleeves for the next challenge!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Challenge # 47 - This week I...

We all handle paper of some sort through our week. Receipts, invoices, lists, reports, mail, whatever it is you handle, we want you to use it. Take it and make it into something else. Get creative and use that paper product in a new way. Look at it differently. Alter it. Use it AS-IS. Make it into something "NEW".

(Rosemary had some family business to take care of and will post her project later today or this week or next week or month or not at all. If there is a Challenge from the past that inspires you, just post it on the current week and you are in. We welcome every entry any time. We really are flexible that way.)

Jana here: I work with spreadsheets everyday. I use them as tools to manage millions of dollars. So, naturally, I picked one out of the recycle bin to use in my project. I inked, crumpled, flattened, painted, sprayed, stamped, colored and, of course, I glued, before I added a few butterflies and quotes and called them done. You can click on the photos to see the details of the backgrounds a lot better. And you can visit my blog to get a better play-by-play on how it was done AND see all four in the set.

Now it's your turn to share your weeks experience.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Rewind - Picture This

I am, again, amazed at the wonderful creations we are honored with this week.

Make sure you visit everyones blog to get a more detailed explanation on better view of these fantastic displays of creativity.

The bright colors and natural frame used by Le make this a warm and comforting piece of decor.
Perfect for any room in the house.

Linda used the brown of the basket with no flowers at all.
I love the hardware used in this masculine card.

Dawn Mercedes decorated the back of this lovely card for a beautiful surprise,

And the inside too...

Electra has once again made us proud. I love these ATC's.
That cupcake is so adorable and the expression on that little ones face is hilarious.

The bright yellow and cheery daffodils just SCREAM spring to me in this card from Ujjwal.
I really love all the different textures.

The brown of the basket brought inspiration to Maria Matter with this adorable and funny birthday card.
Makes me smile and giggle, just a little, every time I look at it.

Fran makes US so thankful for her with this pretty, springy card.
I just love that big flower.

Kristens clever cover up is stunning. So simple, yet classy.

Thank you all so much for playing with us.

Your creations are all fabulous.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Challenge # 46 - Picture This

Use this photo to inspire you to create a project!

Jana here: I took the flowers and the grey backgound and made a page for my Heart the ART journal. For more details you can go to my blog. (Yup, still shameless)


Rosemary here! I was inspired by this photo first as a centerpiece/decor item and so I thought of entertaining and here are just a couple placecards I'm making for Easter dinner. (the details are at my blog )

Second project was inspired from the spring flowers in the arrangement - Spring has Sprung ATCs

So, look at the photo and see what springs to mind and then run with it! We can't wait to see your creativity!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Saturday Rewind - Challenge #45 - It IS Easy Being Green

Wow, ladies, seriously WOW! You have submitted some absolutely adorable projects that run the gamut of all things green - some inspired by green living, others by the color, some by St. Patrick's Day, and seriously...really really cool!
So, without further adieu (and in no particular order) here's a recap of your projects! Thanks so much for playing with us here at Opus Gluei. I've tried to link your blogs over on our blog roll - so if you get a chance, stop by and see what each other is up to. You're going to be so inspired by all the cool projects! I'll try to remember to welcome you to our blog but please forgive me if I forget.


Oh Diane, I am sorry that I neglected to include your adorable little digi image frog (oh, sparkling frog legs, oh my) in our roundup. My apologies! (bad naughty poobah)

A new arrival to our blog is this great card submitted by Li-Bee-Ti. This has beautiful paper piecing, stamping, and a feel of nature and green from both the color and lifestyle perspective.

Teresa, who I believe is new to the Opus Gluei (welcome!) made an exquisite card using her Copics and a Fiskars border punch that I must now have - I see so many things that could be done with it! Lovely!

Next here is Smilyn Stef (that makes me smile just typing it!) made this absolutely swoonable (you know how much I love girly and vintage and romantic and oops...swooned there - lol) card! Oh my gosh, this is so lush and romantic!

Our dear Kristen made a beautiful card using one of her adorable digital images and a vintage corsage pin! Isn't it just such a thoughtful and warm card?

Katie made not just one but two great green inspired cards. here we have a very happy St. Patrick's image with lots of love and bling and good cheer!

and take a look at this little beauty! Again, look at all the lovely touches that just make the card pop!

The minute I went to Joan's blog and saw this card I was just blown away, it is so cute and happy and fun! I want to cardlift it for a birthday card I need to make and the design is just so cheerful!

Ivolina also was a crafty lady and submitted two cards for this challenge (she and Katie must be having serious energy surges - please send some my way - LOL). First is this happy and warm card with lots of sumptuous green shades, and I know there are lots of green color lovers out there!(including my fellow poobah, JANA)and then she submitted this beautiful, romantic and soft springy card that makes me think of soft green grass, Easter dresses, and warm weather! Gloria made and submitted a card that is so much fun, check it out and take a look at all the little touches that make it irresistible. The bee, the flowers (so bright and happy), and check out the cool stems (the stamping, the ribbon). What a clever card! (Definitely inspiring some ideas for future cards)

Gerry (who I believe is also new - WELCOME) submitted a colorful and exuberant St. Patrick's day card! This is lovely and has such a friendly vibe.

Check out this chic lady and her elegant card submitted by For Fun Challenges, great image - fantastic coloring - and a sweet friendship card! you think Electra is a live wire? You bet! Check out her high energy layout here - you just have to smile to see this kind of fun!

Look at the lovely lady submitted on this card by our new friend, Beautiful Greetings! This has a soft, natural feel and look at the stitching going on here as well as that beautifully colored image.

Now, this is being inspired on all sorts of levels. This layout is from Artish and my gosh, we love the Queen of Recycling! She doesn't just go green, she lives green - very inspiring to keep our environment clean! We encourage you to go and read her blog post about this and see that she not only talks the talk but walks the walk!

Ah, beautiful vintage image (check), lovely retro inspired flowers and lacey touches (check), a cool technique (crackled finish - check check) - all adds up to an inspired and pretty pretty pretty card by Susan.

Now going in a decidely modern and high energy direction is this definitely boy powered Birthday card submitted by Risa! The beautiful results so many of you have with these markers is incredible; each unique and really cool.

Maria made a lovely card as well, she has this beautifully colored image and the warm green touches that make the card so pleasing. Really pretty work, she does so many great projects.

This next card comes to us from Deena and it's so gentle and beautiful. Sympathy cards are not easy to make and this one has such soft elements that it's so soothing and would be of such comfort to the recipients. Beautiful!Blackdragon's submittal is moody and wonderfully artistic in its composition - the tones of green, the stamps and coloring draw you in. Very sophisticated and evocative. Another two-project contributor to this challenge is our dear friend Jess (who's obsessed and we like it because we get to see the fruits of her labor!). Check out this bright, fun, and just darling image! Again, these markers and what you are able to create with them are so inspiring! She's gorgeous!

then look at the completely different direction Jess took with her second card - cool huh? She went with a clean, simple, and clean-green living theme for this one - really nicely done!

Since St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, it seems appropriate to end our recap with this fun card submitted to the challenge by Le (welcome to our blog). Her joyful leprechaun is happily spreading cheer and a little bit of gold along the way! Lovely!

So, thank you all again for your projects - please let me know ASAP if I've missed one. I've tried to be extra careful and make sure everyone gets included in the recap, but I'm human (no, really, I am - hee hee) and I may have missed one. So let me know and I'll make sure it is added! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for another fun challenge to pique your curiosity and get you playing in with your crafty goodies!