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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Challenge #48 - Get all Felt Up!

This week's challenge sounds a little risque,
but we're just being cheeky monkeys!
The challenge is to Get all Felt Up!
Use felt in your project and then show us your creations!


Jana here: I used some felt that I had bought for another un-made project a couple years back. I was on the verge of donating it, to free up some space in my over-crowded craftroom, when I had a moment of panic, and pulled it back into the save pile.

Anyway, I made some needle cases. You can check out the method on my blog. And I'm giving one away there too.

This is the smallest one I made. I wasn't sure what size I should make them.

I stamped "BEADING" on one of the inside pages of the smaller one.
It might help "file" the needles better.

(naturally I couldn't find a needle to put in here)

This is my personal favorite. I'm keeping this one.
I love the bright orange and the vivid green.

And here is the whole happy family.


Rosemary here - What do you do with cute felt shapes, some buttons, and thread! Make some cuteness!

I thought that while these lovely felt flowers from my friend Fia are cute, they needed a little something something. So I stitched around the edges and added buttons.

First up is a simple front page for my vacation album from last October. I think that the bright shades give you a warm locale feeling and the simplicity sets this off in a really pretty way. Here's my second project using the felt flowers; a bright and happy little cozy hello card! Again, the felt gives a cozy feeling - but I think the vibe from this is entirely different from the album cover page.

This is the front and this is the inside (the colors are the same, I'm having camera issues - sigh)
So, pull out the felt and get those creative juices going because we want YOU to GET all FELT UP!!!!!!


Ivolina said...

Lovely projects, girls.
So beautiful butterflies Jana with so nice ribbons.
Wonderful felt flowers and very nice projects, Rosemary.
You could see my Rabbit basket here. There is felt on the rabbit ears.

Helen Ding said...

thanks for the great challenge, you'll find my take on it here

Chat Noir said...

FINALLY........ this has been a long week. I love the butterflies Jana, and I like your colour choice too. Orange is so cheerful. And Rosemary each time you show us a scrapbook page I wish I diaried my photos like you do, but a girl has to know her limitations. So in that vein, here's my offering:

Electra said...

You two never cease to amaze me. Jana, the needle cases are really special and Rosemary, your felt flowers with the hand stiching are spctacular! You could sell them!

Mine is done here

Thanks for another great challenge!