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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Challenge #26 - Bling it on...

Show me sparkles.
Show me glitter.
The shinier, the better.
Question: How much bling is too much?

Answer: Duh, you can NEVER have too much. (I know, right?)(this is a trick question, right?)

Jana here: Although I'm the one who came up with this brilliant challenge.
I had NO idea of what to make. So I decided to pull out my glitter stash for inspiration. Surely I would come up with a wonderfully fantastic project idea. Well, I did. I pulled out the
container which housed my glitters. Sigh. How depressing. So, I pulled out a spare paper mache' box I had lying around. (What, don't you have one just lying around?) I decided to make a "house" worthy of my glittery goodies. I used some glitter sticker paper I had in my stash. Turquoise, silver and purple looked right to me. Yup. I had coffee this am.

And here are my happy sparkly babies in their new crib.


Rosemary here with my submittal for this; who doesn't love shiny pretty things? NOT ME!!! So, my submittal is a glittery Halloween card - pretty simple but I think it's cute.

(Items used : orange cardstock, a scrap of the same punched with a Martha Stewart Halloween punch that also embosses (makes the pumpkins pop), a $1 stamp from the local big craft store that was stamped and embossed on more scrap cardstock, a piece of black glitter paper I bought at the Queen's Ink (the most expensive piece on this card and I'm so glad I used it - normally I think - no, I need to save this), and a little piece I cut from a Debbie Mumm holiday stack of paper (which is also glittered, in case the photo doesn't do it justice). I used pop dots on the spooky house to make it stand out a bit more. We may have actually found out when too much bling is too much (NYAAAHHHH))

************Who Participated in Last Week's Challenge??? - "National Sewing Month"********

We got to see fabulous pieces submitted for last week's challenge in which we asked you to use sewing (real or faux) on your project. No one, including your Poobah Rosemary, took up any of the other "National" month causes - prostate awareness, chicken recipes, emergency preparedness - save your photos and crafting stuff, cholesterol awareness, Maud Fernblatt's pie plate collection month, etc...but I was thinking one of us might...

Irit Shalom, a new participant with Opus-Gluei, made a "cool" layout with stamped stitching, makes you shiver. Love it, it's got embellishments that just catch your eye and draw you in to look a little closer - hope the hubby gets to go skiiing again and comes back healthy! (I am of the same type - love to try new things, apparently gets hurt in attempts)

Jessica (love that blog title - Jess' Obsession, how true how true) made an exquisite Christmas card - it has a less traditional color combo and uses the paper as quilt blocks with the cutest little girl stamp (Jam Tilda) that absolutely pops with the Copic colors used.

Kristen, our Opus-Gluei greenhorn (and remember you can be one too with a photo and email to us- wear those horns proudly), made a Russian Punch Needle Halloween design for her card. How lucky is someone going to be to get that??? (I'd probably "forget" to send it and then use it as a decoration, but that's just me) The card is great and I love that cat's grin!

Chat Noir, a long-time Opus-Gluei friend of the blog, made a gorgeous card, I love the soft take in its gentle colors and delicate flower embellishment. The handmade paper used also has a stitched motif that really adds a subtle and beautiful touch.

Meikoningin made a beautiful card too with vintage elements and stamping and a rich texture that draws you in. I feel like there is a good story to this couple and the map, etc. She's a great storyteller so I want her to tell us more about this inspiration - hint hint hint

Lucky for us, Kathy (aka Craftola, another O-G Greenhorn), was making her daughter's Halloween costume. Oh my gosh, this is so cute and wowza - that's a lot of work too! But the end result and her daughter's enjoyment were worth the hours spent sewing this up!

Electra made sewing ATCs and I love them - love the little details that just finish them beautifully, the richness of color, and the overall fun retro/vintage feel (LOVE LOVE LOVE that sayeth the Rosemary)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

UPDATED - Challenge #25 - It's National Sewing Month

FINALLY - Rosemary came through with her own project!

Did you know that September is National Sewing Month? It is also Prostate Awareness Month, Cholesterol Education Month, Preparedness Month, Food Safety Month, Pet Insurance Month, Chicken Recipe Month, etc... all worthy causes and worth exploring more.

But, this is Opus Gluei and we're going to focus on the crafty! (I hesitate to think what you fun followers would make for prostate awareness or pet insurance)
So, your challenge (should you accept it) is to make something using the theme "Sewing." It can be stitching on a card, faux stitching, a quilting project, etc. You know us, let your imagination lead you. (and if you are just dying to make something for the other national events for this month then have at it - I know I'll love to see them too!)

So, Rosemary here and this is my finished project - I tried to do a large wreath of felt leaves that just wouldn't come together. I needed more time and I will figure it out. But then I thought smaller and came up with this primitive ATC made of felt with embroidery floss embellishment. Hope you like it! I put a muslin heart on the back to have the title and other information included - since that is what you usually do with ATCs. I think it achieved what I was going for. Sorry it was so late. Even the poobahs sometimes get overwhelmed by other things!


Last week we showed what our new challenges are - what we Yearn to Learn!

Miss Kristen gave us another of her great card - this one is so classic and elegant. I don't know where she carves out the time to make such beautiful creations but somehow she does and we luck out to get to share them! She wants to learn Celtic art, I think that she will if she can find out how to function on 2 hours of sleep. Go Kristen Go!!!

One of our newest Opus Gluei Groupies, Miss Electra, also treated us to some eye candy and her yearn to learn wish - to dance Bollywood style. Doesn't that sound fun but challenging??? Love her moxie and her ATC for this new learning experience. Go Electra Go!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Artists' Showcase - Challenge #23 Flowers

And here are the lovely works of art submitted for

the Flowers challenge

by our most talented Opus Groupies (told you they were great):

We have from one of our newer participants, Electra, a gorgeous layout just full of luscious flower choices and colors. Flower overload. We absolutely love all the floral goodness - it's vibrant and fun!

This card is so elegant and colorful and has a great deal of visual impact - Carol's clever feather accent almost, but not quite, steals the show on this card. Such a rich project!

We have another new participant, Divya, and wow - what a pretty card! There are so many elements that just come together so beautifully to make a card that you would love to get in the mail. (and it's lovely and girly)

With another new participant, Jessica, we have her Rich Razzleberry card that is colorful, fun, and elegant too! It is also such a happy card too isn't it? Love that!

Kristen, a regular greenhorn over here with the O-G, linked us to another great card! She used her die cuts and Basic Grey make this Halloween card a double hit. The embellished flowers in Halloween colors really set off the card.

Lauren's outdone herself yet again with this exotic beauty that brings color (and glitter) and elegance to her card.

Welcome back to our friend Desi! She made this card for her daughter's teacher and I'll bet she loved it! This handcrafted bouquet makes for such an elegant card.

Thank you ALL for creating with flowers last week.

We love the talent you bring to our humble table.
As a thank you, we are going to send a bit of Floral love your way.

It's always a treat to get a surprise.

And you all treat us with a surprise every week.


I hope you go over to each other's blogs and check out not on the Opus-Gluei projects but all the great stuff you are getting into with paper crafts, sewing, knitting, card making, etc. etc.
It's eye candy and it's inspiring!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Challenge #24 - Now I know my A-B-C's

The kiddos are back in school. And they are learning new things.

But enough about them.

What do YOU want to learn ? What ARE you learning?

This week we challenge you to show us what you want to learn.

How to operate your VCR? Your new camera?

How to speak a different language?

Become a chef? Gardener? Belly Dancer? Pole dancer?

Maybe there is a new techinique you have been wanting to learn so you could use it in your art creations?

Jana here: I am learning, or re-learning, to make time for me. As part of that I need to discover or re-learn what I am all about. I have sort of lost my identity in the last 16 years. I have become a wife, mother and employee. (not to mention daughter, sister and friend - but those last 3 don't drain me like the first 3 do. ) I am making an entire album dedicated to my likes, desires, and memories. It's all about ME. Here is the first page. You can see more at my crafty blog icardwanna. This is an all digital project. I started out with papers and got frustrated and impatient. Hard to believe that I was impatient, I know. (hehehehehehehehe)

I also want to learn to belly dance. I took a class a couple of years ago, but I let other things take precident, and didn't continue. It is a dance form that is strickly for women. Danced by women and the origins were for women. It is very empowering and feminine, no matter what your size, age or talent. I love that it is something that I am doing for ME. I am not doing it to dance for my husband. I am not doing it to dance in public. (insert hysterical laughter at that thought). I am doing it to feel free and express myself. I will spare you a video of me trying to learn on my own with a DVD. But trust me, I am learning and dancing like no one is watching me, because no one is.

I am also re-learning Spanish with my oldest daughter. She decided to take Spanish in high school. (Yikes! I have a daughter in high school.) So I am learning Spanish too. Cool isn't it! I mean I get the same lessons without having the tests or get graded. Yay me. (nevermind the fact that I used to speak Spanish and have a perfect accent. I have forgotten more than I care to admit.)

Rosemary stopped by and wants to say she is still working on her submittal but wanted to post this so that you can get started on yours!

Well, what are you waiting for?

Get out there and learn. Do a search on the internet.

There are tons of sites ( and You Tube) out there with free information.

Then get out there and learn how to do it.

Show us what you want to learn about this week.

(We will have a participant showcase on Monday for all the wonderful works of art submitted for our Flowers challenge. They were GREAT!!!!!)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Challenge #23 - Say it in Flowers

Well, here in North America we are enjoying the last bits of summer. Children are returning to school, stores are full of pencils, new copybooks, and reams of paper. There are even plenty of plastic pumpkins, Halloween socks, and Thanksgiving turkeys. Nothing like rushing all the holidays and seasons together at once!

Before we succumb to the marketing pressure and start talking about cooler weather, shorter days, the crunch of leaves beneath our feet (and the subsequent raking), let's

Say it in Flowers!

Our theme this week is asking you to create with a focus on Flowers! Intepret this as you will, we love to see your creativity!

Rosemary here - I have a simple but vibrant thank-you card to share using our motif (and I've not only got the Prima in the foreground but the background card is flowered - so out of my comfort zone with this). I love that I have something new (this lush patterned paper from Fia), something old (a leftover scrap of embossed hot pink cardstock that I used for Gimme 5's lettering-Swiss Dots folder), bling, Prima flowers, buttons, and a new set of QuicKutz (the Flirt set from this past spring). I am loving this font and kicking myself that I haven't used it sooner!

Jana's just coming off of the fun of a Disney trip, so I'm going to let her add her submittal in her own time. She's entitled, although I missed her very very much while she was gone and need to have long chat to catch up on our usual talk time!

Edited: Jana is in the house. Woot woot. I was able to drag myself out of bed and get right to work. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked, so I am very late posting. I managed to make this card. I put a bit more of an explanation on my blog: icardwanna, so you can read the long version there. I love fall and I love flowers, so mine sorta combines them. This is one of six. I made a set of them. I used the September 08 Sheetload of Cards recipe. I just found the site and am in LURVE.

------------------------------------Gallery of Submittals------------------------------------------------
So, who gave us 5 last week in our challenge - Gimme 5?

Well, here's Melisa, one of our newest Opus-Gluei participants and she's made a great journal page of the 5 things she loves and who doesn't immediately smile at the expression on the Boston Terrier's face!?! So clever, colorful, and a great interpretation!

Here's Electra's submittal - five great ATCs. You can't help but smile at these! So fun and clever! Love that you are participating on our blog.

and here's a beautiful altered book project for Gimme 5 from our greenhorn,
Kathy, and it is great! All kinds of new techniques she used for it and at least one page has five embellishments, a very cool gypsy journal. We've missed her playing along in our challenges and are delighted that she is back!

Oh my gosh, you have to go over to Gini's blog to read her entire entry and see some more of her gorgeous ATCs and you will have a laugh as well! She's great and look at how cool her ATCs came out!

If you have a project for a previous challenge, including "Gimme 5," we want to share it! So, just link in the comments and we'll be sure to include it in the roundup of submittals! Because I'm thinking that there are some of you who just haven't had a chance to get things caught up with the whirl of end of summer, school starting, etc. So, don't be shy - send us your links and we'll give you the credit you deserve!


So, don't forget, the theme this week is Say it In Flowers!