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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Challenge #26 - Bling it on...

Show me sparkles.
Show me glitter.
The shinier, the better.
Question: How much bling is too much?

Answer: Duh, you can NEVER have too much. (I know, right?)(this is a trick question, right?)

Jana here: Although I'm the one who came up with this brilliant challenge.
I had NO idea of what to make. So I decided to pull out my glitter stash for inspiration. Surely I would come up with a wonderfully fantastic project idea. Well, I did. I pulled out the
container which housed my glitters. Sigh. How depressing. So, I pulled out a spare paper mache' box I had lying around. (What, don't you have one just lying around?) I decided to make a "house" worthy of my glittery goodies. I used some glitter sticker paper I had in my stash. Turquoise, silver and purple looked right to me. Yup. I had coffee this am.

And here are my happy sparkly babies in their new crib.


Rosemary here with my submittal for this; who doesn't love shiny pretty things? NOT ME!!! So, my submittal is a glittery Halloween card - pretty simple but I think it's cute.

(Items used : orange cardstock, a scrap of the same punched with a Martha Stewart Halloween punch that also embosses (makes the pumpkins pop), a $1 stamp from the local big craft store that was stamped and embossed on more scrap cardstock, a piece of black glitter paper I bought at the Queen's Ink (the most expensive piece on this card and I'm so glad I used it - normally I think - no, I need to save this), and a little piece I cut from a Debbie Mumm holiday stack of paper (which is also glittered, in case the photo doesn't do it justice). I used pop dots on the spooky house to make it stand out a bit more. We may have actually found out when too much bling is too much (NYAAAHHHH))

************Who Participated in Last Week's Challenge??? - "National Sewing Month"********

We got to see fabulous pieces submitted for last week's challenge in which we asked you to use sewing (real or faux) on your project. No one, including your Poobah Rosemary, took up any of the other "National" month causes - prostate awareness, chicken recipes, emergency preparedness - save your photos and crafting stuff, cholesterol awareness, Maud Fernblatt's pie plate collection month, etc...but I was thinking one of us might...

Irit Shalom, a new participant with Opus-Gluei, made a "cool" layout with stamped stitching, makes you shiver. Love it, it's got embellishments that just catch your eye and draw you in to look a little closer - hope the hubby gets to go skiiing again and comes back healthy! (I am of the same type - love to try new things, apparently gets hurt in attempts)

Jessica (love that blog title - Jess' Obsession, how true how true) made an exquisite Christmas card - it has a less traditional color combo and uses the paper as quilt blocks with the cutest little girl stamp (Jam Tilda) that absolutely pops with the Copic colors used.

Kristen, our Opus-Gluei greenhorn (and remember you can be one too with a photo and email to us- wear those horns proudly), made a Russian Punch Needle Halloween design for her card. How lucky is someone going to be to get that??? (I'd probably "forget" to send it and then use it as a decoration, but that's just me) The card is great and I love that cat's grin!

Chat Noir, a long-time Opus-Gluei friend of the blog, made a gorgeous card, I love the soft take in its gentle colors and delicate flower embellishment. The handmade paper used also has a stitched motif that really adds a subtle and beautiful touch.

Meikoningin made a beautiful card too with vintage elements and stamping and a rich texture that draws you in. I feel like there is a good story to this couple and the map, etc. She's a great storyteller so I want her to tell us more about this inspiration - hint hint hint

Lucky for us, Kathy (aka Craftola, another O-G Greenhorn), was making her daughter's Halloween costume. Oh my gosh, this is so cute and wowza - that's a lot of work too! But the end result and her daughter's enjoyment were worth the hours spent sewing this up!

Electra made sewing ATCs and I love them - love the little details that just finish them beautifully, the richness of color, and the overall fun retro/vintage feel (LOVE LOVE LOVE that sayeth the Rosemary)


Irit Shalom said...

not a lot of glitter her- but stiil- all this ' somewhere alphas are pure glitter.

Carol Hurlock said...

This one was so easy for me as I use glitter on everything..I mean everything. I never leave home with out glitter in my hair. Here is my card:

A Lovely Blossom

Chat Noir said...

Well, this more shine than glitter, but its done!!

Amrita said...

Your creations are very pretty jana. Love the box

Unknown said...

cool girls... Great job Jana and Rosemary. I think I will just do a card, better get busy before I run out of time.

Unknown said...

This is my first time here and I hope you enjoy my entry.

Divya Rao said...

Hi there! Here's my card...although there's no glitter in it as such, there sure is some shine 'n' sparkle :)

Jessica G. said...

Great bling projects that really sparkle and shine! Blinging it up is actually a real challenge for me, but I love glitter DP and gems, so that's what I went with on this tag:

Unknown said...

Glitter it is! Here is my card Now all I need is a baby girl to send it too..LOL

Meikoningin said...

You can read the story of Lydia and Gregory here :D

Electra said...

Oh my, we are a talented group! I love checking out others' blogs and work, it's all such an inspiration to me. Thank you all!

Mine's at

Gini said...

If my internet had been working I would have posted in a more timely manner. Honest!
My shiny is here

Happy Crafting everyone!