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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Challenge #24 - Now I know my A-B-C's

The kiddos are back in school. And they are learning new things.

But enough about them.

What do YOU want to learn ? What ARE you learning?

This week we challenge you to show us what you want to learn.

How to operate your VCR? Your new camera?

How to speak a different language?

Become a chef? Gardener? Belly Dancer? Pole dancer?

Maybe there is a new techinique you have been wanting to learn so you could use it in your art creations?

Jana here: I am learning, or re-learning, to make time for me. As part of that I need to discover or re-learn what I am all about. I have sort of lost my identity in the last 16 years. I have become a wife, mother and employee. (not to mention daughter, sister and friend - but those last 3 don't drain me like the first 3 do. ) I am making an entire album dedicated to my likes, desires, and memories. It's all about ME. Here is the first page. You can see more at my crafty blog icardwanna. This is an all digital project. I started out with papers and got frustrated and impatient. Hard to believe that I was impatient, I know. (hehehehehehehehe)

I also want to learn to belly dance. I took a class a couple of years ago, but I let other things take precident, and didn't continue. It is a dance form that is strickly for women. Danced by women and the origins were for women. It is very empowering and feminine, no matter what your size, age or talent. I love that it is something that I am doing for ME. I am not doing it to dance for my husband. I am not doing it to dance in public. (insert hysterical laughter at that thought). I am doing it to feel free and express myself. I will spare you a video of me trying to learn on my own with a DVD. But trust me, I am learning and dancing like no one is watching me, because no one is.

I am also re-learning Spanish with my oldest daughter. She decided to take Spanish in high school. (Yikes! I have a daughter in high school.) So I am learning Spanish too. Cool isn't it! I mean I get the same lessons without having the tests or get graded. Yay me. (nevermind the fact that I used to speak Spanish and have a perfect accent. I have forgotten more than I care to admit.)

Rosemary stopped by and wants to say she is still working on her submittal but wanted to post this so that you can get started on yours!

Well, what are you waiting for?

Get out there and learn. Do a search on the internet.

There are tons of sites ( and You Tube) out there with free information.

Then get out there and learn how to do it.

Show us what you want to learn about this week.

(We will have a participant showcase on Monday for all the wonderful works of art submitted for our Flowers challenge. They were GREAT!!!!!)


Amrita said...

Such a sweet post.

I would like to learn belly dancing and simply how to live life.

Kristen H said...

Here it is!
Thanks for coming by and checking it out. I hope you like it! Have a great day, I enjoyed playing along!!!

Electra said...

Love the new look of your blog, ladies! My contribution is at
what do I want to learn?

Maybe I could get together with the sisters who want to learn how to belly dance and we could go on "So you think you can dance". Anyone up for it? ;-)