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Monday, August 30, 2010

Where's the challenge???

We're taking a brief break this week. 

Challenge #70 will be here next Sunday.

Until then, soak up a little more Vitamin D and have a great week!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Challenge #69 NOT SO ORDINARY...

Hello, We're a bit late this week. So that means you'll have an extra day to finish your NOT SO ORDINARY project.

This week we want you to make something that isn't quite ordinary. If you make a card, make it something other than the standard greeting card size. Whatever it is that you make, make it really different.

Hi! Rosemary here (again, a little later - God bless Jana for getting the challenge posted).  I think this is fun - why not try doing something a little outside your comfort zone. It's freeing and fun.  Here's my project - it's a decorative autumn collage for my home.  It's long and narrow (4 x 12) and it was a lot of fun to make, more details are over at my personal blog.

Jana here: I made some tall cards. I have never done them before, but they were fun to do. I measured my envelopes to get the card size and just started decorating. I continued with last weeks theme and used a bunch of scraps that I had lying around or in the scrap bin.
I had the butterfly punched for another project and hadn't used it.
The strawberry was from a set of inchies I made. It was an extra.

The lotus flower is a new stamp that I just had to use. Isn't it pretty. It was stamped on scraps of paper.
And that bee is part of the paper design. How cool is it when that happens?!!?!?!

Let's see how NOT SO ORDINARY you can be.
Join us in this week's blog hop.
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Challenge #68 - You've Got to Move it, Move It (out of your stash and into a project)

Are you threatened by stacks of crafty goodness surrounding your workspace?

Feel like you need to make room in your stash? If you do, that's more room for new stuff to buy in the next weeks!!!

Just want to make something today but don't want to go to the craft store for supplies?

Then this challenge is soooooo perfect - that's right, another stash buster challenge! Look around and create from what you have - simple as that! Anything you want to submit and the only stipulation is that you have to use what you have in your existing supplies. (yep, even something you just bought, if it's in your studio or craft room or wherever you make the crafty magic happen, that's fair game)


Rosemary (your naughty, tardy Poobah) here - and it isn't sooo late at all with my entry (on Monday for Pete's sake)  I got a little crafty mojo working and started tidying my craft room.  Inspiration struck and I've got a couple of projects to share with you.  I feel so good using things I've been saving so long.  YAY

For more details, please feel free to stop by my blog

I made some doilies (because I'm mad for the doilies)(and I love Jana's - it makes me smile - she does that a LOT for me)

First up is a miniature wooden birdhouse that I've had that gets the girly, romantic treatment with papers and buttons from the stash.  The birdies seem to approve.

Next up are the doilies - very different from one another but fun to make and yes, all the stuff (this is embarrassing) is from my stash of stuff.

Jana here: After last weeks project, I feel as though this might be a let down. Sorry, I can't be super creative every week. Some weeks it's all I can do to get something done. Any way, this week I was lucky enough to still have these things on my work space. I literally reached out and grabbed everything but the little moose, leaf and acorn buttons. Those I had to get up and walk to the shelf on the other side of the room.  (Rosemary here - Jana's talking crazy, I love her projects)

The card is as simple as it gets. Printed paper, ready made owl sticker and alpha stickers. Yup, I had the card base on my table too. I have an index card box (plastic) full of card bases just sitting on my table.
I also have blank doilies in a little clear envelope just waiting to be dressed. The stickers behind were put on my table after one of my daughters cleaned out their room and decided that they were no longer cool. Same with the dimensional owl stickers.


Let the marvelous crafting and creativity begin!!!!
(I've made this a BLOG HOP. Which means that you can add code to your entry post which will display ALL of the wonderful entries on your blog. How cool is that!!!)

Sunday Morning Challenge Review

Hello!  We're trying to make sure everyone gets a chance to enter our challenges so we're not posting the recaps until Sundays now.

The challenge "Dog Days of Summer" seemed to be a big hit!  Jana's fab Zeke Shrine was a great inspiration.

So, without further adieu and in no particular order, here's who participated in the challenge.

Look at Amy's adorable Harley looking cool and chic and fun in this sweet and colorful ATC!  Really captures the vibrancy and energy of summer!
Oh Chat Noir, what a lovely gentle scene of summer - from the sunlight coming through in the image to the cool water, this is a wonderful take on the challenge.  

Summer and flowers - go together like lemonade and a nice shady spot don't they?  Deena's been quite busy making lovely flowers, we love her idea of making them into magnets - wouldn't the grocery list look less boring when surrounded by beautiful blossoms?
Oh my gosh, this tri-fold card from dear Gini had us loving the energy and lovely vibrancy!  Aren't those stamps something else?  I want to live on this farm!!!

Jeannette has also captured the fun of gardening in this sweet card that is sure to make its recipient smile!  Lovely coloring and a  great image!  (but we never look so cute and fresh when we're gardening - LOL)

Take a look at the next lovely card we have, this one is from Sally and it makes you feel happy just seeing it.  From the lovely coloring to the beautiful touches, it evokes the gentler but still colorful aspect of summer.
Taking the theme in a beautiful manner as well is our contributor Hazel who shares with us this sweet and colorful card with two adorable doggies!

We hope you go and check out each other's blogs - you will find so much inspiration and eye candy - it's a real treat!  For example, Lindsay made this card and several others that are just wonderful to see.  They're masculine cards that are eye catching and really beautifully done.  This card is but one, you should see the others as well.  Doesn't this also make you think rest and relaxation?

Electra made a scrapbook layout celebrating the enjoyment of the water in summer - this time a seaside trip and the embellishments really make you smile at this snapshot of childhood!

Your Poobah Rosemary here is sitting in the Poobah doghouse for being so late with a submittal.  But I had a silly and "punny" take on our challenge.  Elvis Pugsley and Tom Bones ATCs, kind of silly but lighthearted too!

Look at this gorgeous card from Linda C., isn't this something grand?  The sentiment, colors, images, flowers, and bow work so beautifully together.  What friend wouldn't beam to receive such a lovely card?

So, that's the recap of all the wonderful projects you submitted. 
Come back and see what our next challenge will be!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Challenge # 67 - Dog Days of Summer

This week we are challenging you to be inspired by the phrase


Most people would think of the heat, the laziness that comes along with it. Others might look at the phrase and see an animal.

Whatever your inclination, where ever your mind takes you, we want to see what you conjure up this week.

* * *

Jana here: My mind saw the literal. I chose to make a tribute to our most recent addition to the family: ZEKE.
I thought my middle daughter would like a shrine to her beloved pooch.

(I altered an Altoids Smalls tin. It's about 2 inches tall. Details about the process I used can be found on my blog.)

* * *
Have a wonderfully creative week.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Challenge # 66 - The Shirt Off Your Back (or the robe, or the purse, totebag, wallet, etc.) AND Last Week's Review

Greetings to you all. This week we want you to look to yourself for inspiration. Yup.
Use the SHIRT OFF YOUR BACK for inpiration.

It's that simple. No other requirements. Just look down and start creating...

* * *
Rosemary here and anybody who has seen my projects here or at my personal blog knows that well, I love pink - A LOT.  In fact, to catch a wild Rosemary you must bait the trap with chocolate, bling, and pink.  In fact, when Jana and I agreed on this challenge theme, I figured, it's probably going to be something pink.  Here's my inspiration, a pink summery cotton tunic with lots of cute cutout details that takes it from meh to yeah.

Below the inspiration is the doily (yep, still making those) that to me captures the feel of the shirt.  There's the shape and design of the doily which makes me think the paisley and flowery cutout shapes of the shirt, the color in all its sweetness (the inchie is from Jana, and I love using it and having it to enjoy all the time in sight), and even the flower and hearts have a girly/sweet lighthearted appeal reminiscent of the inspiration clothing.

Jana here: I started out with a pink shirt on my bod. It's just a T-shirt, but it has a bit of ruffle around the collar. I don't normally wear pink, so I thought that this would be the perfect thing to use for inspiration. I just "knew" I would make something pink and ruffley. As it turned out, it didn't quite happen that way.


My first project was these inchies. They are pink. No ruffles. Oh well, whatcha gonna do. Sometimes plans just don't work out. If you click on the picture, you can see the phone outline on the "call me" inchie.
(Rosemary sneaking in here - I love these, she makes the most incredible inchies - I'm just sayin')


Then I found this card in my stash. I didn't make it new, but it reminds me of a shirt that my sister sent to me. The shirt has the Effel Tower on it. The shirt isn't pink, but the tower is there.


I have been making digitally designed bookmarks, so I threw a pink one in the mix.


And lastly, I made this ATC. I have a pink shirt that has some beading on the neckline. Well, one thought led to another thought and I realized that although I don't have a shirt that this is inspired by, I would love a shirt like this. Sort of. Kinda.

That's all I have for this week. I think it sorta makes up for being a slouch last week. Hopefully.
(Oh my gosh, you weren't a slouch last week and I love these projects! - Fellow Poobah Rosemary)



This week we are trying something a little different. We decided to put up the previous weeks entries at the bottom of the challenge for the week. Hope it inspires you .

Last week we challenged you to break out the little bits and pieces of paper and scraps you have lying around, and to use them in your project for the week. Rosemary was a good Poobah, she actually made a project. Jana was a slacker. It's just how we roll. We know that life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. So, we want to remind you that if you "miss" a week it's okay. We still LOVE you. If you want to submit a project for a previous challenge. GO AHEAD. We want to see it. We really don't have deadlines. Art is supposed to be fun. (Plus we aren't paying, so we don't feel as though we can really impose deadlines on anyone.)

So, without further rambling, and in no particular order, here are the wonderfully, creative projects that were submitted for last weeks challenge:

* * *

Deb's Paris card is gorgeous. I love the bottle cap. And the cameo is perfect here.

* * *

Chat Noir made two of the most unique ATC's using bits found around the house.

I love the "blood drips" on this one.


Hope the kitty doesn't mind her sealing up some of the food.

* * *

Amy's Alice is certainly dreamy.

* * *

Deanna has cleverly used a real puzzle piece covered with paper to match her card.

* * *

Marielle's wedding couple is too cute with all that bling,.

* * *

Scrappy rocked out with this little dude.

* * *

Electra made a couple of ATC's that are just fabulous.

I love the little touches to the ballerina.

Perfect little frame for her.

I love the plastic wrap used on this one to mimic icy coldness.

Very clever.

HURRAY to all the lovely artists who were brave enough to take us on.

We would love for you to join us again this week.
Put your link up for all to see!