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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Challenge # 67 - Dog Days of Summer

This week we are challenging you to be inspired by the phrase


Most people would think of the heat, the laziness that comes along with it. Others might look at the phrase and see an animal.

Whatever your inclination, where ever your mind takes you, we want to see what you conjure up this week.

* * *

Jana here: My mind saw the literal. I chose to make a tribute to our most recent addition to the family: ZEKE.
I thought my middle daughter would like a shrine to her beloved pooch.

(I altered an Altoids Smalls tin. It's about 2 inches tall. Details about the process I used can be found on my blog.)

* * *
Have a wonderfully creative week.


Electra said...

If we had any heat, I would do something to do with that. But SINCE we do not, I'll have to find an unsuspecting animal. This is a VERY cool tribute to Zeke, Jana!

Anonymous said...

Opps, I uploaded the wrong pic, it is from the same set of cards but I meant to put the photo of the beach card, do forgive me! The link is correct;)

Gini said...

Love your tin Jana, you've packed so much into such a small space!