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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Challenge #68 - You've Got to Move it, Move It (out of your stash and into a project)

Are you threatened by stacks of crafty goodness surrounding your workspace?

Feel like you need to make room in your stash? If you do, that's more room for new stuff to buy in the next weeks!!!

Just want to make something today but don't want to go to the craft store for supplies?

Then this challenge is soooooo perfect - that's right, another stash buster challenge! Look around and create from what you have - simple as that! Anything you want to submit and the only stipulation is that you have to use what you have in your existing supplies. (yep, even something you just bought, if it's in your studio or craft room or wherever you make the crafty magic happen, that's fair game)


Rosemary (your naughty, tardy Poobah) here - and it isn't sooo late at all with my entry (on Monday for Pete's sake)  I got a little crafty mojo working and started tidying my craft room.  Inspiration struck and I've got a couple of projects to share with you.  I feel so good using things I've been saving so long.  YAY

For more details, please feel free to stop by my blog

I made some doilies (because I'm mad for the doilies)(and I love Jana's - it makes me smile - she does that a LOT for me)

First up is a miniature wooden birdhouse that I've had that gets the girly, romantic treatment with papers and buttons from the stash.  The birdies seem to approve.

Next up are the doilies - very different from one another but fun to make and yes, all the stuff (this is embarrassing) is from my stash of stuff.

Jana here: After last weeks project, I feel as though this might be a let down. Sorry, I can't be super creative every week. Some weeks it's all I can do to get something done. Any way, this week I was lucky enough to still have these things on my work space. I literally reached out and grabbed everything but the little moose, leaf and acorn buttons. Those I had to get up and walk to the shelf on the other side of the room.  (Rosemary here - Jana's talking crazy, I love her projects)

The card is as simple as it gets. Printed paper, ready made owl sticker and alpha stickers. Yup, I had the card base on my table too. I have an index card box (plastic) full of card bases just sitting on my table.
I also have blank doilies in a little clear envelope just waiting to be dressed. The stickers behind were put on my table after one of my daughters cleaned out their room and decided that they were no longer cool. Same with the dimensional owl stickers.


Let the marvelous crafting and creativity begin!!!!
(I've made this a BLOG HOP. Which means that you can add code to your entry post which will display ALL of the wonderful entries on your blog. How cool is that!!!)


Scrappy said...

Hi! :) I added your Blog Hop widget to my Blog sidebar!

1CardCreator said...

Wow, you ladies really outdid yourselves on this one! I love ALL your inspiration pieces. ~Diane

Jessica G. said...

Hey, Ladies, I see we are all on the same doily wavelength -- how could we neglect these beauties? Speaking of beauties, your creations are amazing! Maybe I need to dust off a few more doilies and try some vintage style??

Spyder said...

fab challenge!!

Deb Neerman said...

Love the samples!! Just beautiful, lovely, gorgeous, heart-rendering, pretty, smart, sexy, and great hair!

Very inspiring too ... you girls rocketh!

~Sending hugs!!

Electra said...

Whoa, I did a big OOPS! I posted an entry on Jana's blog, not realizing it was actually Opus'. so please ignore my first one. I'm not being greedy (although I sometimes am)! Great challenge, ladies, as always!!

Gini said...

Love all your projects this week ladies!

Deena said...

this is my project: ...I was a little slow on the posting...we are still having great weather here and I am trying to take advantage of it before the evils of winter start arriving...