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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Challenge #186 - All Tied Up

Ever find yourself kind of at loose ends?

Like you're about to be unstrung?

Well, all puns aside, we at Opus Gluei would like you to 

harness this creative energy and 

Get yourself


Just use string, twine, ribbon, etc.

on your project and then share

with us here!

Deena here:
I decided to do all three suggestions and use ribbon, twine and string for my project..I have so many of this type of supply that really needs to get used up, so I figured...why not live a little?  Ha it is:


Rosemary here and I was attempting a clean and simple card...hmmm....perhaps not. 

But it feels festive and fun to me!

....and Chat Noir sneaking in on the end with a tiny ATC contribution.  I was playing with string and little zombies and bits of fabric, but I think they're better hidden until I perfect them.  Instead I used my favourite little doll, almost the last of my precious orange twine and the very last scrap of a paper I bought ages ago.

Just link your project below in the comments.

C'mon and get all tied up with Opus Gluei!

You have a full two weeks (until 7/13/14) to share your crafty goodness with us!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Challenge #185 - Animals

Animals.  Real, imagined, pet or the noisy dog don the street.  Do something with some kind of an animal......

Electra  here...Even though this theme was my own idea, I was stumped when I sat down to create something - does that every happen to you?  I admit, what I came up with is a tad bizarre, but it is what it is.  And I had fun with it.  And if that isn't what we are all about here at the OG, I don't know what the point is!
We hope YOU have fun with it too!

......and my first thought was "It can't be a cat!".  Chat Noir here with two ATCs featuring animals of the small winged variety.

Deena here:

I love Penny Black critters and when I found these little stickers, I knew they would be absolutely perfect for this flip card die...

and here's me, Rosemary, and I didn't make anything nearly as clever as the other Poobahs but I have a charming fellow front and center so I feel as though he takes it up about twenty notches.  Art journal fun with markers, watercolor paint, and (gentle) Ben...  He's new to the family, a little semi-feral to socialize and add to our herd. He's already very very friendly and very very very hungry...all the time...seriously...ALL.THE.TIME.  LOL

Just link your project below in the comments
You have until June 29th to create something with an animal theme-we look forward to visiting you and leaving some love!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Challenge #184 - Restrain Yourself!

Sometimes it is nice to have parameters to work with - and so, with that in mind, we're asking you to create using 

Restrain Yourself to
BLACK and WHITE and a POP of one color
(any one color will do nicely)

....oh dear, I went overboard with the colour and I think the pop is maybe the black!!

So I tried again, but I'm not sure this is quite right either.  Ah well, it's certainly a limited palette, and mostly black, so if Chat Noir can do it, you can too.

Electra here
The Poobahs here probably KNEW I couldn't restrain myself to just one colour.  I'm sure they did.  They know me pretty well.  But I tried.  Having said that, that is the cool thing about us at Opus Gluei, we get to interpret the challenge theme as we want to.  And so can you!  But unlike me, I'll bet you CAN restrain yourself to black and white and ONE pop of colour.  I know you can.  My bad. lol
Deena here:  the girls have their dance recital on Monday night and then dance is over for the year (yeee haw)...can't wait for summer break...but with the end of the year comes all the thankyou cards that are for irish, tap, jazz, ballet, pointe and lyrical etc.. you get the point...anyway, this is what I came up with for the tap teacher and it happens to fall in line pefectly for this challenge...BONUS...:

Rosemary here and I went with white black and red as well, but my card is for a couple marrying who are very clean lined, modern, and not very fussy but they are very in love and I want to wish them many years of bliss with Happily Ever After.  I was thinking of a white bridal gown, string of pearls, black tux and a bouquet of beautiful red roses.  Ahhhh, love is grand!!!!

Just link your project below in the comments

Don't feel as though you have to restrain yourself - we want to see all of your