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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Challenge #40 - Soup to Nuts

So, here we are at the end of January - the first full month of the new year has passed and if you are like me you are feeling a sense of ..."What the heck?" and "Where'd the time go?" (as well as why haven't I lost five pounds, didn't I intend to go to the gym three days each week, cook from scratch each night, and so on)

We would like to make this week's challenge personal - to challenge you to FINISH a project that hasn't been completed or caught up on, etc.


to START a project (especially if it is one of those ongoing/yearlong projects - 52Q, Heart Your Art, etc.)

That's why we are calling this Challenge - Soup (START) to Nuts (FINISH)

We want to see your creativity beginning or finishing your submittal!!!

JANA here: I decided to go with NUTS. I finished (mostly) an album I started in August. Our family took a vacation to Walt Disney World in wonderful Orlando, FL. I started the album before our trip. And journaled while we were there. But once we got home the project got put aside and pretty much forgotten. Well here is the (mostly) finished album.

I used a map of the Magic Kingdom for the background of the cover. And used park brochures inside as pages/ephemera. Some of the pages are pictures that I glued together back to back. I added a Mickey phone charm, "D" keyring and a Mouse shaped carabiner ring for decoration on the binder ring. I'll add ribbons later.

You can see more on my blog HERE.


Rosemary here and I'm impressed and inspired by Jana's participation in the weekly art journal prompt. She's made such cool things and so I want to play along too!
(Jana here - this is so very Pink and Pretty. I {heart} it.)

So, my take on this challenge is to START my art journal journey with the cover of the journal. OMG - is this not an explosion of PINK? It's not for the faint of heart, I'll say that! I have more details over at my personal blog because this will get long-winded (something I'm proudly known for). Let's just say this involves gold leaf pens, die cuts, paint, stamping, buttons, prima flowers, felt borders, and ribbon. It may be too much for some, but I will say that I (personally and in my humble opinion) love it and am getting excited to fill it up and so I will be catching up with the first four weeks of prompts as soon as I can.

So, go forth and be CRAFT-ful

START or FINISH a project

and share and inspire us!!!

Challenge #40 - Coming to a blog near you...Soon

We are working on it.
It will happen.
Either later today or tomorrow.
Don't give up on us.
We haven't quit.
We are just running a bit behind.
We wouldn't lie to you.
See you real soon!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Rewind - Challenge #39 - Bubble Up Baby

Hello! Well, sometimes a challenge seems to pique interest and NOT! Perhaps a silly holiday just didn't appeal or maybe everyone is just super busy. No problem!

UPDATED: Check out Chat Noir's project below!!!!

We did get a really cool entry though from our irrepressible and very lovable greenhorn Kristen and we'd like to share it with you! Her adorable digi image (that she's letting you have for FREE, how cool is she?) is so cute and she used the bubble wrap as a background and I love the softness of the chalk ink. It really makes a subtle but highly effective element!

Our dear Chat Noir also participated and when you see this (click on her name to go to her blog), you're just going to go - what a clever lady!

She made a protective book cover from a bubble wrap mailer (thrifty and environmentally conscious) and bookbinding tape - and she then made herself a lovely bookmark. BRAVA!!!!
Both ladies really used their imaginations for this one and that's great, we love that you take the challenges and make them your own - that makes them more fun for us too! We get inspired by your crafty goodness!
Don't forget to check back with us on Sunday for the newest challenge and if you want to participate in this one, we'd be happy to hear from you and add your project to this recap!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Challenge #39 - Bubble Up Baby

Monday, January 25, 2010, is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! I know, aren't you glad we tell you this so you can beat the crowds to get your party supplies and nibblies? We just hate when it falls on a weekday though....

Yep, there is a site for this auspicious event and a lot more to bubble wrap than meets the eyes or the ears for that matter. Follow this link and get free bubble wrap (5 ft worth)!!! (free except they make you pay for shipping, but hey, you know that still isn't too bad)

(You'll also learn more about bubble wrap than you'd ever want to know but it's kind of cool
Hey, I've always said I am a nerd - I watch those How Its Made shows too)

So, our challenge is to use bubble wrap in your creation OR

to simulate bubble wrap in your creation!

It's just that simple, let's see what bubbles up in your imagination!

Champagne bubbles, bath bubbles, soap bubbles in the sky, bubblegum

and so on, you get the picture


Rosemary here:

I took the challenge literally and used a piece of bubble wrap (I've got loads still around from the move) to stamp a background on glossy cardstock using a Sunshine Yellow Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabber applied with a brayer to the bubble wrap. Be prepared to try this out first on some scrap paper until you get the cover you want. When I lifted the bubble wrap I thought, hmmmm...that kind of makes me think of a honeycomb, and I have a bee stamp so voila!

I then used a Stampers Anonymous bee stamp and Vintage Photo Distress ink to stamp once the background dried. It looked a wee bit too bright and so a little more Vintage Photo ink was dabbed around to sufficiently age the image to my liking. The background of the card is Copper Glimmer Mist over a swirly stencil and then some KI Memories Garden Solid ribbon (self-adhesive, gotta love that) was the last bit along with a sentiment. This one is going to be an encouragement to my husband who has been working so hard and traveling a lot lately. He adds so much sweetness to my life! Have to make sure he realizes that!


Jana here: I made a set of Thank You cards that I stamped with dots that remind me of the regular/irregular pattern of bubble wrap.

(Rosemary here - see? Look how cool faux bubble wrap is? I love these cards)

You can get details on my blog here.

That's a WRAP for us (groan, sorry) - Now, let's see

what YOU create!

Saturday Rewind UPDATED - Challenge #38 - did you heart your art?

UPDATED - We had two additional participants!!!

I would say that the answer to the title of this post is a resounding YES - you do heart your art and we've got the proof!

This was different, we don't normally curtail the type of project we'd like to see, we usually just throw out a topic and then let you get crafty with it! This time we sort of threw you a curveball by asking for ATCs.

Wait until you see all the cool ATCs!!!


Our good bloggy friend Chat Noir made five classy and chic ATCs. Very cool, very creative, and very Chat Noir - she's elegant like that!

Now we didn't do right by our Kristen last week, she got left out of the Saturday rewind and we rectified the situation but still feel kind of bad about it. Lucky for us, she's a good sport - a sassy one, but a good sport nonetheless!!!!

She even decided to play with us for this challenge and we are amazed with her crafty goodness, she is remarkably organized and creative - hats off to you for these fun and cheeky ATCs!! (do you still love us, Kristen?)

Our Electra found time in her busy schedule to make these colorful and really awesome ATCs - love the quote and love the feeling that came through in these! I really do feel that art is a great stress reliever and brightens the heart! Also, love the texture and depth to these.

We have a new participant in the Opus Gluei challenges - Camouse, and look how great she did for her first go at ATCs!!! These are fun and sweet, and note the detail in them! Great work!

Oh and we have another new participant, Daiily, and look at her ATCs - all sorts of lovely vintage goodness - doesn't this look romantic? (Swoon, love that)

What really comes through in all your projects is your creativity but also a little glimpse into the person behind the work, and you're all so fun to visit and read all about what you're working on or doing.

So, please continue to check each other's blogs out. We will be e-mailing the ATC ladies with an address to mail them to and then we'll swap them and get them back to you as quickly as possible.

Don't forget to check us out on Sunday for Challenge #39! We're just bubbling over with excitement about this one!!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Challenge #38 - Do you HEART your ART?

Our challenge this week is a two-fer.

First, we want you to express your feelings about art; arts and crafts, artistic expression, artists of note, the arts themselves in music on the stage and screen, heck - even express yourself about Art Carney if the spirit moves you like that! ...


Second, we would like you to make five (5) Artist Trading Cards (or as they are commonly known, ATCs) of your project to TRADE amongst all of us who participate.

A lot of folks collect them as they are. Like baseball cards.

We have used them to embellish cards and scrapbook pages too.

QUICK OVERVIEW OF ATCs: ATCs have two rules: their size which must be 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" (but you can make the orientation of an ATC either portrait OR landscape), and the the fact that they are traded - NEVER sold. Otherwise, the media you use or other elements are entirely up to you.

(The backs of your ATCs should be numbered: 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc., and we'd like you to put your name and your blog address on your ATCs)

That's right - your poobahs have actually limited you on the TYPE of project to submit - an ATC.

Thought it might be fun to have an ATC swap! Cuz, we're cool like that.

Once you have posted the link to your submission and indicated that you would like to trade with us, we'll contact you to get you the mailing address to send in your cards.

Jana here with my ATCs for this challenge!

(The above was scanned on our super, cool, new Epson printer-scanner-copier.

The picture below was taken with my old digi camera on the kitchen table on a rainy morning.

I like the scan WAYYYYYY better. The scan shows the real colors and textures.)

I took the literal HEART interpretation for this one. I punched 100 hearts out of pinks and reds, outlined them with gold marker and glued them onto a black background randomly. Then cut into 6 each 2.5 by 3.5 ATC's. I made 6 of them because I have a hard time trading my ATC's. I like them and want to keep them, so I am keeping one of them and sending the other 5 into the swap.

I think they kind of look like iced sugar cookies...

(Rosemary sneaking in here- THEY DO look like iced sugar cookies and I'm amazed at your determination for punching out 100 hearts - YIKES and BRAVA)




Rosemary here, I went with a series of ATCs rather than five identical ATCs. They all celebrate art as I see it from my skewed perspective. The common item throughout is at least one heart on each ATC. I played with a gold leafing pen, clip art, distress inks, buttons, postcards, ephemera galore, chipboard, glimmer mist and masks, and Stickles.

I just had to do an ATC of Martha, it seemed so natural (it's a good thing) and I think she looks awesome in her headress and regalia!

Since I love stitching of all sorts - knitting, sewing, cross-stitch, etc., had to give props to the gentle needlearts!
I don't paint per se but this idea seemed kind of cute - a freeform artist's palette with the paint blobs heart shaped.

I also thought that you should find inspiration all around you and so voila -

So, we hope you consider participating - it's delightful to see the inspiring projects you submit and we can't wait to see the ATCs you come up with and sharing them with each other!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Saturday Rewind - Challenge #37 -UPDATED - Did you make us see STARS?

Who is a star? Why, YOU all are and we are so glad you choose to play with the Order of the Opus Gluei!

Our latest challenge here was SHAPE UP - YOU'RE A STAR and we got a great variety of projects submitted. As you see, there are a lot of cards (we did get a layout as well) and check out how different and cool each one is - there is so much crafty goodness and inspiration to be seen out there from you talented ladies!!!

We interrupt with an important announcement - We had not inserted Kristen's very cute card for this challenge into the posting and we're rectifying that situation. If this had been an actual emergency you would have been instructed where in your community to turn to for important announcements. This concludes this test. The very fab card is listed below, please refer to this......(lol)

I even got Electra's and Chat Noir's submittals posted here! Never a problem, we love to add more projects!

Elizabeth has a great birthday card here! Love that it is chockfull of stars for the lucky recipient and it has a great visual impact!

Laura K submitted a great birthday card too - it's got lots of visual interest like Elizabeth's - stitching, a little bling (we love that) , bright ribbon, and a happy sentiment!
Our JOYFUL stamper (isn't that a great blog name too), Maria, shared her patriotic card with us! Love that Marine and the bright colors here as well as that oh, so true sentiment! Welcome home! We want them all to finish their mission safe and sound and come back to a great homecoming!

Alma made an adorable card for her husband's birthday (lucky man) and it has all sorts of visual and textural interest - which we love to see over here!

Our friend Casii made a beautiful birthday card and score - she used embellishments she's been saving for a project and voila - perfection!!!! We've got bright colors and bling and who can ask for more eh?

Jess made this beautiful birthday card that carries the star shape as a central element, an accent on the card and then as a motif on the envelope - now, how cool is that? Love the colors and the pop that the ribbon gives!

Terry made an adorable layout of the twins and c'mon, this is just darn cute. What little dears they are! Great use of the star motif and you are making me jealous of how much of your Christmas photos you're getting scrapped!!!! LOL

We have a new participant, Grandma Lee, who made this funny card (so funny but oh, so true) that is bright and happy and just fun to see! Thanks for playing along! I think if I tried to jump rope now I'd be truly seeing stars and not just the great background of your card!

Here's Katie's creation - a bright, happy and colorful card using a digital image she colored with those very popular Copic markers and it's great! Love the cute image and the happy mood of your submittal - the papers and the embellishments of the stars and buttons as well as your layering are delightful.

Electra got her project in and we love it - very happy with lots of stars AND I think the sentiment is great!!!! We all need to twinkle, and Patti definitely inspires us to do just that!

Welcome back to dear Chat Noir who brings her inspiring card to us for this challenge. I love the wistfulness and sense of wishing that this evoked when I saw it. Carolann is well known around these parts for her elegant projects, we're so glad to have her participating with us here.

Look who else submitted a card - why, it's Kristen!!! Yep! And it is a pretty darn cute card with a vintage element and very cool use of the bling (outlining the star and adding texture to the background. Love the ribbon too!

By the way - if you submit an entry and we've posted a rewind for the challenge already - we'll simply update it and make sure we share your work. So check back! (and see we really did - EVEN FOR KRISTEN - lol)

One more thing, we hope that you take a moment to check out each other's blogs - not only for the Opus Gluei project (which is ALWAYS good to do) but also to savor some of the other projects you're doing. You are in for a real treat because there is some great eye candy on each other's blogs. Really fun projects, great techniques, hints and a lot of humor!

Check back here on Sunday for our next challenge, and here's a's going to be an Artistic Time to Create.....hmmmm........

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Challenge #37 - You're a Star, Baby, Now Let's Get in Shape!

Nyah, we're not asking you to try and stamp while running on a treadmill, or cut out photos in the pool, or even glue while rollerblading - NOPE! That would be messy and dangerous and while we think you should get edgy, we don't mean bodily harm!

We're challenging you to use a SHAPE predominantly in your creation this week. That's right, but not any old shape will do. NOPE!

We challenging you to use a particular shape in your project. It's like a crafty Iron Chef....the secret ingredient is

A STAR SHAPE!!!!! (cue the dramatic music)

Any artistic craft project of your choosing, it is just that simple to be in shape. (Oh if it were only that way with my figure - oh yeah I agree entirely)


I decided (oh, Rosemary here, in case you had a doubt - I am the Poobah who tends to be very very long-winded, lol) to go with a masculine take on this challenge. I don't do a lot of cards for guys. So, this is making me stretch a little bit and I hope you like the results.

First up, a little cowboy influenced here on this young fella's card. I I was thinking of using the twine tied around the top of the card and then thought - hey, this looks like a lasso. Yep, I think it does and the rest came together.

All of the supplies used are kind of old (I'm still working on using what I have rather than buying more). DCWV checked paper - bought eons ago by the page (I think from JoAnn's), Daisy Bucket is maker of the blue paper with red stars, the little cowboy chipboard tag and the white chipboard stars are K&Company, Distress Inks for edges in Fired Brick and Weathered Wood, twine, and Star die from QuicKutz (it's the little red heart in the sentiment space).

(Jana thinks this card is adorable. It's a lucky boy who will get this one.)

My second card is more grown up but I like the clean lines and I think the scalloped sentiment and ribbon give it a commendation/award sort of feel - and the colors of black white and gold convey elegance but aren't feminine. Is it too stark?

Items used here are black cardstock glued to a white card blank, a scrap of gold metallic Wausau paper, the gold star paper is by Le Make Unknown - 'cause I can't find any label on this here paper, ribbon from Le Stash du Rosemarie

(Jana thinks this card is very elegant. Very proper for man or woman.)


Jana here. I made a layout, well a 2 page spread for the Challenge of ME class I am taking at Big Picture Scrapbooking. (I know, you are shocked that I am taking a class at BPS. But, I decided to go a little wild.) Anyway, I was assigned to make a 6x12 album for this class. I have never made one and it sounded like fun. I am not one to shy away from too many challenges, so, I am doing it.

My layout is actually a hybrid. I did it backwards. I made a paper and glue layout, then added the journaling in PSE7. Just cuz I could. (actually, I am running out of time. I have to get ready for ANOTHER b-day party tonight. So, I have to make it a quick one....)

And here it is:

Products used are various. I just grabbed things I have had for a while. Journaling reads, well, you'll have to go to my blog for a longer, drawn out post. (insert evil laugh)

(Rosemary stopping in to comment - this is awesome, I love everything about this - and Jana is an entirely marvelous friend to have, she is fabulous!)


Now it's your turn.

Make us see STARS.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Saturday Rewind - Let's look at who trimmed down with us this past week!

Well, our first challenge since returning from holiday hiatus and we have lots of pretty to share with you!

First up, Ms. Jess of Jess' Obsession and we're glad she's obsessed because it's eye candy goodness for us! Isn't this card precious? It's got beautiful colors and a clean style that is really nice to look at!

Our friend Casii also came back with a vengeance! Wowza did she create, obviously (unlike me - this is Rosemary typing) she did not suffer any mojo absence. Look at these adorable cards - clever, colorful, sweet, pretty (LOVE LOVE LOVE this)

Oh, and did I mention she made a gorgeous calendar to boot? Yep, she sure did and it is chock full of pretty and vintage elements and I love it (no, scratch that, I LURVE it lots and lots - lol, and I do too)

And our most fortunate stamper (and we're fortunate enough to have her play with us here), Elizabeth, who juggles all kinds of responsiblities and still finds time for cool projects that you will just love and be inspired by has made this card. What's not to love? It's got pretty colors, it's hinting to warm weather and it has texture and embellishment, and the sentiment is lovely. YAY!!!

Look at Kristen, she's a sassy one and this card of hers does make me giggle - I do hope your card's recipient isn't thin skinned (tee hee hee, THAT would suck - sorry, can't help it - hope it doesn't bug you - lol)! This is funny and hey, you used from your stash, so that always makes you feel good doesn't it?

Terry is also back to playing with us here at Opus Gluei and we are delighted to have her back! Look at this precious layout for her niece's scrapbook (lucky niece!). Terry showed great restraint and is using her photos and trimming down her stash of them! Excellent! (And you have to love a blog entitled Krazy's Place! that's cool)(and those kids are soooo beautiful)

Ms. Electra made a beautiful layout with embellishments from her button stash! Isn't this cool? She does great layouts and she is a doer - she gets those photos out and into her scrapbooks. Which is something I need to take to heart, and it is lovely to see her playing with us again. This just makes me smile and smile!

Weren't these all great to see? Please take a moment and head on over to your fellow Opus Groupeis blogs and take a look at all the great projects they do, not just the Opus Gluei challenges but all their creative goodness! Then stop back here on Sunday to see what the next challenge is! Here's a hint - if you trim down, you get in really good shape, right? Hmmm....shape did you say? hmmmmm......................................

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Challenge #36 - A New Year - All New Challenges Ahead - Let's Trim Down

Hello everyone! Well, here we are just a teeny tiny bit into 2010 and I'm hoping we've all come through the holidays well! Your Opus-Gluei poobahs needed a little time to get ready and enjoy Christmas and we appreciate your participation in letting us know what you do to celebrate at this time of year.

Anyway, this challenge is a humorous take on our resolutions.

What is one of the biggest resolutions made by people every new year?

Why, to trim down and lose weight! Well, we like that idea too and so we're challenging you to trim down too - lighten up your stash of stuff that is and make something lovely with it! Express yourself and use what you have - use to lose - as it were!!!

Challenge #36 - Trim Down
This is my take on the Trim Down challenge- I actually used from my stash AND I trimmed down from my usual lots of girly colors to simply black, white, and red! I decided to celebrate my lifelong love of reading with a 2-page layout. I'll just put a paraphrase of the journaling (because I HATE when someone puts their journaling up and you can't read it...hee hee) If you really want to read it all then head on over to my personal blog.
(Jana here: This is so elegant. Love it. Adorable little girl too.)

My supplies are merely black, white, and red cardstock, Queen & Co. felt fusion - had since year 1, and photos from my camera. I apologize to any neat freaks for all the crookedy-ness - my trimmer has apparently bitten the dust and since I don't have spare cutting blades, I had to go all old-school and trim with scissors. Apparently, my accuracy has also bitten the dust. But, hey, it adds to that rustic, homey look - don't you think?


"This little girl loved reading; you could catch her almost any time – day or night – reading something. This photo was taken during the summer after a long day spent swimming at the pool. Yet, look at that sheer joy in the expression on my face. I’m reading, bliss bliss bliss. Probably a history book, my obsession with American History well documented in my “tween” years, yeah, because I was COOL like that (hee hee).

I read more than history, though. In fact, I loved everything and anything: Beverly Cleary books, Encyclopedia Brown mysteries, Nancy Drew, Charlotte’s Web, Louisa May Alcott, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, all the Little House books, Peanuts comic books, Justice League comics, the aforementioned American history books, U.S. Presidents, biographies of anyone and everyone! It was the thrill of cracking open a new book and losing myself in the pages until that last satisfying turn and then closing the new friend. Then searching for another…

I still have this chair, so worn and loved. It is the perfect reading chair; comfy, oversized, and very welcoming. Okay, there might be lumps in the seat and it makes a lot of creaking noises, but that simply makes it more like me now!..."

JANA here - Trim this! I like my rear. So much so that I have allowed it to become rather large. Just kidding. I don't like it large. So along with trimming down my hind quarter, I have decided to reduce my scrap drawer. Just a bit. And since the winter is just really getting started, I went with a winter theme. I love snowflakes.

I was only going to make two sets of Twinchies...

But they were so glittery I just HAD to sprinkle more... (Rosemary here - I totally get that)

(I am covered in glitter. I think its all over me AND my youngest.

She made the mistake of walking into the area whilst I was glittering.)

So I made a couple more sets. But, I couldn't just stop there... (I get that too - LOL)

I ended up making 9 sets of these little beauties.

Want one?

Just join us in our Trim Down, and you'll be entered into a drawing.

I made two sets for a swap. I am keeping one. DUH!

That leaves 6 sets up for grabs.

(kinda hopeful for entries, arent' I?)

And here's how I did it: I used scraps from some other project. I stamped Versamark winter words onto the blue. Punched out the snowflakes. Glued them onto the winter words. Then trimmed them down to 1 3/4 by 1 3/4 inches. Yup, totally backwards. Then I cut 2 inch squares. Or punched 2 inch scallop circles. I punched the ticket corners on a few of them. AND THEN... I glittered. I had a blast. Then I glued Dew Drops onto the centers of the snowflakes.

Products are varied, but include: Hampton Roads Stamp for Studio G, EK Success snowflake and scallop circle punches, SU ticket corner punch, The Robins Nest Dew Drops, Winter words stamp is unkown, Kraft cardstock is SU, not sure about the blue, and Memento ink ( I think) ( If anyone wants to know the unknowns, let me know and I'll get my large area off the couch and check for you. )

As always, you are only restricted artistically by your own imposed limitations - we want to see you STRETCH those brains, and exercise those stamps, ink, and sewing machines! Let's work those cutting arms and tame those massive stacks of paper, ribbon, and embellishments! We can do this, Opus Gluei Groupeis!