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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Saturday Rewind - Challenge #37 -UPDATED - Did you make us see STARS?

Who is a star? Why, YOU all are and we are so glad you choose to play with the Order of the Opus Gluei!

Our latest challenge here was SHAPE UP - YOU'RE A STAR and we got a great variety of projects submitted. As you see, there are a lot of cards (we did get a layout as well) and check out how different and cool each one is - there is so much crafty goodness and inspiration to be seen out there from you talented ladies!!!

We interrupt with an important announcement - We had not inserted Kristen's very cute card for this challenge into the posting and we're rectifying that situation. If this had been an actual emergency you would have been instructed where in your community to turn to for important announcements. This concludes this test. The very fab card is listed below, please refer to this......(lol)

I even got Electra's and Chat Noir's submittals posted here! Never a problem, we love to add more projects!

Elizabeth has a great birthday card here! Love that it is chockfull of stars for the lucky recipient and it has a great visual impact!

Laura K submitted a great birthday card too - it's got lots of visual interest like Elizabeth's - stitching, a little bling (we love that) , bright ribbon, and a happy sentiment!
Our JOYFUL stamper (isn't that a great blog name too), Maria, shared her patriotic card with us! Love that Marine and the bright colors here as well as that oh, so true sentiment! Welcome home! We want them all to finish their mission safe and sound and come back to a great homecoming!

Alma made an adorable card for her husband's birthday (lucky man) and it has all sorts of visual and textural interest - which we love to see over here!

Our friend Casii made a beautiful birthday card and score - she used embellishments she's been saving for a project and voila - perfection!!!! We've got bright colors and bling and who can ask for more eh?

Jess made this beautiful birthday card that carries the star shape as a central element, an accent on the card and then as a motif on the envelope - now, how cool is that? Love the colors and the pop that the ribbon gives!

Terry made an adorable layout of the twins and c'mon, this is just darn cute. What little dears they are! Great use of the star motif and you are making me jealous of how much of your Christmas photos you're getting scrapped!!!! LOL

We have a new participant, Grandma Lee, who made this funny card (so funny but oh, so true) that is bright and happy and just fun to see! Thanks for playing along! I think if I tried to jump rope now I'd be truly seeing stars and not just the great background of your card!

Here's Katie's creation - a bright, happy and colorful card using a digital image she colored with those very popular Copic markers and it's great! Love the cute image and the happy mood of your submittal - the papers and the embellishments of the stars and buttons as well as your layering are delightful.

Electra got her project in and we love it - very happy with lots of stars AND I think the sentiment is great!!!! We all need to twinkle, and Patti definitely inspires us to do just that!

Welcome back to dear Chat Noir who brings her inspiring card to us for this challenge. I love the wistfulness and sense of wishing that this evoked when I saw it. Carolann is well known around these parts for her elegant projects, we're so glad to have her participating with us here.

Look who else submitted a card - why, it's Kristen!!! Yep! And it is a pretty darn cute card with a vintage element and very cool use of the bling (outlining the star and adding texture to the background. Love the ribbon too!

By the way - if you submit an entry and we've posted a rewind for the challenge already - we'll simply update it and make sure we share your work. So check back! (and see we really did - EVEN FOR KRISTEN - lol)

One more thing, we hope that you take a moment to check out each other's blogs - not only for the Opus Gluei project (which is ALWAYS good to do) but also to savor some of the other projects you're doing. You are in for a real treat because there is some great eye candy on each other's blogs. Really fun projects, great techniques, hints and a lot of humor!

Check back here on Sunday for our next challenge, and here's a's going to be an Artistic Time to Create.....hmmmm........


Electra said...

I'm late. I thought it was still Friday. The work here this week is WONDERFUL!! My gosh, we're amazing! Mine is here
Better late than never!

Alma7 said...

great works!
I'm glad you liked my card...

Kristen H said...

Where is my star card???? :(
Also, is there a theme to the ATCs, or is it a free for all? I will play with this trade! Send me the address.

Kristen H said...

It's just GOOD Manners! Thank you! I know, I am a spoiled brat, thank you for patronizing me!!!

Loves ya!

Vintageandjournals said...

Hi Rosemary I posted the STAR challenge on my blog:

Have a great weekend!