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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Challenge #40 - Soup to Nuts

So, here we are at the end of January - the first full month of the new year has passed and if you are like me you are feeling a sense of ..."What the heck?" and "Where'd the time go?" (as well as why haven't I lost five pounds, didn't I intend to go to the gym three days each week, cook from scratch each night, and so on)

We would like to make this week's challenge personal - to challenge you to FINISH a project that hasn't been completed or caught up on, etc.


to START a project (especially if it is one of those ongoing/yearlong projects - 52Q, Heart Your Art, etc.)

That's why we are calling this Challenge - Soup (START) to Nuts (FINISH)

We want to see your creativity beginning or finishing your submittal!!!

JANA here: I decided to go with NUTS. I finished (mostly) an album I started in August. Our family took a vacation to Walt Disney World in wonderful Orlando, FL. I started the album before our trip. And journaled while we were there. But once we got home the project got put aside and pretty much forgotten. Well here is the (mostly) finished album.

I used a map of the Magic Kingdom for the background of the cover. And used park brochures inside as pages/ephemera. Some of the pages are pictures that I glued together back to back. I added a Mickey phone charm, "D" keyring and a Mouse shaped carabiner ring for decoration on the binder ring. I'll add ribbons later.

You can see more on my blog HERE.


Rosemary here and I'm impressed and inspired by Jana's participation in the weekly art journal prompt. She's made such cool things and so I want to play along too!
(Jana here - this is so very Pink and Pretty. I {heart} it.)

So, my take on this challenge is to START my art journal journey with the cover of the journal. OMG - is this not an explosion of PINK? It's not for the faint of heart, I'll say that! I have more details over at my personal blog because this will get long-winded (something I'm proudly known for). Let's just say this involves gold leaf pens, die cuts, paint, stamping, buttons, prima flowers, felt borders, and ribbon. It may be too much for some, but I will say that I (personally and in my humble opinion) love it and am getting excited to fill it up and so I will be catching up with the first four weeks of prompts as soon as I can.

So, go forth and be CRAFT-ful

START or FINISH a project

and share and inspire us!!!


Divya Rao said...

Hey I love both projects! I've been wanting to work on a scrapbook for our recent holiday in California, your project inspired me to get started now...and one can never go wrong with pink!! :D

Ivolina said...

Lovely projects, girls.
I like them very much.
I will try to follow this your challenge.
But now I have to share with you my very new project. In fact this may called first Bulgarian challenge blog.
I made it with help of our cardmaking online community and there will be our second challenge on 1 February.

Divya Rao said...

Here's my take on it :)

Ruthie said...

YAY - yip yip - how bizarre is this - read this post this morning and thought "I can enter this when my patchwork kit turns up" .... then the power of the OPUS GLUEI kicked in, the doorbell rang...and there was the delivery guy husbands new mobile phone!
BUT wait...there is a happy ending...about 10 mins later, the ParcelForce van came - with my patchwork kit!!!
Loving the power, my entry to this challenge is to start my patchwork kit. Guess that makes me the soup side...oh and whilst we are on soup - just finished a yummy bowl of home-made carrot, cinnamon and coriander soup! Does that count as finishing something too?????


Electra said...

First, a huge shout-out to Ruthie for her take on the soup issue! If finishing anything food-related counts, I am IN for this one! I did get my rear in gear thanks to your gentle nudge and got caught up on my photo-a-day calendar, however, in between bites. It's good to be back on track ladies, I have you Poobahs to thank for that!
The link for my calendar is here and if you do check it out, you can click on each photo to get a better look. Gotta go-munch, munch, munch

Ruthie said...

Go Electra!!! Mmmmmm just working on the nuts as I type.....thats wasabi peanuts...mmmmmmm


Chat Noir said...

Hi Ladies, love your work as always. I have SO MANY things to finish, and a huge list of things to start, BUT, its also first week back at work and I'm up to my ears.... so have to give this one a miss. See you soon if I ever find the desk under the paperwork (hey, that would make a good thing to start)(and never finish). Maybe I'll just take a picture of the huge mess and leave the rest up to your imagination!!

Whip! Zip! Back to the grindstone.

Kristen H said...

Here is mine...
And a lazy link to it.

Have a GREAT weekend!


Electra said...

I love visiting everyone's blogs, that almost more fun than doing the challenge! I'm back again and have committed to finishing my Summer Vacation Album. Maybe this weekend, maybe next, but SOON. Real Soon. You can see the first two pages of it here
Thanks for the inspiration!

Jessica G. said...

I'm here! Let me say that you Ladies have started and complete some amazing projects; I only dream of completed albums!!

My contribution to the challenge is finishing the organization of my craft space (completion to be announced at a much later date!) and the beginning of a new goal to create more CAS cards:

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.