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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Rewind UPDATED - Challenge #38 - did you heart your art?

UPDATED - We had two additional participants!!!

I would say that the answer to the title of this post is a resounding YES - you do heart your art and we've got the proof!

This was different, we don't normally curtail the type of project we'd like to see, we usually just throw out a topic and then let you get crafty with it! This time we sort of threw you a curveball by asking for ATCs.

Wait until you see all the cool ATCs!!!


Our good bloggy friend Chat Noir made five classy and chic ATCs. Very cool, very creative, and very Chat Noir - she's elegant like that!

Now we didn't do right by our Kristen last week, she got left out of the Saturday rewind and we rectified the situation but still feel kind of bad about it. Lucky for us, she's a good sport - a sassy one, but a good sport nonetheless!!!!

She even decided to play with us for this challenge and we are amazed with her crafty goodness, she is remarkably organized and creative - hats off to you for these fun and cheeky ATCs!! (do you still love us, Kristen?)

Our Electra found time in her busy schedule to make these colorful and really awesome ATCs - love the quote and love the feeling that came through in these! I really do feel that art is a great stress reliever and brightens the heart! Also, love the texture and depth to these.

We have a new participant in the Opus Gluei challenges - Camouse, and look how great she did for her first go at ATCs!!! These are fun and sweet, and note the detail in them! Great work!

Oh and we have another new participant, Daiily, and look at her ATCs - all sorts of lovely vintage goodness - doesn't this look romantic? (Swoon, love that)

What really comes through in all your projects is your creativity but also a little glimpse into the person behind the work, and you're all so fun to visit and read all about what you're working on or doing.

So, please continue to check each other's blogs out. We will be e-mailing the ATC ladies with an address to mail them to and then we'll swap them and get them back to you as quickly as possible.

Don't forget to check us out on Sunday for Challenge #39! We're just bubbling over with excitement about this one!!!!!


Dailly said...

It's been a long time since I made my last ATC's...

While making them I forgot you wanted something to show how you feel about your art, so they don't SPEAK about it, but I think they still show it, which is why I chose to enter them anyway.

Here they are.

Kristen H said...

I will always love you guys! I don't take things personally. I love playing along here, and don't do it for the recognition! I do it for the warm cozy feeling that I get from you girls!!!