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Sunday, January 25, 2015

#201 Australia Day

The design team have let our only off-shore member have her head this time and we hope you join in too...

Chat Noir here, and since I live in Australia, and our 201st challenge falls almost  exactly on Australia Day, 26th January, its an opportunity too good to miss.  If you haven't been to Australia, I'm sure you've seen movies made here (think Crocodile Dundee, the Mad Max series, Priscilla Queen of the Desert to name a few oldies) and I'm positive you know some Australians by name if not by sight....Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Kylie Minogue, Jackie Weaver, Olivia Newton-John, Russell Crowe (well technically I think he's from NZ....).  

Here's what I made.  Its a trinket box I can take with me and its image always makes me think of home.  

The story about it is on my blog but its really just extending an existing painting out from the edges....its a continuation of where I began in decoupage .

Electra  Thank god there is no limit on imagination here, heaven knows what I could have come up with if I had more time....LOL.  My piece shows the very little I know of Chat Noir's homeland, kangaroos and time change.  The New Year's comes on TV before we have even finished supper each year, it seems.  One thing I do know for sure is that I hope one day to go there and see that beautiful place, and to have a cuppa with my good friend Chat Noir.  Happy Birthday Australia!
Credits can be found on my blog.
Deena here:  it has always, always, always been a bucket list goal of mine to go to Australia ever since I was a little girls...the hubby and I will be planning that trip as our first big one after we retire...of course I still have quite a few years to go until that point in life so for now it is just a distant dream....all I think of is sunshine and warmth when I think of Australia...yes, I know there is more weather there than that, but I just look at the postives that they have compared to our brutal winter days....

My question to you is....what is your take on my island home?  As usual, we Poobahs like to see anything you'd like to share with limits on imagination.  You have until February 8th to link your Australia project back to us in the comments here.

Please have fun with it, we look forward to seeing your creations!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Challenge #200-Anything But A Card!

Challenge #200!
Can you believe it?
It seems like only yesterday the Poobahs
began this journey of glue-errific excellence!

We are going to ask you to extend the boundaries of your
artistic endeavors and create for our 200th Challenge

(greeting card, that is) 
(ATC's are not cards. lol)

Yes, Dear Readers,
The sky is the limit,
as long as it is

Electra here:

Having just made made set out what seems like A TON of Christmas cards, 
this was easy.  I have a "Knights and Dragons" ATC swap dues and finally
made time today to get my ATC's made for that.

Deena here:  it's going to be hard to follow Electra's amazing projects...but I will give them to you anyway!  We are heading on vacation to somewhere much warmer than here in less than 5 weeks and I thought I would whip us up some bookmarks for all the new books we received at Christmas....and here they are:

What are you going to make for us?

So from now until January 25th, we want to see what you make for our 200th Challenge.

Just create and then add your blog post link below in our comments!