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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Challenge # 47 - This week I...

We all handle paper of some sort through our week. Receipts, invoices, lists, reports, mail, whatever it is you handle, we want you to use it. Take it and make it into something else. Get creative and use that paper product in a new way. Look at it differently. Alter it. Use it AS-IS. Make it into something "NEW".

(Rosemary had some family business to take care of and will post her project later today or this week or next week or month or not at all. If there is a Challenge from the past that inspires you, just post it on the current week and you are in. We welcome every entry any time. We really are flexible that way.)

Jana here: I work with spreadsheets everyday. I use them as tools to manage millions of dollars. So, naturally, I picked one out of the recycle bin to use in my project. I inked, crumpled, flattened, painted, sprayed, stamped, colored and, of course, I glued, before I added a few butterflies and quotes and called them done. You can click on the photos to see the details of the backgrounds a lot better. And you can visit my blog to get a better play-by-play on how it was done AND see all four in the set.

Now it's your turn to share your weeks experience.


Kristen H said...

Here it is! Paper we all use every day!!!
Thanks for coming by and checking it out. I hope you like it! Have a great day, I enjoyed playing along!!!

Electra said...

Mine isn't quite as creative as Kristen's but at least it's done!
Thanks for this week's challenge, ladies (and I do mean "challenge"):-)

here's mine

Le said...
My cards with recycled paper ( i choose invoices and report, they all useless). I hope you like them! And ...i am sorry for my bad english. it's difficult to me express in english..:(

Jessica G. said...

Fun challenge, Ladies! It inspired me to finally attempt that Paper Flower tutorial I've been admiring:

Birgit and Marni said...

Hi Rosemary and Jana - Here is mine, hope I am not too late to participate! Hey........that rhymes. Haaa haaa.