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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Challenge #54 - Fit to be Tied

There isn't a crafter out there who ever has enough ribbon. We may have (so I've heard) rolls and rolls of ribbons sorted by color, theme, and texture...but tell us about a ribbon outlet and we're so there, dude.

So, this week's challenge is to channel your inner ribbon-aholic and make something with ribbon. Go a bit further and use ribbon in an unexpected way, because you are: "Fit to be Tied"!

Rosemary here - My name is Rosemary and I'm a ribbon-aholic (and apparently I don't want to be cured). I am happy to plunk a buck (or two) down every time I go to Michael's if there is a new ribbon reel that calls to me. I have too much ribbon, and I share, but I'm not likely to ever get the stash down to a bare minimum (hahahahhahaha, sorry, the very prospect makes me double over in laughter).

I have seen ribbon necklaces in some swanky places (like here), and that price is not a typo - they are selling it for $465.00. Sure, it's made in France by chic little ladies in an atelier someplace off the Rive Gauche, but that's okay, I don't need to have that much backstory to my jewelry. Cut to the chase - I found a tutorial over at Elsie Flannigan's A Beautiful Mess.

I ended up making two of these and the cost is much more reasonable than $465.00. All you need is ribbon, beads, embroidery floss, needle, and patience. The first four items I have in abundance, the last one well, it's a work in progress.

This one is using an opalescent blue ribbon with salmon pink beads and it comes out looking more boho than office-y. That's okay, a girl needs some casual chic.

For the second necklace I used a shimmery sheer ribbon that was a little trying but worked amazingly with the heavy pearl beads it didn't break, fray, or hang funny (perhaps it's the added stability of the ruffles).

I didn't follow the directions EXACTLY so if you want my running commentary on what went into this then head over to my personal blog here.

To note also, I'm no spring chicken but I would actually wear these. They would look adorable for a younger woman also and I'm thinking - these would have been so cute to do for bridesmaid necklaces. Pearls with ribbon in the color of your wedding....oooohhhh pretty pretty.
(Jana thinks these are adorable.)


We hope you give this challenge a try because it isn't always so bad to find yourself - Fit to be Tied!



Kristen H said...

I used ribbon on a card... not very creative. Love the necklaces though!

Gini said...

I love your very pretty necklaces Rosemary!

I have done 4 of the challenges here
but not this latest one.
I have no excuses for being late, sorry.

For a few weeks now I have been looking at your new header wondering what is going on it, I haven't been able to make anything out.
I know, my brain must just be weird.
But today bingo! I have realised that the blobby green mass on the top left is a flock of green horn turtles!! I could not make anything out before apart from the helmets.
So I am now wondering what is the red and orange blobby thing under the main set of horns helmet? To me it is a looby loo type of girl face with uneven bunches.
The main circle being her face with two dark red eyes and a red line for a mouth. With a large hair bunch on the left and straggly hair on the right?

Only now I'm wondering is it supposed to be a fiddler crab? With his big claw on the left as you look at it?

Or is another turtle that I just can't "see"?
Help me out here ladies please!

Chat Noir said...

Hi GPs.... not sure if I uploaded properly so if it doesn't show up I'll put a link here like the old days..... Somedays technology and I are on different planets (though of course I'm blaming my new laptop with a gruesome new operating system)(gruesome = something I have to get used to all over again).

Chat Noir said...

For some obscure reason TOTALLY unconnected with me, my little thumbnail has gone and linked itself in the quotation challenge instead. So, here it is, the old way. I promise to try harder next time (though I dont quite know how it happened!!)

creatingmemories said...

hi friend,,,beautiful neckless love it!.
and yes...take Skype please so you can bother me..please do!
hugs xoxo and have a blessed and wonderful weekend.

soon I will make some of your challenges..again..waiting for news(you know).

Joynana said...

Your creativity is wonderful. All I made was a tag. My first challenge with you, but I will return soon.

1CardCreator said...

Your challenges are always so much fun! Thanks for the inspiration! ~Diane

Jana said...

I entered the challenge this week too. Not too original, but my card has a strip of ribbon on it...