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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Challenge # 76 - Woodn't it be loverly... (Electra be warned - spider alert!)

Woodn't it be loverly... ??? You can put whatever ending you like here. And, NO, I didn't mis-spell the word. The challenge this week is to use wood as your inspiration. Not paper, although it does come from wood, but real wood, be it alive (in the form of a tree) or dead (as in a piece of wood).



Jana here: I used a wooden shadow box that I found at the dollar tree. Yes, the dollar tree. I picked one up a couple of months ago and am now kicking myself for only getting one. Darn those little voices of logic in my head.

Anyway, I painted it black and filled it with all sorts of Halloween-ish things.

I've listed details about the contents on my blog HERE.

Woodn't you like to play along with us this week???

(Just because I am a bit obsessed with Halloween doesn't mean that your project has to be Halloween.

We welcome any and all projects.)

Grab the code and join in on the blog hop.


Electra said...

OhMyGosh, now I've spewed coffee all over my computer screen! I laughed so loud when I saw your title. (and yes, as soon as I figured out exactly where the spider was here, I scrolled past it) Thanks for the warning.xx

Deena said...

doesn't appear mr. linky is working is my attempt:

i will try to link again later


Deena said... now it is working...and i am uploaded!

Electra said...

Where is everyone else? SEE? I'm not the only one!!!
You'll be so proud of me, ladies.

Kathy said...

I have so many wood projects, from assemblages to woodburning...but this one was just taken and handy on the computer!!!!! LOL

Jessica G. said...

Awesome idea for inspiration and what a fun way to hop!