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Monday, May 9, 2011

Where's Challenge #101? Well....

Challenge #101 is delayed, Poobah Jana is enjoying a bit of family time and Poobah Rosemary skunked things up by getting herself injured.  Nothing a couple of days of R&R won't cure.

Don't give up on us, though, we're still signing up people for the matchbox swap and who knows, we might still get a challenge up!


Deena said...

hope you are going to be okay!!! no fun being i can't wait for the next challenge!!!

Beverly G said...

Enjoy the family time, and Jane make the most of that R&R, if you're like me you don't get much of that. Will be looking forward to the next challenge.

Beverly G said...

OOPS, sorry Jane and Rosemary got your names crossed, it's been a busy morning.