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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Challenge #103 - Mail Art

This week we want to see


Mail art can be the art itself that you mail without an envelope or it can be the envelope. You can put something in the envelope or not.

(apparently there is an art movement, started in the 1960's, that encourages people to make art they could mail.  It's blossomed into a completely different and somewhat avant garde art form.  We're looking at the concept of MAIL ART as whatever you want to make it)

It's all up to you.  

It's always so exciting to receive pretty packages. There is something about them that makes us feel special. And then smiles show up and the rest of the day is GOOD.


Rosemary here and I struggled, at first, to figure out what I wanted to make.  I went with primarily recycling the insides of business envelopes - you know, the kind with windows that either want us to donate money or "donate" money (because we've purchased things).

Here's what you have - look at all that patterned paper!  Think of it that way.

Clean and simple cards - one for a graduate and one for my father-in-law.  The ship is stamped on liner and the waves are created from three different patterns of paper.

I created (for me) a bookmark using the window portion of an envelope - I like the glassine over the stamped flower.

Lastly, a letter that becomes its own envelope.  Lots of fun to decorate with stamps and papers.


Jana here: I got a bit carried away this time and created 3 pieces. And still have ideas for more. I have more envelopes, so I might just have more fun this week.

They ALL started out as plain white 9x12 inch envelopes.

I really enjoyed making all of them.

They are all flat. Nothing sticks out to fall off.

Details can be found on my blog HERE.


Now it's your turn to have fun making something that will make someone else smile too.


Electra said...

Ooo! I'm first? I can't believe it!
Your samples are so great, ladies, I'm jealous. You both really rocked this!!

Beverly G said...

I just bought a book the other day about mail art, what a coincidence. Thanks for the great challenge.