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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Challenge #104 - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Okay, we know that it isn't Summer yet in the Northern Hemisphere, but we couldn't resist. Who doesn't love to dream?

As usual, you are free to interpret this any way you see in your mind's eye.

Summer, Fairies, Forests, Dreams, Jack-Asses.... there is no limit. Just have fun.

Rosemary here and I hope that when you see the ways that Jana and I interpreted this challenge that you'll play along with us!

Let's start with something small - this is a K & Co. puffy butterfly sticker on a piece of scrap paper with UTEE to make it look like a real butterfly specimen encased in amber - only sparklier (LOL).  Makes something pretty to have on hand when you need a little embellishment.

Then, Rose Fairy and Naughty Fairy ATCs

and finally, a feminine notecard with a quote from the Shakespearean Comedy which gave this challenge its name....bling, fussy cutting, ephemera, it's got it all!


Jana here: A Mid-Summer Night's Dream always conjures images of flowers for me. Fairies and meadows and FLOWERS. I was inspired to create a blanket of flowers. Well, I started one anyway.

Even though the temps have been unseasonably high lately, we DO get some cooler evenings. I am looking forward to those cooler evenings. This blanket will be perfect. And I'm sure that I will have wonderful Mid-Summer Night's Dreams too.


Time for your Mid-Summer Night's Dream to become reality in some form...


Electra said...

You two and your endless talent make me so very happy! I would tell you how and why I love EACH treasure you have made, but I'm sure I would run out of room. Pretty, pretty, pretty... and funny too. (Rosemary, you're so bad!!)

Beverly G said...

I agree with Electra-I'm so glad I found your place to play, I've had a lot of fun so far.

Wendy said...

great challenge - thank you!

Kristen H said...

Could I get a scarf made out of those flowers???