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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Challenge #102 - Pinwheels

It's starting to get warm and sunny here in America
and almost time for the unofficial start to summer.

So, how about something to catch all the lovely breezes?  Or at least add a bit of fun and color.

Our theme this week is


They can be real or not, tiny or huge, paper or plastic - whatever inspires you

Rosemary here and my pinwheels are pretty simple. 

Used the general directions from Martha Stewart (all hail the domestic diva). 

Basically, cut two 5" squares from paper and adhere them to one another.  Then draw a pencil line from corner to corner, cut in about 3" from the end (not through the middle), then fold every other edge inward and use a pushpin to attach the center to a clothespin.

Once you get the general idea, you can make these any size you want.  I started off with 5" and then made 3", 2", and 1-1/2" sizes to show the versatility. Instead of a push pin, I used a brad.  I also punched holes in the edges that were folding in so that it was easier to put the brad in.  be patient with yourself for the first couple and before you know it,
you are a pinwheel-maker par excellence.
Look at all the cute things you can do - great way to use up scrap papers
Perfect for all occasions
Here's a straw sleeve and a clip in happy, summery colors - fun for a birthday party or graduation (in school colors)
Here's some patriotic looking clips to attach to plants, napkin rings, baskets, etc.
And, a carefree pinwheel card for a touch of whimsy!

Jana here: This is one of those challenges wherein I had a completely different idea in mind when I started out.

I was going to make pinwheels to put in the front flowerbeds to add some color. We will plant flowers. Maybe. BUT until then I thought it would look great to have color out there.

I ended up making a Mug Rug. ??? What in the world does a mug rug have to do with PINWHEELS???

I'll answer that in a second, first, here is my rug mug:

Now, for a little 'splaining... A mug rug is a like a coaster, only it's bigger. Big enough for a mug and a treat.

(Hey, that mug's empty. It's too hot for a hot beverage.)

Or, in my case, since it's already in the 80's, for a glass of iced water and some cookies. Mmmmm...

Those cookies didn't last long.

Oh, yeah, the pinwheel link. Well, I was inspired by the bright colors of the pinwheels I was imagining. Sounded better while I was making the mug rug. Oh, well. Let's just say that we are pretty OPEN to interpretation around here.

Let's see what you create this week
PINWHEELS as your inspiration!


Terry @ Krazy's Place said...

Now this was sure different! Had fun playing with pinwheels!

Electra said...

I wasn't sure I could do this one, but you're right, they're pretty easy! Thanks for pushing my limits one more time!

Beverly G said...

Great challenge girls, love finding new things to play with.