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Monday, April 20, 2009

CHALLENGE #5 - Wisdom

Our theme this week is "Wisdom." Feel free to make something creative of what Wisdom conveys to you.

Your contribution can be any form - a written blog entry, a piece of art, a photo, an Artist Trading Card, mini, moo, inchie, twinchie, postcard, poem, etc. Whatever speaks to you - no constraints.


This Asian-themed card highlights Faith-Hope-Love, the wisdom that these are most important to have in life (IMHO).

Made two ATCs - one is Minerva, Roman goddess of wisdom, and the other is a quote "Take Care of Your Body, It's the Only Place You Have to Live." Nobody said I didn't go to extremes with my ATCs!

My other project is just a little photo album that I've commandeered to put quotes in that inspire me. I'm hoping that when I get down, feel the urge to eat 10,000 candy bars, or just need to be calm - that I can open this up, read a couple of quotes and find what I need. Very simple, little to no foo-foo touches to this - super simple to do! The photo album fits right in my briefcase.


Owls have always seemed to me to be wise. So here is a little tribute to the wise old owl.

Now I want to share my favorite bits of wisdom from my grown-up life:

During one of my first classes in grad school my instructor, who understood the trials of having a full time job and going to school full time, told the entire class this "Anything worth doing isn't necessarily worth doing well." Being a child of a perfectionist, this was a hard one to grasp. But now I have embraced it fully. Just look at my house.

On one of the first jobs I got out of college, one of the assistants we had shared this one: "Whoever put the roll of toilet paper on the roller, put it on right." This holds true for so many situations. Especially if you have a family. The mere fact that it got done, makes it right. Just look at the linen closet in my house.

And the best one is just one that is a general bit of wisdom: If you can't love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to love you. Happiness starts within you. Love all the wonderful things about you. Change the things that bother you. I am not talking about the physical attributes, but rather the behaviors. See the glass as half full. Smile more often.

Lastly, give of yourself. Give what you can. Not just money. Give of your time. This doesn't have to be where you get out there and go "someplace" but find something to do. I have recently started making scrapbook layouts for a couple of organizations that donate scrapbooks to terminally ill children. I have involved my children. This is doing wonders for all of our souls. You have to feed your soul as well as your bodies.

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