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Saturday, April 11, 2009

CHALLENGE #4 - Comfort Me

Comfort food - We all have it.

At least one sustaining dish that we turn to when things get rough.
That one dish that makes us calm down at least a little.

Mine are the standards. You know, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese (starchy and homemade). I love the texture and the rich, creaminess in each bite.
When did your comfort food become your sedative, so to speak?

Why THIS food item?

Let your comfort food inspire you this week.



My comfort food is really more of a category. In college I would sleep in on Saturdays and when I would wake up, I would watch Julia Child create some of the tastiest looking dishes. I would watch her from my bed until I finally had to get something to eat. Nothing as wonderful as I had just witnessed, but food. I still watch cooking shows on occasion. I can relate most to Rachel Ray. I don't have any formal training. But I love food and I love to cook. I have also "surfed" many a blog and seen many wonderful "Tutorials" on how to make certain dishes. So I decided to share one of my favorite dishes with you. I turned to cooking and snapping photos. I won't go so far as to call it photography. I still have much to learn. MUCH. But, I got creative. That's the whole point here. Taking creativity where you find it.

Here is my attempt to join the ranks of the cooking instructors:

kkkk Sopa kkkk

My Grandmother would make this for me every time I went to her house. "Are you hungry?" was the first question out of her mouth. WITH OUT FAIL. She wanted to feed everyone that wandered through her door. And she did! Sopa makes me feel loved and warm. Like Nana did.


Recipe and Directions: See my blog HERE

Final Dish:

Serve with a sprinkling of Parmesan Cheese. To your taste.

Go HERE for the whole tutorial.



Well, I agree with Jana on the types of comfort foods I tend to go for; rich, creamy, warm like mac and cheese or a homemade beef stew on a cold day -- they nourish us - body and soul. Which is my take on this challenge theme. I am nourished by my "comfort foods" and they aren't always foods.

Playing with paper and glue and using some imagination is also comforting to me. So, I combined both with the card below: chocolate and playing at the craft table!

Why chocolate? Why, that would be like asking - why breathe? It's delicious, velvety smooth and you have your choice to either go complex and intense (dark chocolate), or warm and homey (milk chocolate), and even light and pleasant (white chocolate-I know, party pooper, it isn't chocolate and Pluto isn't a planet anymore either - happy now?). Chocolate is also for any and all moods - we're happy when we get a box for Valentine's and it's often our first response to a broken heart. Delightfully egalitarian! It is a tradition for my husband to go to our local candy store and get a box of chocolate strawberries for me for Valentine's Day and I love not only the effort he puts into it but the delicious sweet and intense flavor of the gift.

I also continued this theme in the next card, a birthday card for my niece Catherine to accompany her twin brother Hunter's card - only heavy on the cupcakes! (and why not) Cake is another comfort food that has homey roots and reminds me of Mom baking our birthday cakes and how she'd always take the time to make our favorite cake, not just what she had on hand.

I didn't want to hold up getting this challenge posted because I'm excited to see what your take is on our theme. But I may post something a little later to show how MUSIC is also my "comfort food."

Hope we've inspired you to be as creative as you like with this challenge!

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Have a wonderful week!


lauren bergold said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...ok now i wanna MAKE CARDS...and also i want mac-n-cheese followed by dark chocolate. do y'all do TAKE OUT??! :)

♥lovely♥ creations btw, those strawberries are VERY cool...not to mention the CUPCAKES which are always amongst my faves, whether on cards or a plate!

i could also TOTALLY relate to the idea of both making stuff and music counting as "comfort foods"! both of those are verrrry much true for me, also!

Kathy said...

I posted my entry for the challege this week - Comfort Food.... :>)