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Friday, April 3, 2009

GO GREEN - Look what everybody made!

Well, thank you for participating in our challenge to make something from well, something you might have normally disposed of.

Here's what our new friend Kathy (at Craftola) made: (

She cut a terra cotta tile into four coasters, decorated them beautifully and then reused the cork from an old bulletin board - crafty, useful, and does anyone else feel thirsty??? We highly recommend that you visit Craftola - she's got all kinds of great projects going on (she's really talented, and we'd say that even if she didn't participate), and we're hoping she participates on all our future challenges!

Our friend Amy, the Caffinated Cropper (, provided us a project for "Flight of Fancy." Hey, no problems with tardiness - we're no paragons of virtue on that and there is no blame here. We're just glad you played with us. Here is her card (love it):

Keep in mind that just because we are posting and displaying the projects weekly doesn't mean you have to do the projects in THAT week. We are way LOW stress here. We would love to see any projects you create that fit into our topics. Heck, they don't even have to have any adhesive. We even accept, (gasp) digital projects. After all, creativity is creativity.