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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Challenge #6 - May Day

April showers bring May flowers.

Use flowers this week.

Make something with flowers to give to someone else to brighten their day on May 1st.

If you can’t stand the thought of giving away your creation, make two. One for them and one for you.


Jana here. I made these for the neighbors.

Across the street, because she is so sweet. I don't think she has ever hurt anything a day in her life. Next door, because they are a young couple who just had a baby and ALWAYS smile. Other next door, because their 30-something son won't move out. A few doors down, because she lost her husband to cancer recently. And the other across the street, because she is weird and weird folks need some fun too. They will be delivered without them knowing it was us. Makes them wonder. Makes me smile.

And I made an ATC. Because I like them.


Hello, Rosemary here! Really enjoyed this theme, who doesn't like making something pretty with flowers?

I am making these tags to tie on little baskets of flowers I'm going to give to my sister, friend, and co-worker on May Day. Just a little fanciful! (in case you have trouble reading it - "A tisket a tasket (and on the back) - a May day basket for you")

I love this card - to me it is cute enough for its recipient to keep out on their desk to realize just how special they are to me. It wasn't so hard to make, in fact, the flowers are just like those on the May Day tags - just punch flowers out of scrap cardstock and layer with a little glue - voila! Chipboard without the gray edge - but I like to jazz them up with chalk ink and bend them slightly just to add a little something something. This will be my way of sending May Day flowers to a dear friend.

Enjoy the theme and let's see what YOU make!


Jeannie said...

I LUV the little may baskets on the door!! I wish someone would do that for me!
All very cute projects.

Peace and Luv,

Casii said...

Love the cute flower projects. I'm game. As an affirmed flower nutter.

Vintageandjournals said...

Hi Rosemary,i made a happy Birthday card for the challenge,couldn't come up with something,less time,but there are flowers on it.

Kathy said...

I made my entry right before the challenge. I know its not a paper, scrapping, cardmaking entry, but the sentiment was there!!!! *smile*

Chat Noir said...

I would love to be a neighbour and find those beautiful flowers on my doorstep... My entry pales beside these, but I wanted to join in!