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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Challenge #7 - Mothers

Mother, Mom, Mama, Ma, Mommy, Oma, Muti, Grandmommy, Godmommy, Mum, get the drift. Here's a quote to get us started!

The sweetest sounds to mortals given
Are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven.
---William Goldsmith Brown

This week's theme is Mothers and we would like you to use this theme to make something artistic - it can take any form - we leave THAT up to you. Blog entry, card, ATC, photo, inchie, twinchie, mini, moo, video, song, poem, etc. These are just a few media for you to consider.

Rosemary here - here's my Mother's day card for my Mom - orange is her favorite color and it is a happy color isn't it? The quote is

Hundreds of dewdrops to meet the dawn, hundreds of bees
in the purple clover, hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,
but only one mother the wide world over. -----George Cooper

Wanted to show this open to show that I did finish the inside with a hint of the front repeating itself.


I made a card this week too. I made it bright and cheery. Which is how I always think of my mother. She was down at times, but mostly she is cheery and happy. She doesn't really have a favorite color. She likes bright and happy things. So this is just her style.

My skills as a photographer are still in the works. This card is much brighter in person.

The ribbon is green and matches the cardstock, but is showing up a blue-ish color. Hmmm.

When we get to a certain age, it is hard to find things to get for your Mother. Handmade means more to them than a store bought item. My mother has everything she needs and is in a great position to get herself anything she wants. So, I made her a card. I will enclose pictures of me, Danny and the girls. I will probably add one of Rosemary's wonderful quotes to the inside.

Recap of last week's Challenge:

We loved seeing your projects for our May Day Challenge and hope you keep playing along - invite your friends - for fun, for prizes (not JUST the big blog candy giveaway), and for inspiration from everyone!

Ivolina made a gorgeous card - bright, happy, and intricate!

Our buddy Kathy (aka Craftola) made a witty and beautiful April Showers bring May Flowers card!

Fia made a lovely Happy Birthday card with color and fun embellishments!

and Chat Noir made a gorgeous card also with lots of textural interest and colors that just say SPRING is here!

If I have missed an entry, please let us know in the comments!

Also, here's what our witty greenhorn Craftola-ing Kathy made for Words of Wisdom! She's got the whole Opus-Gluei humor down pat!


Kristen H said...

Thanks for the invite to play along, and yes, I will accept your challenge. I love your motto, ladies. It is so fun, and creative.
I will post something later!
Your cards are GORGEOUS!

Ivolina said...

It is so exciting to see my card in your blog. Thank you very much.

Chat Noir said...

Good Grief (as said by my favourite cartoon character)!! How can I compete with all that colour and pizzazz?? I love these cards with all the detail and even on the inside. I'm going to hibernate, regroup, and wait for inspiration to strike!! and thanks for putting my card on your blog; that just might be my 5 seconds of fame (LOL).

for2nately said...

I just added my blog link to Mr. Linky and mentioned this super fun blog and of course your fabulous candy give away! Hope we'll have a lot of participants!

Kathy said...

Wow, you gals' Mom Day cards are so pretty! I added my link for this challenge! (Hope it is in the right place!)