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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Challenge #9 - Getaway

This week's theme is "Getaway." It can mean taking a vacation, taking a break, playing in your craft room, just escaping from the routine. Express this in whatever form appeals to you - anything goes! Maybe you'll want to create a frame for a special vacation photo, a bon voyage card, a card to a friend to take a break, you get the drift!

I made a card to give to my sister for her cruise this summer and I'll be tucking a memory card on the inside for her digital camera to give her even more room for lots of photos.

Now, let's see what Jana's created!

Jana here. I went on a cruise in the beginning of February with a very dear friend of mine. I just now got around to making an album to remember our time together. The weather wasn't the best and we didn't get to put our bathing suits on at all. But we did have a very good time.

Here are a few pictures of my album:

The original album only had 9 pages on which I could put photos. I needed more space so I made a mini-mini-album and adhered it to one of the pages. As it turned out, I probably should have made another one to glue inside. I have more photos.

(Rosemary sneaking in here - I love this project - this is a gorgeous album)

We're both really pleased that more and more people are trying out our challenges, we hope you find them fun and different from the norm. We're going to switch from the Saturday to Saturday challenge time and post our challenges on Sundays, it seems to offer a little more weekend time to get a challenge entry completed. Let us know what you think about this change in our comments.


Now, who entered last week's challenge "In Reach"? Wasn't that a great theme from Jana? I loved it and I absolutely loved everybody's submittals. It's nice to know that we're not the only ones with lots of clutter er...inspiration on our work tables. Oh my gosh, visiting your blogs and seeing what you did was a lot of fun and I'm learning new techniques and fun projects to inspire! I hope you go and visit each other too, so much good fun!

Kathy at Craftola made a beautiful black/white box with an intricate folded flower on top - hard to believe this started as a simple paper mache box! It's gonna look perfect with the toile.

Chat Noir made an exotic and beautiful card with her items in reach - what a cool card - even if someone isn't going away, this is a lovely card to have near your craft area just to inspire you!

Elizabeth made a beautiful baby card for some lucky mom in soft gentle shades - you ought to stop by and see her lovely cards. They're so creative and inspirational!

Ivolina made an ATC with cute touches - love the ribbon and pacifier! Ivolina is fantastic with her choices of colors and papers for her projects!

Lauren, a paperholic after our own hearts, used her imagination and what was in reach to make all sorts of projects - love that monsta ATC!

Kristen who cracked us up last week with her sassy Mother's Day card brings another great card to Opus-Gluei. That fella in the tea cup just makes you smile! If you visit Kristen, prepare to be blown away by how many great cards she creates!

And for May Day we have a sweet project from Casii - it's pretty in the photo but I got to see it in real life and it is super cute! Fringe and glitter and ribbons - OH MY!!!

Well, let's hope you feel inspired by this week's theme as well as last week's. Feel free to leave us comments and don't forget to use Mr. Linky to show us what NEW creations you've made!


Chat Noir said...

NOW you spring a "getaway" challenge.... maybe I'll send that bon voyage card to myself, head to Eggypt.... Hmmmm.... inspiration is bubbling. Pity its midnight here. Hope the thought lasts til the morning. Shame I cant post that desk scraps card again!!

LOVE the challenges you set each week. Any day you post is fine by me. What's that line?? "build it and they will come" or someting similar. Whatever suits you..... afterall, you've got to have fun too.

To sleep, perchance to dream (of sphinxes, pyramids, sand, pharoahs, figs and asps)(oops, sounds like a nightmare).....zzzz

Amrita said...

Love the album and cards

Ivolina said...

Lovely card and album. I like them very much.
Thank you for showing my card.
This challenge is difficult for me. I can not express my Getaway. The biggest Getaway for me is to read interesting book. I am going in the book and do not hear or see anything around. Unfortunately I have no idea how to show it with a card or other project.

for2nately said...

Here's my Getaway card-I didn't see Mr. Linky! Maybe he went on vacation! :)

Casii said...

Love seeing all the cool projects, cards and that cruise album!

Chat Noir said...

Phew!! Just sneaked in I think. I love that album... so much work and a great result. Since I couldn't re-use last time's card, I compromised and used some more scraps from the same paper!!