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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our First Greenhorn

This is Kathy (aka Craftola), a frequent contributor to our challenges. We have made her our first Greenhorn, a high honor here at the Order of the Opus-Gluei! (oops, first time I posted this I spelled Kathy's name with a C - that's how my sister spells it and doggone it, the first time I got it wrong over here) (Rosemary needs a drink! Pronto! - what you hear now is the sound of Rosemary toddling off toward blender)

If you too would like to have the honor of being a Greenhorn, all you have to do is participate in a couple of challenges with us and then send us a JPEG format photo for us to use!

Adhevium funnum!


Kathy said...

Oh, Grand Poobahs, thank you for bestowing such an honor on me...I am speechless! I will try my best to acheivem funnum in your royal order!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, I spell my name with a "K", just for the royal records....*LOL*

Rosemary said...

Jeez Louise, what kind of a poobah am I to misspell our very first greenhorn's name??? Does it help at all to know my sister is a Cathy (but with a C) and so I guess I naturally do that! Whoopsie! (Please see note on updated post too, that darned blender better be working)

Connie said...
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Amy said...

ok this is hilarious!! you know I want to be a greenhorn...guess I'll need to catch up on some challenges!