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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Challenge #10 - Off Color

I love green. I love orange. I love red. Blue, yellow, purple, aqua, etc....When I choose most anything I am immediately drawn to the bright obnoxious colors. My challenge to you this week is to work with colors that you normally DON’T choose. Take those poor neglected colors and create a beautiful work of art. If you shy away from a color, this week, embrace that color. Show it off. Present it to us as though you have always LOVED it. Make us want to use that color in our next projects.

As you can tell, I LOVE colors. I was going to use pastels, because I am normally drawn to the brightest colors I can get my hands on. But then I realized that I LOVE colors. ALL of them. So, the natural choice for me to challenge myself was BLACK and WHITE. I made myself use ONLY black and white. Void of any bright and vibrant color. AGGGGGGG. It was SOOOOOO difficult for me to NOT use any other color. I even had to put a couple of sheets of cardstock on my work space so I wouldn't hyperventilate. (Sad part here, is that this is only a slight exaggeration. Really.) Anyway, I did it. I am glad I did. But I didn't go overboard. I made a card. Period. Nothing more.

I made this card without realizing how dimentional it is. I just started throwing things around and arranging until I liked it. I don't think I will mail this one. Someone close by will be the recipient. Or I'll include it in a box. But not an envelope. (Rosemary here - I love this and I am fine with it being in a box - wink wink - no, just go ahead and put it in there with lots of candy and crafty goodness and then mail it to me)

That's it for me this week. Now onto Rosemary!

This would be Rosemary (didn't even hear me sneaking in did you? It's my mad ninja prowess - I'm cool like that)

Good gosh, Jana and I are like chalk and cheese when it comes to color preferences. I admit that I am the biggest fan of the stereotypical GIRLY colors - those pastels that Jana is less fond of for her projects- although I've been known to enjoy a retina-scorching pink too. What I don't care for are the really intense/saturated colors you see lately in scrapbooking papers - the bright greens, the oranges, and so forth. Maybe it is the fact that they are used in patterns that remind me of the late '60s and 70's. Not sure why! That said, there are times when I see other people use strong colors and I love them. But it never seems to work out for me. Let's see if I can change that.

Here is an album I'm starting. It's actually just a piece of a larger album I'm planning so you may see it evolve here over the next few months.

As you can see, there's lots of color happening here and I'm just including some of the embellishments I'm going to use as it goes along. Have to let it happen along the way and then figure out how to jazz it up. (In case you are wondering, this is Lime Rickey paper line from Basic Grey)

Okay, now let's recap this past week! Getaway was our theme for the week that was. I felt for Chat Noir when she made that lovely exotic travel card for the theme "In Reach". But then I realized how talented she is and I knew she would make something equally cool for this week.

Kristen was first to the Mr. Linky with another witty card - Take Off!
And it's beauty eh?

Our Fortunate Stamper, Elizabeth, made us a card that just makes you smile and feel better already - like you are a little closer to tootsies-in-the-sand time!

Ivolina told us in the comments that she likes to get away from things by reading and that's a wonderful way to escape - Jana and I are big reading fans and nothing is as fun as getting engrossed in a wonderful story! (IVOLINA - please send us a mailing address for you so we can send you some a little something from the Opus-Gluei poobahs)

Our theme inspired Casii to make an album for a Hawaiian getaway that she took with her family. Love love love the paper and flip flop embellishment!

I knew Chat Noir would come up with another great project for this theme and I'm right! Check out her getaway inspired bookmarks - I love how she has them for different "occasions"!

Crafty Kathy submitted a beautiful altered book "By the Sea." Take a look at just one piece of it - so beautiful!


If a challenge doesn't immediately appeal to you then allow yourself to think about it for a little while. Please remember and I know that we put this in nearly every post - we're all about fun here.

We're not a solely card making, scrapbooking, fabric, or any other specific type of challenge blog. You can blog about the theme and what it means to you or take a photograph pertinent to it. Write a song, a poem, a haiku, blog entry, etc. Make an inchie, twinchie, mini, moo, ATC, layout, card, whatever you want.

It's all about making something arty in your life! Which can be in all sorts of forms. That's all - NO STRESS....seriously, we're not kidding. do I look like I'm kidding - I'm wearing Viking horns in my blog photo - not what you would call an elegant and high falutin' look.

JUST PLAY - that's all!

ONE LAST THING - I will upgrade Mr. Linky. But, if in the meantime, you have trouble linking through that - just leave us a comment with the link and I'll grab that for the weekly roundup! Thanks!



Chat Noir said...

Good Grief!! (that's Charlie Brown in case you've forgotten) Colours I dont like... heavens, where to start? I'm the total opposite of you Jana: give me black and white every time. However, there IS a bundle of CS here that's never been touched. Okay, I'll play. Just dont hold your breaths.........this make take a while.

On the other hand there's a really nice book I'm trying to read.....OKAY, I'll put it aside to reward myself. Mumble, mumble, colours indeed....more mumbling.....

Kristen H said...

I wrote a poem. Thanks for looking. I will send you a picture this week, so that I can get my green horns!! YAY!!!

Connie said...

I guess I would have to say that the color YELLOW as a main focal point in a LO is hard for me to take (for myself) So I decided that I would go for it and boy did I and to top it off I added strippes......EEEECCCCKKKK So here is my first submission to "The Grand Poobah's"

Connie said...

I forgot to post my link and I'm not sure how to post my LO here????

Bobbi said...

oh boy a new Challenge --
I love to play, I think I will have to make something using black too... I love colors.

SmilynStef said...

I found your challenges on my friend Lauren's blog ... Mr. Linky seems to have gone AWOL, so here's a link to my primary color creation:

Masculine Owl Greeting

for2nately said...

Hey there my favorite Poobahs!

Here's mine-the color was a bit of a stretch but more so using my beloved, hoarded, never to be used on anything but to just be admired in the original packaging embellishment :)

Chat Noir said...

Gulp, its done. Makes me shudder, but here's the link!! How can something thats fun be so HARD??? LOL

Unknown said...

I found a challenge for my card.. here it is.. hope this is how we do this.. put it in this box?

Kathy said...

Don't know what happened to Mr. Linky, but here is what I wanted to share with everyone for the Off Color challenge:

Ivolina said...

This is my card hereIt is my first black and white card. I like multicolour cards and it is not for me making black and white card.

Casii said...

Super late with the off color challenge, but I did it! Just took me a while to photograph and post it!