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Saturday, February 6, 2010

UPDATED - Saturday Rewind - Challenge #40 Soup to Nuts

Hey there! Rosemary here - I bet you didn't think I'd ever get the recap of last week's submittals up did you? Well, I almost didn't, it's been some wild weather in my neck of the woods. I offer people's exhibit #1 - my deck! We have had somewhere between 2-3' of snow (UPDATED - it's supposed to be between 28.5" and 30" according to the newspeople - too much drifting for our official tally). It's been crazy. We had to dig the heat pumps out of the drifts and take snow off the deck so it didn't collapse. YIKES!

But it appears to have finally stopped and we're going to take it easy for the rest of the day. Whew! (Updated - whew doggies, I'm tired but not as sore as I expected - YAY)

So, let's see who participated last week! Our challenge was entitled Soup to Nuts and what we hoped you would do is to either SOUP (Start a long term project) or NUTS (Finish a project you had lying around). Wait until you see what cool things we have to share with you! Such inspiring projects and while reading the comments I had to chuckle - you ladies get us, you really do! You've embraced the fun that is the Opus-Gluei outlook!


Divya Rao starts us of with this gorgeous card! Oh my gosh, look at the beautiful sewing technique she's incorporated into this! She wants to use her sewing machine more and I can't wait to see what other projects she does! This is great! The recipient of this card is going to love it!

Then next up we have Ruthie who had my stomach growling when she told us how she finished off some homemade carrot soup (YUM YUM YUM) - she's going to be working on a patchwork quilt project, can't wait to see that! Check out her blog, she's a crafty and clever blogger! (and you had some wasabi peanuts - yummier) Take a photo of that soup, Ruthie, inquiring minds need the recipe too! And please share photos of the quilt as it is coming together!

Electra is back and look what she's up to! This is an ambitious project - a daily photo calendar (here's the link- it is really cool). I love this concept! What is even cooler is look - Electra posted another project for this challenge! Go, girl, go!!!!

Electra's second project is to finish up her summer 2009 vacation album. I understand that completely, I won't even admit how behind I am on vacation albums! Love these designs and she has such a clever way of pulling her elements together, I just enjoy these so much.

Kristen is keeping herself up to date on anniversaries, birthdays, etc. with her perpetual calendar. Check this coolness out! We work so hard to make a beautiful card, now you can be reminded to get it in the mail!!!!!

Jess made this gorgeous clean and simple birthday card - she's doing both a soup and nuts for this challenge. She finished this lovely card and she's overhauling her crafting space too! Her soup portion is that she's going to try and make more clean and simple cards during the year! Good for you! And what a wonderful surprise to see our old OG friend Bobbi is back! Welcome back! Go and drink in with thine eyes this beautiful "therapy room" (LOVE that) she has created and organized for herself, it's wonderful. Here's a little taste of what she did!

Thank you all so much for your great takes on this theme! It was fun to visit your blogs and see your hard work and beautiful projects! Stay tuned for our next challenge tomorrow!

And remember to take breaks when you shovel - it's important to conserve your energy!!! LOL


Bobbi said...

Hi ladies, I know I'm a little late posting this. I haven't be blogging for a while. So, I was excited (it doesn't take much) tonight after I posted on my blog, I can in here to see Challenge #40! YEP I did.. I finished something!

Kristen H said...

We are supposed to get a snowfall on Tuesday... I hope not! This is a ton of snow. You look like a little kid all bundled up... you made my smile!!!

Have a GREAT day! Enjoy the football game!

Chat Noir said...

What a great collection of inspiring projects and clever people.... wish I'd thought to email a picture of the mess I'm in. Not as cold as yours, just soooooo untidy. I'm going the opposite route to Jana and trying to be a bit more over-the-top with my cards (how else to use all the things I keep acquiring "just in case"). Of course at this rate each card will have to have so many layers that they wont fit in envelopes!! Okay.... red, white and pink.... I'm trying to focus...