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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Challenge # 44 - C'est Magnifique-Domo Arigato - Que Buena - Namaste - G'Day

One of the best things about our blog, in our humble opinion, is that we have the benefits of drawing participants from around the globe who bring their own perspective to the projects they share with us.

It's great to know that our quirky little blog has global appeal!

So, this week's challenge is "C'est Magnifique-Domo Arigato - Que Buena - Namaste - G'Day," and it's theme is to inspire you to be inspired by a language or culture that is not your own (or yours if you have never ever done something in your native tongue or to represent your culture)!


Rosemary here- There are days when the only culture I get is in my yogurt! So, to be inspired by another nation's beauty, culture, and style seemed a great departure from my day to day routine. Trust me, playing in my craft room is cheap therapy from a day in the white collar jungle!

So, without further adieu (I'm getting so sophisticated - LOL) - I have been dying to use this lovely peacock stamp and also I've had this gorgeous Taj Mahal stack from DCWV for ages and again, wanted to have a great project to use it for. I think I did okay here. The peacock stamp is from Stampin Up and is part of a set called Very Thankful. If it's good looks aren't enough to make you want to get it, then perhaps this will convince you - all proceeds from the set go to Ronald McDonald charities. That's right! You're spending money to help others - works for me!

My first card is influenced by India and has the sentiment Namaste, something I remember from my yoga days as the start and end of our class. The word translates to "to you," an acknowledgement of the soul from your soul - isn't that beautiful? Also, and this was news to me - the peacock is India's national bird - so this was meant to be! The colors are sumptuous and there is a sparkle to the paper that doesn't seem to be coming through in the photo but to me it just has such a rich look - I really like it!

The motif for this card was created by stamping and embossing the peacock in gold and fussy cutting around it.

My second card is influenced by the Spanish word for thank you - gracias. Again, I used the peacock stamp and kept the word Gracias which is in a beautiful script that just looks marvelous with the peacock image. This was stamped in VersaMark ink Lagoon and clear embossed. The paper is a beautiful lagoon color (again, it looks different than the stamped image but honest, they are the same color!).

Jana here: My take on this was a bit culinary. But not French. I made a Mexican soup that I grew up with. It is wonderful, magnifique! It's perfect to warm you up and keep you feeling full. For me, it is also a comfort food. It's almost as if I am channeling my Nana when I make this.

I couldn't just make the soup though. I also made a recipe page for a family cookbook that I have been wanting to start. I figured why not start now. I only have a half million other projects going. Just kidding. It's more like 50-100. Anyhow, this is something that I want to do now and add to. I want to be able to hand a book to each girl when they move out so they can create the dishes they grew up with. I grew up in a Mexican environment. I ate freshly made tortillas regularly. There was almost always a pot of beans on the stove and you couldn't walk into the house without be hounded to eat something. (Rosemary here - she says a half million other projects like it's a bad thing! hee hee What a wonderful memory to have of the love, warmth and contentment from good food made with love by those WE love)

As with all of my recipes, the measurements are more guidelines than precise. So if you have a little over a pound of ground beef, use it. If you have a hankering for other veggies, put them in. If you don't like zucchini, leave it out. See, it's very flexible. Something EVERYONE can like. And easy enough that ANYONE can make it. Enjoy.

For more info on this layout, check out my blog. (Sneaky, aren't I!?!?!?!)(she is sneaky but it's part of her charm)

Now let's see how Magnifique you can be.
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Gini said...

It's Sunday again already?!
I'm still trying to come up with a ruffle and flourish idea, it's the ruffle bit that keeps tripping me up, I am just such a slowcoach!

ROTFL Rosemary at your post and I love your Taj Mahal cards. :-)
Jana that's looks a sumptuous soup, keep channelling Nana !

Namaste to the both of you!

See- you can teach an old dog new tricks but you can't make it drink.
No wait - You can teach a horse to drink but not new tricks -
hmmm that's still not right - what about teaching an old dog to make soup instead then?!


Deena said...

Loved this challenge. Here is my attempt: and I am so going to try out that soup recipe...i am a huge fan of soup!


Amrita said...

Love the Namaste card especiaally and the soup looks superdelicious

Electra said...

Hi guys, this is a fun idea-ummm, is America considered a different culture?
I have a question-are we still going to do our ATC swap? I found them in my To Do box (yes, it IS an entire box) and thought, Oh yeah, right.....

Rosemary said...

@Electra - yes, we are going to do the ATC swap, I was awaiting one more set but really enough time has past and they aren't here. So I should just swap and send them out.

Electra said...

OKEE DOKEE! I'm looking forward to it-I've only done one swap so far, but I loved it and am inspired to do more!

Electra said...

You ladies always make me feel Magnifique with your challenges! Here's my take on this week's.
Thanks for another fun opportunity to create!

Gini said...

Pulled my finger out as they say.

You can find my card here

Thank you for a great challenge!