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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Challenge # 43 - Ruffles and Flourishes (aka well, ruffle my flourishes)

(Rosemary here) I laughed out loud when I started to write this up because my fellow Poobah, Miss Jana, had entitled this challenge "Well, Ruffle My Flourishes" and well it not only ruffled my flourishes but tickled my funny bone! She's such a fun friend!

Anyway, ruffles are flourishes are actually a fanfare of ceremonial music for dignitaries. But we think it makes a great challenge theme too - because, let's face it, we all use one or the other of these in our projects as some point don't we?

So challenge #43 is hereby christened

"Ruffles and Flourishes"

(aka Well, Ruffle My Flourishes)

(release the doves)


Jana here: My take on this is more figurative than literal. I am using the ruffles on Melissa's dress and the flourish in her face. Danny and Melissa had a date and boy was it an event.

You can see the journalling if you click on the picture.


The layouts are digital. The template is from Cathy Z. The papers are Miss Kim Designs.
For more info (and links), you can visit my blog.


Rosemary here: This is my take on the theme. I've been going through all the old photos I have and saying - thou shalt put these into albums - and when I talk like that to myself I darn well listen! So, I thought about this photo of me with my Mom and then I pictured this ribbon I had and thought - oooh, I have an idea and so with ribbon, thread and a needle - I made a couple of ruffled ribbon embellishments.

I suppose a subheading to this layout's title should be - They aren't ALWAYS up to something. This is one busy layout, I'm going back and forth. Aw heck, it's going to stay as is, I'm just going to be happy with it.

(Jana here: This layout is great. I love these medallions. And that picture is priceless. I really need to get more pictures of my mother. So weird that we both did a layout this week. I haven't done one in ages. But that's how we roll. We are birds of a feather. And sometimes not.)



Carol Hurlock said...

Figuratively or Literally on ruffles and flourishes...I think I just might qualify. I ripped my paper and sponged it with distress ink that curled and ruffled it and I do have flourishes in the corners that I did not lie flat on this here I am in this challenge. I love coming here as I always get a chuckle!!! This is the most entertaining challenge as I love your sense of humor!!!!
Here is my card!

Ruthie said...

Hiya lovies - no ruffles or flourishes this week - just wanted to say that I have FINALLY posted pics of first stage of quilt on my blog!


Katie said...

Well I love the post and although this is just a card it does have flourishes, big ones too! LOL
Here it is

Deena said...

This is my attempt:

Hope you like my take on it!


1CardCreator said...
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Maria Matter said...

too fun!
here's mine:
... Joyful Stamper: DTC #47 - Cards for Mum!

blessings, Maria

Heather said...

just wanted to add my card to your assortment.

1CardCreator said...

What sweet layouts ladies and what a fun challenge of Ruffles and Flourishes! You two crack me up! I scraplifted your wonderful ruffled embellishment, thank you Rosemary. My card is here..
Take care, ~Diane

Electra said...

OHMYGOSH! look at all the Opus Groupies!!! You guys have become world-famous, OLYMPIAN in fact! Can you hear me humming the Gluei anthem? No? What, there isn't one? What am I humming? Well, there should be. I couldn't find any ruffles, but sat and watched the hockey game and made some flourishes. But ruffles were in my heart, so I call this my Fluffles:
here it is