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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Rewind - # 41 Let your LOVE show

This week you really out-did yourselves. The works of art are AMAZING.

You ladies are making me re-think my dis-like of V-Day. Just because of the love and beauty you'll see here.

In no particular order, let me present these fabulous works:

Electra graced us with some witty and fun ATC's. (above pic) I love all the elements here and the textures and the layers. Wonderful.

Bobbi showed us all up and made several goodie containers for teachers.
And filled them with chocolates. Get's an "A+" from me.

Very lucky teachers indeed. Dove is one of my top 3 Chocolates.


Ivolina made all these wonderful little roses to decorate her card in a heart shape. You'll have to show us how you did them.


Diane scared up some love for us with this humorous Monster of a card.
I love the look on this monster's face. And how you got the word KISS right on his mouth.


Kristen wasn't playing around when she made this little gamblin' angel of a card. Love how you put these pieces together. So fun.


Casii pulled out all the stops with this adorable LOVE banner. The sash is my favorite part.
Like a beauty queen. And that little bird is too cute.


Jess' apology will be taken to heart with this lovely offering.
I love this image.


Meikoningin's card is all charm and warmth with vintage goodies and bling. YUMMY.


Grandmalee's card is flyin' high with love for today and everyday. Love this fairy.


Fia's card is full of Valentine's wishes and lovely flowers. Love the ruffle.


Maria's card will have the recipient feeling better in no time at all. Love the coloring and the heart border.

Thank you so much for playing with us. We LOVE your creations and feel so honored to be in the presence of so many talented artists. We're not worthy.
Winner will be announced later this afternoon. I have to get to an appointment and won't get to hold the drawing until after lunch. Come back later and check up on us....


Casii said...

I love all the gorgeous artsy projects! Must take a break to leave some compliments to some very talented people here!

Electra said...

These are all spectacular and all so very different! It's wonderful to see each of our artistic personalities shine through!

1CardCreator said...

Wow, these are all wonderful and some really great ideas here! ~Diane